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Land Yacht

starting at $143,646
Exterior Length 28'
Exterior Width 8' 5.5"
Interior Width 8' 1"
Exterior Height with A/C 9' 9"
Interior Height with A/C 6' 6.5"
Hitch Weight (w/LP & w/o options, water & cargo) (lbs.) 842
Unit Base Weight (w/LP & w/o options, water & cargo) (lbs.) 6586
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs.) 8,200
Net Carrying Capacity (NCC=GVWR-UBW) (lbs.) 1614
Fresh Water Tank (gal.) 39
Gray Water Tank (gal.) 37
Water Heater w/electronic ignition (gal.) 6
A/C w/heat pump (BTU) 15,000 lounge
Furnace (BTU) 25,000
LPG (2 - 30 lb. steel tanks) 60
Deep Cycle Battery (lead acid) Group 24 2
Sleeping Capacity 2-5

Life Messages via Home Decor

Life Messages via Home Decor

My living room and bedroom were recently painted. I’ve been taking my time putting accessories back, savoring the opportunity to change things up a bit. The one wrinkle is that most of those accessories are currently piled in my kitchen. Little by little, though, I’ve been working on a wall here, a corner there. Deciding I was sick of the comforter on my bed, I went shopping with my mother and we narrowed the choices down to two. I ultimately went with neither. Maybe I’d come back. Maybe not. Then one day I saw the big framed print of Man

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