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Bidding Farewell to ‘Shoulds’

In a recent post I suggested a question to ponder to start the new year: What have you been meaning to do for a long time that you haven’t done? I went on to explain that it was meant in a light way to provoke small shifts in your world, i.e. new knobs for a cabinet or getting a print framed. At the end of the post, I even answered the question for myself – what I want to do is read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. I wondered what it might inspire or if it would just seem like a satisfying item

Live Riveted Holiday Challenge Round Up

We love the holidays for so many reasons. It is a time to celebrate, spend time with friends and family and spread joy and love to everyone we come in contact with. This past month, we asked our Airstream community to share with us how they celebrated the holiday season! We wanted to see how people all across the country enjoyed the holidays this year, and we were able to get an incredible glimpse into some Live Riveted holiday celebrations! Continue reading for a few “Live Riveted Holiday” entries! “Our first Christmas with our Airstream! Our kids love their Airstream!

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

How to Plan for Live Riveted Adventures in 2015

The New Year is upon us and there is no better time to begin thinking about what 2015 has in store and planning for adventure. Finalizing details from 2014, New Year’s resolutions, preparing for the fun of this year – there are many ways people kick off the start of January. This month, we touched base with Ramona Creel to hear about how she plans… for long Airstream trips. Now is the perfect time to begin thoughts about what Live Riveted adventures you will take this year. Perhaps these details from Ramona can help you. Q: What is the longest trip you’ve taken in

I’ve Been Meaning To…

For most of my adult life I’ve asked myself meaningful questions as one year comes to a close and the next arrives. Meaningful is a big deal in the world of me. I thrive in that thoughtful space. But the last few years I’ve also learned the importance of lightness, how it gives some nice balance to weightier goals. So now I try on questions like this one: What have you been meaning to do for a long time that you haven’t done? In my head, this isn’t asked with the intent of getting answers like ‘get a master’s degree’