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Land Yacht

starting at $143,646
Exterior Length 28'
Exterior Width 8' 5.5"
Interior Width 8' 1"
Exterior Height with A/C 9' 9"
Interior Height with A/C 6' 6.5"
Hitch Weight (w/LP & w/o options, water & cargo) (lbs.) 842
Unit Base Weight (w/LP & w/o options, water & cargo) (lbs.) 6586
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs.) 8,200
Net Carrying Capacity (NCC=GVWR-UBW) (lbs.) 1614
Fresh Water Tank (gal.) 39
Gray Water Tank (gal.) 37
Water Heater w/electronic ignition (gal.) 6
A/C w/heat pump (BTU) 15,000 lounge
Furnace (BTU) 25,000
LPG (2 - 30 lb. steel tanks) 60
Deep Cycle Battery (lead acid) Group 24 2
Sleeping Capacity 2-5

A Dream Gives Way to a Passion

A Dream Gives Way to a Passion

Do you ever wonder what makes a video or story go viral? Even when it’s not racking up thousands of views, what is it about a particular item that has it appearing two or three times on your Facebook or Twitter feed? One of these that held a lot of fascination for me recently was a TED talk video featuring artist Alexa Meade. It kept popping up and so I clicked on it and watched it. And then its appeal became clear. Meade made a choice to Live Riveted to her passion and not the dream she’d been investing time

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