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Airstream Dreams

This is the most fun I’ve ever had. I traded a VW jetta for this ’76 airstream and I have spent every spare moment making her amazing! Now, even with her parked in my driveway I find my friends and I hanging out inside her!

Don at Quartzite

At age 84 I can still do it

Bambi is ready for the wild.

Bambi has awaken from a peaceful winter hibernation. She is ready to face the wild.

Trading in tech life for our airstream!

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled going back to work after my daughter, Avery, was born. When I look back on the last few months, I realize I was a complete crazy person most of the time. In retrospect, I probably should have sought out some help for postpartum anxiety. I would look around at all of these moms going to work, with their tiny babies at home, and wonder how they did it. Weren’t they exhausted? Weren’t they also up from 3am to 5:30am trying to convince a baby to go back to sleep? What was their secret? At

Rock & Roll Hippie

Everything old is new again. After sweet-talking my father into letting me take over his 1967 Airstream Tradewind, I quickly made it my own by painting every surface, recovering cushions, and making new curtains out of happy vintage materials. The result is a happy home on wheels that makes even rainy days bright.

Dust off the Flamingos

After four years of renovations (read: gut and rebuilding), our 1970 Airstream Overlander is finally ready for prime time. We can’t wait to hit the road this spring and see what the world looks like though aluminum!

Sunny Days Preparation

Every year when the sun starts to shine, we do the one thing that could make or break our summer travels…CHECK OUR ZIP DEE! We travel year around so this is really the only thing we don’t do until spring time hits. We pull out our Zip Dee awning to make sure it’s still smooth and ready to shield us from the sun! Happy Camping Everyone!!

Using the Boy Scout Moto

My wife (Padi) and I will both tackle our Airstream cleaning it from top to bottom. I will check out everything to insure our travels are as relaxing as possible. We are planning on a extended trip in our 2008 Airstream this year making our way east this year. Last year we traveled west across 12 states and had a great time. Missouri has a lot to see and we make several short trips around our beautiful state when we’re not looking for things beyond a weekend trip.

Living Riveted..if I had an Airstream

OK so I don’t own one…YET! I dream of owning an Airstream and travelling around Australia and going to all the amazing places this country has to offer…

The Simple Live Riveted Life

My husband has always wanted an Airstream. He’s a nostalgic kind of guy so we bought an older model Airstream…..1974 Overlander Land Yacht. Here he is relaxing with three of his favorite things….Craft Beer, Airstream, and our dogs. With the Airstream, we now live riveted by spending a lot of weekends camping with my brother and his wife in the summer away from the daily work grind.