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Minimal and Free

Put this in a blender: college professor, dean, PhD in environmental science, post-doctoral work at Harvard, project manager at IBM in Silicon Valley, and funding from the National Science Foundation. Hit the button and let it all whir. Go ahead. Then try not to act surprised when the resulting concoction contains a dumpster tricked out as a residence, an extended trip without luggage, and a lot of couch surfing. Say what? This is the beauty of Jeff Wilson. The surprise. The feeling of, what next? “How much does one need to have a good life?” he asks in a talk

On the Road to Full-Time Airstreaming: Roadside Assistance

The final installment of our “On the Road to Full-Time Airstreaming” is here! Ramona Creel has been sharing her tips for making the leap to full-timing and we’ve been documenting it here. Today’s topic is on something we’re all grateful to have in times of trouble – and something you’ll definitely want as a full-timer: Roadside Assistance! Here are Ramona’s thoughts when she realized she needed to find an RV friendly option for roadside assistance: After asking several Airstreamers who they recommended for roadside assistance, the one name that kept coming up over and over again was Coach-Net: an assistance

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone! We believe every day is a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, travel, explore and marvel in the beauty of the world around us— and April seems to agree! With its annual Earth Day celebration smack in the middle, Keep America Beautiful month is devoted to sustaining and beautifying vibrant communities by supporting environmental protection, preventing litter and reducing waste. We want you to live with this mentality every day and month of the year with your Airstream, especially throughout the annual April movement towards better and more sustainable living. Long before being “green” was a

Journey to the Arctic Circle

Even the most extreme winter weather can not stop a Range Rover Sport Hybrid and an Airstream trailer! Land Rover recently launched a journey to the Arctic Circle in order to test the capabilities of the new Range Rover Sport Hybrid. The team started their journey at Land Rover’s Design and Engineering Centre at Gaydon in the English Midlands. They then set off to Merenberg, in Germany, where a winterized Airstream travel travel was waiting for them at Airstream Europe’s headquarters. The world’s first premium diesel hybrid towed the 2.5 ton travel trailer 2,500 miles to Land Rover’s cold-weather test