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All about #ZenHolidays

I’ve been using variations on the hashtag #ZenHolidays a lot. It popped into my head one day and I went with it. To me it’s the tech-savvy equivalent of setting an intention. That’s the plan. Not “getting through” or “surviving” the month of December, but enjoying it to the point of finding peace in the hubbub and the solitude and all the other points on the spectrum. I always chide my mother for saying she wants to get our holiday meal “over with” so we can relax. Really? After days of work to prepare that meal? How about we savor

K Is For Kindness

This time of year is known as the season for holiday cheer. Many people get together at parties, attend fundraising events and volunteer at charities across the nation to pass on the holiday spirit to others. We at Airstream enjoy seeing how our #LiveRiveted community embraces this season of giving and want to give you a few tangible ways to spread kindness this holiday season: – Help a local state or national park clean up their trails. Many of these parks post information online about volunteer days over the course of the year. Even if a park doesn’t have an

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Holiday Entertaining: Airstream Style

The holiday season is surely upon us! Last month Ramona Creel shared about her best tips for cooking a big meal in an Airstream. From Thanksgiving dinner to holiday meals, this season is one of lots of delicious food and time with family and friends. Today Ramona shares a bit more about hosting a dinner in your Airstream: Q: What is the best way to host a dinner for multiple people in a tight space? A: First, be sure to utilize ALL of your space — and that includes the patio. Most of us have awnings that turn a concrete

Enchant Yourself with an Artist Date

It was about 1999 when I took a course in The Artist’s Way based on the book by author Julia Cameron. Since then, whenever I’m asked my “secret” for churning out articles and blog posts and seemingly never running out of ideas, I point to something in that classic bestselling book. Cameron introduces what she calls ‘tools’ for our creativity. One is Morning Pages, something I do (almost) every morning, and it’s simply three stream-of-consciousness pages in a notebook. I find it enormously helpful and essential to my craft, but the tool I’m focusing on here is called the Artist