May 15, 2015

Toaster Life

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Toaster Life

Dan and Toni are a  couple of lovebirds making their way throughout the country. They are both photographers and natural born adventurers and love the Live Riveted lifestyle! Quite the nomads, Dan and Toni struggle with sitting still for too long and are constantly yearning to learn new things, so buying an Airstream to travel the country with was the perfect life change for them.  Although they have admired Airstreams from afar for years and years, their 30-foot 2006 Airstream Classic is the first trailer they have owned. Simply stated from Dan, “We’re hooked now.” Read today’s blog feature to

Breathtaking Views

Summertime is almost in full swing, and we’re willing to bet you’re planning some scenic adventures for the next several months. With countless quintessential landscapes scattered across the country, how will you ever decide on an itinerary of action to see them all? Good news, Airstream’s got you covered! We’ve come up with ten of what we think is a geographical spread of some of the most stunning views out there. Wanderlust, commence. Everglades National Park, Florida As the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, Everglades National Park in southern Florida is unique in that unlike many other national

Ramona’s Airstream Travel Experiences

Our friend Ramona Creel been to some really unusual places and had a number of once-in-a-lifetime experiences while traveling in her Airstream! As everyone gears up to plan trips for the summer, we want to share a few of Ramona’s most memorable Airstream experiences. These stories are all included in her upcoming travel book, “Tin Can Travels: From Key West To Nova Scotia In An Airstream” — which will be out later this year. Swimming With A Sea Lion At Theater Of The Sea There are lots of “swim with the dolphins” programs around the country – but Islamorada’s Theater Of

Boomers Hit The Interstate

By Rich Luhr Nobody saw this coming: Airstream, a niche producer of classic aluminum trailers for eight decades, somehow became the Number One manufacturer of…of all things…diesel B-vans. These sharp-looking premium motorhomes defy all the assumptions about Airstream. They aren’t aluminum, they’re steel. They are motorhomes, coming from a manufacturer that has been known for its travel trailers. And they defy “common sense” by being the #1 sellers and yet the most expensive on the market, three years in a row. The Interstate now has 33.7 percent market share of the diesel class B segment. So who’s buying them? In

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone! We believe every day is a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, travel, explore and marvel in the beauty of the world around us— and April seems to agree! With its annual Earth Day celebration smack in the middle, Keep America Beautiful month is devoted to sustaining and beautifying vibrant communities by supporting environmental protection, preventing litter and reducing waste. We want you to live with this mentality every day and month of the year with your Airstream, especially throughout the annual April movement towards better and more sustainable living. Long before being “green” was a

Journey to the Arctic Circle

Even the most extreme winter weather can not stop a Range Rover Sport Hybrid and an Airstream trailer! Land Rover recently launched a journey to the Arctic Circle in order to test the capabilities of the new Range Rover Sport Hybrid. The team started their journey at Land Rover’s Design and Engineering Centre at Gaydon in the English Midlands. They then set off to Merenberg, in Germany, where a winterized Airstream travel travel was waiting for them at Airstream Europe’s headquarters. The world’s first premium diesel hybrid towed the 2.5 ton travel trailer 2,500 miles to Land Rover’s cold-weather test

O is for Ohio

Today, we continue on with our ABC’s of Airstream series, and when we came to the letter O, we knew we had to share about the great state of Ohio! Why Ohio, you ask? Ohio is the home to Airstream headquarters and the factory where each travel trailer is created! Read on to learn a bit more about the history of Airstream! Wally Byam constructed the first Airstream trailer in 1929! What started out as a tent contraption built on a Model T chassis ended up as a teardrop-shaped permanent shelter, complete with a stove and ice chest. The towable

Pallotta Family Adventure

Today we want to introduce you to the Pallotta family! Comprised of Ty, Robyn and their two sons, Ty and Carson, they are a New Jersey family that has embraced the Live Riveted lifestyle wholeheartedly! Ty is an award-winning tattoo artist who has owned his own studio since 2004. Robyn helps manage the tattoo studio but also owns her own business, an organic juice bar and cafe. The family loves to travel and loves the concept of adventure, so they started thinking of how they could embark on a family adventure to experience all the U.S. has to offer. We

Ramona Creel’s Spring Cleaning Tips

Does the thought of spring cleaning make you dread warmer weather? If so, we are here to help! We have touched base with organization extraordinaire Ramona Creel to learn about her spring cleaning do’s and don’ts. As a “Traveling Organizer,” Ramona  works her way around the country in her Airstream, helping clients regain control over their time, paper and space wherever she stops! Read Ramona’s top 5 spring cleaning tips and get ready to tackle your cleaning to-do list with ease! #1: Start Small Spring cleaning overwhelms a lot of people. This happens not because the work is especially hard,

On the Road to Full-Time Airstreaming: Protecting Against the Unexpected

We’ve covered registration, mail and other things to consider, but what happens when your adventure goes awry? Today Ramona Creel is sharing about how to protect against the unexpected when you head to full-time status in Airstreaming. Here are her thoughts: When you live in one place, you normally have homeowner’s insurance that covers your physical dwelling, its contents, and your personal liability when someone is on your property. But when you live on the road, the idea of protecting your assets becomes a wee bit more complicated. And it brings up lots of questions. Will your auto insurance cover