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Living Riveted..if I had an Airstream

OK so I don’t own one…YET! I dream of owning an Airstream and travelling around Australia and going to all the amazing places this country has to offer…

The Simple Live Riveted Life

My husband has always wanted an Airstream. He’s a nostalgic kind of guy so we bought an older model Airstream…..1974 Overlander Land Yacht. Here he is relaxing with three of his favorite things….Craft Beer, Airstream, and our dogs. With the Airstream, we now live riveted by spending a lot of weekends camping with my brother and his wife in the summer away from the daily work grind.

Can’t leave without them!

It’s all about the dogs! Living with two Standard Poodles and two German Shepherds, we faced major boarding expenses every time we wanted to take even a short vacation. Not anymore, thanks to the Bambi Sport we bought last spring. Now everybody goes, and we all fit inside just fine. Our photo represents the “Riveted Life” that not only allows us to enjoy vacationing with our dogs but also has led us to a new hobby; we now travel to and camp at dog shows sites where we compete with our companions in AKC obedience contests.

At home amongst the gum trees

After months of mostly interior renovations, this was our first camping spot Dec 2014 in Bette Davis (she came to Australia from Davis CA) by the Goulburn River in Victoria, Australia. Beautiful gum trees dwarfed her but she somehow seems at home in the Australian bush.

Dogs and Airstreams Rule

How can anyone not enjoy an open fire and the companionship of “Man’s Best Friend” while traveling through this great country in your Airstream. This photograph was taken in the Shenandoah National Park during a trip in early fall of 2014. Black bear and deer meandered through the campground while a very vigilant Schipperke by the name of Bailey “protected” the family. Airstreams and dogs definitely go together and it takes those Airstream experiences from ordinary to extraordinary.


My husband and I love finding out if the way places to camp and enjoy peace and solitude. We think of this as our deserted island. Pic was taken at Lake Pleasant , Arizona. Shoreline camping.


Here is a pic of my 63 flying cloud . As far as an activity that allows me to live rivited … Living in the trailer enables me to liverivited full time- just wish my health and finance allowed me to go to tuscon , what with the gas at 1.80 down there But it will be May by the time it all melts and I can move,. So far I have been down to 18 below zero with a 45 mph wind for 24 hrs , I would say about 4 ft of snow in the past 3 wks

westie adventure

My husband, myself and our 3 westies, Chester, Cooper and Chloe travel all over the Mid-Atlantic with our 1963 Bambi, named “Ethel”. We prefer state parks to relax and enjoy life! No better way to travel!

Overwhelming Beauty

We took a trip up to Sugarloaf, WY, in 2014. Not counting our trip to Yellowstone, this was our first WY camping trip. When we arrived we were blown away by the scenery of the Snowy Range. There are trails all around the area, 102 lakes to fly fish in, and lots of moose to take pictures of. At night the stars were so bright that we were overwhelmed. While we were out taking Milky Way pictures, we spotted a fire ball that lit up the entire valley! We are heading back in 2015 during the Perseid meteor shower and

Farmer’s Daughter

Always love doing a photo shoot when my girls come home to visit. I have a small farm in S.W. Michigan. One of my favorite photos- it represents so much of what I love in my life- my family, my farm, my freedom and my Airstreams! This year is my year to hit the open road!