International Serenity Headline

Its interior soothes and comforts with an Eastern minimalism that incorporates lemongrass and
rice paper. Find your inner zen during your outdoor adventures. The International Serenity Series.


For the utmost in tranquility, Airstream has created the International Serenity Series. Here, every interior shape, surface, and color is designed to envelop the mind and body in a soothing den of luxury and comfort.

Following today's hottest design cues, the Serenity Series captures a tasteful "east meets west" elegance. With premium laminates, textured countertops, bamboo-inspired flooring, and accents incorporating lemongrass and rice paper, you'll feel the calming spirit the moment you enter.

With ten floor plans to choose from, the Serenity Series also brings the outside in with its vista view and panoramic windows. Whether you're a zenful soul or simply a fan of Asian design, the Serenity Series delivers a one-of-kind travel trailer atmosphere.

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