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Of Hair and Transformation

When Katy McLaughlin was 13 and living in Los Angeles, her step father was a horse trainer. “I would braid the horses’ manes and tails,” she tells me in our recent interview. “And it’s how I learned to pull a trailer. All the horses were very pretty.” McLaughlin laughs at the memory. It’s irresistibly prescient. The 31-year-old now owns and runs Hair and There Mobile Salon, a beauty shop that lives in a refurbished vintage Airstream. She operates out of Katy, Texas, a town she was named after (more on that later). “It’s always been a thing,” McLaughlin says about

The Tale of the ‘Storybook Barber’

One day Courtney Holmes was jogging the hilly terrain in Dubuque, Iowa, past lots of trees, near Clarke University. As he and so many are prone to do when they exercise, he directed his thoughts inward “I was talking to God,” the 45-year-old told me in our recent interview. “I said, ‘If there’s anything you want me to be, let me know. Use me.’ After I prayed that prayer, I did a small act of kindness.” He had no idea in that act he would get his answer. As part of the Dubuque Black Men Coalition, Holmes had coordinated with

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Seduced by a Love of Photography

Photographer Francois Roux waited a full year to get just the right shot of New York’s Central Park after a snow storm. If that isn’t living riveted, what is? The shot, which he calls “Central Park and the Lake after a Snow Storm,” is a panoramic view in black and white. “I waited … for that magic moment where the fresh snow covers everything, slows New York City to a halt and muffles the traffic sounds,” he writes on his website. After hearing the weather forecast calling for heavy snowfall one night, he readied himself for an early start the

At One With the World

Daniela Bryan became an empty nester in 2014. While we often think of those at this stage of life coveting the extra space in the house or marveling at how quiet things seem, Bryan — divorced and with her son and daughter off to college — went into action. As an executive coach who specializes in coaching leaders, she sold her sprawling Northern California home near Santa Cruz and built a new one in scenic Arnold (nestled 4,000 feet high in the Stanislaus National Forest). Then this dual citizen of the United States and Germany, so used to global travel,