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If You Want It, Go and Get It

Two ambitious young women had a dream. Not too different than much of their generation, Morgan Schubert and Kendall Turnipseed knew the corporate world wasn’t their thing. Instead, they dreamed of being the proud owners of a mobile retail shop. While working at a local men’s store in Athens, Georgia, and attending The University of Georgia, their dream began to pick up speed. With a mobile shop, they wouldn’t have to deal with the overhead or necessary investment of a traditional brick and mortar store. But it also came with a lot of unknowns. What type of trailer would they

Red and Yellow, Black and White

Have you ever thought to yourself “This neighborhood (block, city, state, nation, world – you name it) would be a much better place if only someone did XYZ?” Well, have you ever thought what would happen if that “someone” was you? I had the pleasure of meeting someone who asked these very questions. A few years ago, Kitti Murray and her husband moved to Clarkston, Ga., a neighborhood outside Atlanta that has been called the most diverse square mile in the world by CNN. Once there, they realized the diverse community of refugees who have been placed there over the

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Five Tips for Cold Weather Camping

Don’t let winter keep you cooped up inside this year! Just because the temperatures have dropped, doesn’t mean you have to become a couch potato. Winter is actually one of the most beautiful seasons to go camping, as everything becomes calm and quiet beneath a scintillating layer of snow. Though lovely and peaceful, winter camping does require a bit more preparation than a traditional spring or summer camping trip. We at Airstream have compiled a list of five tips to stay warm and cozy while camping this winter: 1. Choose the Right Clothing. The right clothing is the crucial to

Of Hair and Transformation

When Katy McLaughlin was 13 and living in Los Angeles, her step father was a horse trainer. “I would braid the horses’ manes and tails,” she tells me in our recent interview. “And it’s how I learned to pull a trailer. All the horses were very pretty.” McLaughlin laughs at the memory. It’s irresistibly prescient. The 31-year-old now owns and runs Hair and There Mobile Salon, a beauty shop that lives in a refurbished vintage Airstream. She operates out of Katy, Texas, a town she was named after (more on that later). “It’s always been a thing,” McLaughlin says about