February 20, 2015

January Live Riveted Challenge Round Up

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January Live Riveted Challenge Round Up

2014 was a year for the record books! We love getting to hear about all the incredible accomplishments and adventures our community experienced, so we created a Live Riveted challenge to hear about people’s best memories from 2014. Check out a few submissions below from some fellow Airstreamers! Vanessa Schmidt: “After months of restoration and customization of our 23′ 1970 Airstream Safari, we took a 5,500 km round trip from Ontario, Canada to spend Christmas break in Florida. This was our first of many more Airstream travels to come! Pictured is us on Christmas Eve at Fort DeSoto, State Park

Live Riveted Holiday Challenge Round Up

We love the holidays for so many reasons. It is a time to celebrate, spend time with friends and family and spread joy and love to everyone we come in contact with. This past month, we asked our Airstream community to share with us how they celebrated the holiday season! We wanted to see how people all across the country enjoyed the holidays this year, and we were able to get an incredible glimpse into some Live Riveted holiday celebrations! Continue reading for a few “Live Riveted Holiday” entries! “Our first Christmas with our Airstream! Our kids love their Airstream!

Thanksgiving Challenge Round Up

This past month, we challenged our Airstream community to share with us what they are truly thankful for in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving may have quickly come and gone, but we think that thankfulness is a way of life. We were so inspired by the grateful hearts of our Airstream community that we just had to share a few entries with you. See below to find out what your fellow Airstreamers are thankful for this holiday season! – Sara Robbins: “I am so thankful for my partner in life, Natasha. 11 years ago my life was changed forever.

Spotted: Aluminum

Airstreamers are everywhere, and that means so is our favorite color:  Aluminum! The Airstream’s sleek and shiny exterior plays a big part in the trailer’s “wow factor.” The unmistakable curved aluminum exterior has led to the tried and true nickname, “the silver bullet.” When a silver bullet is coasting down the highway, people tend to stop and take in the beauty and innovation of our classic travel trailer. We are excited that the color of our beloved Airstream is getting some extra love these days! Country music super star Miranda Lambert titled her most recent album “Platinum” as an ode

Top Summer Memories

Oh, sweet, sweet summertime. We love the few months of out of the year where the sun is out, weather is warm, and the Live Riveted adventures are endless. Summer is a time to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get out there and explore! Spending time with family and friends, making memories and seeing new places are all vital components of a successful summer. We love that Airstreamers get out and see this beautiful country of ours even more during the summer months, so we decided to make a monthly challenge out

Five Places to Visit in the USA

At Airstream, we make it a point to celebrate people who embrace the words of Eleanor Roosevelt and truly live life to the fullest. This way of life—the Live Riveted life—is one that Airstreamers know well. We love hearing about their adventures, memories and places they’ve visited along the way. To encourage the Airstream audience to share Live Riveted stories, we have held several monthly challenges asking people to share their favorite photos, memories and more. The July challenge was one of the best yet! We asked Airstream fans to share a photo of their favorite place in the USA. There