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Fueling the Expedition

We take it for granted in the United States where we can obtain fuel for our vehicles. Even in the less-densely populated areas of our country, far from major cities, there are fuel stations within a number of miles. But what do you do in Africa, in 1959, where such resources are often unavailable?

Wally’s First Commandment

Years ago, I was asked to judge engineering presentations at Arizona State University. The students had been asked to plan, manage, and assemble their own Airstream African Caravan. One ambitious group in particular I remember. They believed they could travel from Cape Town to Cairo in a period of just two months. The roads in Africa have improved since our historic voyage across the continent. But what we found in those days put us often in a precarious and dangerous position.

A New Dimension in Enjoyment

What a wonderful testament and legacy Wally Byam left behind when he wrote the Wally Byam Creed. To open a whole world of new experiences…a new dimension in enjoyment, where travel adventures and good fellowship are your constant companions.

A Midnight Encounter

Nick Charles and I were parked at Prince Albert National Park. You remember Nick Charles? Son of Airstream President Andy Charles, and my partner in misadventure? We were in the Belgian Congo, near the entrance to the park. Late in the afternoon, Wagon Boss Lou Mousley pulled in – then, Wally and Stella. When their Airstreams, and the dust that followed, settled Wally asked me and Nick to come over for a meeting. With Wally and Lou, we discussed the next stop.

Live Riveted
Live Riveted

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