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Live Riveted at Mardi Gras

The world’s biggest free Carnival show — Mardi Gras — is certainly a must-see event for everyone. If you’re a New Orleans native, Mardi Gras is just a part of your year and not celebrating it seems like a crime. For those in other parts of the country, however, the idea of attending Mardi Gras is exciting and probably a little bit scary. But don’t let that stop you from hopping in your Airstream and taking a trip down to New Orleans to party on! Here is more information about Mardi Gras and tips on how to Live Riveted while

10 Ways to Live Riveted

Ramona Creel travels full time in her Airstream and certainly lives riveted. One thing about living riveted is that you don’t have to have an Airstream trailer to do so. In fact, anyone who is “Doing. Being. Seeing. Experiencing. Overcoming. Loving. Risking.” – is living riveted. Living riveted is about discovery. So today we discovered 10 ways Ramona lives riveted. In no particular order: Shop at farmer’s markets for fresh, seasonal foods: I’m supporting small-scale agriculture and the local economy, my grocery bill is smaller because I’m not paying for veggies to be container-shipped in from Asia or South America, I eat

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Anger Be Gone

Anger. Jealousy. Frustration. Don’t you hate when those rear up? I know I do. My intellect understands that I can’t be even-keeled all the time because it would mean I’m disengaged from life, but still, a woman can dream, can’t she? The good news is I’ve learned when we’re caught up in any of these it’s best to let the emotion play out. Then, after a few deep breaths and maybe some distance, get in there. Ask some tough questions. Figure out what’s happening within you that’s triggering the response. For example, in her book The Artist’s Way, author Julia

Jessie Kresa

There are so many things to love about the Airstream community, but one of the things we love most about it is the people who are a part of it! It is hard and maybe even impossible to find another group of people who truly live riveted every single day. Each person in this community is unique. And every person has a story… A unique story that will inspire you to chase your dreams and live riveted, no matter what. We had the pleasure of catching up with one such person recently—professional wrestler Jessie Kresa! Jessie grew up in Minnesota