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Full time Airstreaming is a goal for many people, ‘Streamers and Dreamers alike. We recently had the chance to catch up with Brian Easterling & his wife Leigh about their experiences as full timers living riveted to a new adventure. As the people behind the popular Airstream blog Aluminarium, these two live riveted every day. As they sat working side by side in their former home, the Easterlings thought they would one day build a website for camping supplies. However, the dream of a website for camping supplies later morphed in a website to supply campers with amazing campsites across the

M is for Motorhome

For over 80 years, we have worked to be innovators in design, quality, and craftsmanship in each of our travel trailer and touring coach models! Our models are designed to provide you with a travel experience unlike any other, and today, we want to share with you a bit more about the 2015 Interstate Grand Tour EXT! The Interstate Grand Tour combines the best of both worlds: Airstream and Mercedes Benz! Bringing the best qualities of a classic Airstream travel trailer to the Airstream Interstate, the Grand Tour offers all the amenities of a home away from home with quality

On the Road to Full-Time Airstreaming, Part 1

We’ve heard from so many of you that your dream is to one day make the leap to full-time Airstream living! We think that’s an amazing dream. If your future looks like one of the full-time Live Riveted lifestyle, then this series is for you! We’ve connected with Ramona Creel to hear her perspective on steps to full-time Airstreaming and all of the important details to think about! Keep checking back for more details about items to consider as you pursue full-timer status! Here’s all the info from Ramona: Embarking on a full-timing lifestyle begins with a whole lot of

Romantic Getaways

While February may be the month of love, romantic getaways are good for any time of the year! Today, we’re dreaming of romantic getaways with our loved ones and beautiful views that make you fall in love all over again! We touched base with Roadtrippers to determine some of the most romantic destinations ready for travelers. Check out the full list here and see some highlights below. Romantic Getaways | My Collection itinerary on! Havasu Falls: In Supai, Arizona, this location might be considered a bit “famous!” According to Roadtrippers, Havasu Falls has appeared in numerous magazines and television shows, and

5 Things To Love About Airstream

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we want to share about how much we love Airstream trailers!  Check out the list below to see what we love most: Adventure, anywhere: With an Airstream trailer, you can embark on any adventure you want, anywhere, anytime. Airstreamers travel the country day in and day out to see the best sights, eat the most delicious food and make incredible memories with family and friends. Musician Josh Rogan travels the country in his Airstream to play his music at various gigs, and our friend Andrew Ditton gets to take in the beautiful

5 Tips for Living Riveted in the Winter

If you have seen our “Winter Wednesday” photos on Facebook then you know that for many of our Airstreamers, the winter months bring new adventures. We touched base with Ramona Creel to find out her top tips for living riveted in the winter. You’ll find some amazing tips for how to live through cold weather, ideas for insulating and best practices for taking advantage of mother nature’s help! Understand your heating options Unlike some of the newer rigs, my little 1989 Excella is not the best-insulated-nor-most-energy-efficient tin can out there. I love Stella, but she has a thin skin and can

Introducing: Winter Wednesday

Don’t let this winter weather keep you from living riveted! We are in the full swing of winter and we want to celebrate the season! How can you join in on the fun? Here’s how: We want to know how the Airstream community lives riveted and makes incredible memories during the winter months. Share your best winter pictures of your Airstream on our social media profiles and using the hashtag #WinterWednesday! Each Wednesday we will share some of our favorites and ask for more people to share their best winter adventures with us. Check out a few of our favorite

Preparing for a New Year

With 2014 coming to a close, we can’t help but think about the great adventures we’ve been on, the people we’ve met, the Airstreamers who have joined our community and the excitement ahead. This week, our conversation led us to check in with Ramona Creel regarding how she reflects on the past year and prepares for the upcoming one with New Year’s resolutions. Here are her thoughts! How do you reflect on that past year to cherish the memories? One unfortunate side-effect of those damned New Year’s resolutions is that they get us too heavily focused on the ways the last

Living Riveted with Ruthie Collins

Airstream trailers are a combination of classic style and modern freshness. We have a passion for finding the ideal balance between timeless vintage appeal and the newest trends and innovations to inspire people to Live Riveted! We were not surprised when we discovered that Ruthie Collins, a singer-songwriter and new artist on the country music scene, has a love for Airstream trailers and the Live Riveted lifestyle. Ruthie describes herself as “a really old-fashioned person living in 2014.” Check out our interview with Ruthie to see how she’s creating her own adventures in her renovated vintage Airstream trailer. Tell us

Holiday Entertaining: Airstream Style

The holiday season is surely upon us! Last month Ramona Creel shared about her best tips for cooking a big meal in an Airstream. From Thanksgiving dinner to holiday meals, this season is one of lots of delicious food and time with family and friends. Today Ramona shares a bit more about hosting a dinner in your Airstream: Q: What is the best way to host a dinner for multiple people in a tight space? A: First, be sure to utilize ALL of your space — and that includes the patio. Most of us have awnings that turn a concrete