Flying Cloud Headline

When you’re ready to take a break from the
great outdoors, the Flying Cloud invites you
inside with the flair of modern design.

From fabrics to fixtures to cabinetry, the Flying Cloud line reflects your taste with clean, comfortable, contemporary styling throughout. The right sized travel trailer for any adventure, the Airstream Flying Cloud single-axle Bambi travel trailer combines light weight ruggedness with total practicality.

Innovative storage solutions and multifunctional work spaces prevail throughout the living areas, like under seat storage and extra counter space available when the sink cover is in place.

Like all Airstream trailers, every inch of a Flying Cloud has a functional purpose, and not one of those inches was built for planned obsolescence. Count on the Airstream Flying Cloud to last far longer than its boxy competitors, all while enjoying less of an impact at the pump and better stability on the road.

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