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Life is an Adventure!

I am so thankful for my partner in life, Natasha. 11 years ago my life was changed forever. She has expanded my horizons, helped me become a better person, and loves me unconditionally! Natasha has also documented all of our glamping-adventures which inspired me to create our website so I could share our glamping knowledge with other Airstreamers. The picture attached is one of her amazing images of the Milky Way, from our favorite campsite in WY—Sugarloaf Campground.

Thankful contest

If not for our common love for the open road and Airstreams, most of us would likely not have ever met. We are thankful for this amazing traveling community.

Loving the golden years in silver

After much saving; after many ups and downs with health issues; after raising two great sons & after 46 years of marriage, my husband and I are finally living the dream in our 31′ Classic Limited (not full time). Hopefully we will have many more years to enjoy the beauty of this country in our “silverstreak”.

Route 66 Airstream

October in Arizona is a great time to travel Route 66. On a recent road trip we came across this historic airstream along the way in Seligman. We don’t have an airstream yet but coming across this one makes our wanderlust stronger!

Ukulele Airstream Dream

I’m on a one-year tour of the USA in our 1984 Sovereign teaching ukulele workshops. Before our Airstream, I would be gone from our home in California for at least half of the year. Now, our home is wherever we are. The great thing is we find ourselves in places we could never even imagine, like an artist’s rock quarry in Connecticut with full fall colors. It truly a dream come true!

Aluminum Manor

After one year of living in our Aluminum Manor, Tilda, autumn greets us again in a red embrace. Perhaps here in the Highlands of West Virginia, there is no greater season for riveters. Within, all systems purring, and outside, a warmth from nature even when not in temperature. A season of shining gratitude!


We just got Riveted a month ago. We own a Fuzion toy Hauler and now have the Airstream we always wanted. This is a 1982 Excella. I love the way the lights shine on this at night. It looks awesome. Can’t wait to start our travels. the best purchase I ever made.

fall colors

fall colors have arrived in pittsburgh pa.

First Airstream

I am 68 years old and just purchased my first Airstream. This was my dream to own one of these silver bullets. Found a great deal 10 miles from home. My first camping trip. Had so many people come to the campsite and wants to look at it. Love the feeling.

merrill, wisconsin

Camping in Wisconsin, enjoying the weather and beautiful scenery. Meeting my daughter’s boyfriends’ parents for the first time by entertaining in our 2014 Airstream. We love our Airstream, the adventures we have taken because of it and the family memories we make with it. It is an extension of our lifestyle.