July 1, 2014

F is for Fireworks

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F is for Fireworks

Get your grills and lawn chairs ready because the Fourth of July is almost here! This Friday, we are celebrating the amazing country we call home, and nothing says “America” like a good barbecue, family reunions and, of course, fireworks! It’s no surprise that many of our country’s big cities are the best places to catch amazing light displays. Here are some of the top cities to get your fireworks fix: Great ready for double the fireworks as you experience Washington D.C.’s amazing show of lights both in person and mirrored in the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool. The nation’s capital

D is for Dog

One of the most important things in life is the company you keep—at Airstream, we believe that is especially true when traveling and exploring the unknown. In honor of one of the most loyal travel companions of all, today’s blog is dedicated to man’s best friend, also known as your dog! Wally Byam, founder of Airstream, had a furry friend who traveled with him. Wally rescued his dog Chica from the side of a highway in Mexico, and the Irish Setter quickly became one of Wally’s best travel companions. We think that’s one of the great things about traveling in

C Is For Caravan

There’s no doubt that Airstreamers have an inherent love for travel and adventure. Plus, Airstreaming creates a community that is unlike any other. For many Airstreamers, the opportunity to travel WITH their community is the perfect combination. That’s where caravans come in. A caravan is “any group that travels together with a starting point and an ending point.” In the Airstream realm of the word, a caravan is a group of enthusiastic Airstreamers traveling, exploring and living riveted together from one destination to another. We got to chat with Dale Schwamborn, family member of Wally Byam, member of the first

B is for Boondocking

Boondocking is most commonly defined as, “A brushy rural area or location; To camp in a dry brushy location; To stay in a recreational vehicle in a remote location, without connections to water, power, or sewer services.” Although boondocking is sometimes popular in places like Walmart parking lots, most often it means that you’re camping out in the boondocks. For Airstreamers, boondocking is perhaps the ultimate adventure. Getting comfortable with boondocking’s best practices creates an entirely new level of possibility. Boondocking adds a nearly infinite number of locations in which to find new experiences and to write new chapters to

A is for Airstream

“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” was released in 1993. Although it is widely seen as the coming out party for Leonardo DiCaprio, for me, the movie will forever be remembered as my introduction to Airstream. Even with a cast that featured DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis, Mary Steenburgen, John C. Rielly and Crispin Glover, to me, the silver trailer was the real star. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. And now, 21 years later… I still can’t. There’s something about an Airstream. The reaction is visceral. Emotional. For me, initially, it was the shape. The design. As I learned