International Headline

Airstream International redefines upscale and
contemporary sleek sophistication.


From award-winning architect and designer Christopher C. Deam comes the Signature Series CCD. Inspired by the desire to visually echo Airstream’s reflective exterior, this design combines a polished aluminum interior with luxurious Wenge laminate. The effect allows as much light as possible to reflect off the polished interior surfaces to create a high contrast feast for the senses. Intuitive floorplans and space design eliminate any sense of clutter without sacrificing charm. Modern color options and fabric choices complement high contrast aluminum and laminate elements, creating a subtle but magical connection between exterior and interior spaces.

For those who seek a tranquil atmosphere, the International is also available in the Serenity décor. Here, the interior shapes, surfaces, and colors create a soothing den of luxury and comfort. In a tasteful “east meets west” style, the Serenity follows some of today’s hottest design cues.

Both styling packages feature “vista view” and panoramic windows, truly bringing the outside in. At night, strategically placed recessed LED lighting sparkles like starlight across the interior aluminum skin. Every color, shape, surface, and texture contribute to an atmosphere of relaxed modernism, with the perfect balance of luxury and streamlined efficiency that give this series its unmatched international flair that follows wherever the road takes you.

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