December 9, 2014


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Many people grow up as Airdreamers. You know, the folks who dream of one day traveling the country in an Airstream. However, most people don’t grow up dreaming of owning Airstreams to host riveted events with their best friend! Jill & Reni are the creative business duo behind Scene Events. When Reni was “forced into retirement” after 21 years of working for her employer, she and Jill officially launched a business that fit their desire to Live Riveted. “Reni and I had created a few events together as fundraisers for our boy’s lacrosse team and; during these events, we would

All About Alumapalooza

Ask experienced Airstream owners, and they’ll tell you: if you attend only one Airstream event this year, make it Alumapalooza, the official annual event held at the Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio. Part Airstream rally, part seminar, part festival, Alumapalooza is designed for lovers of aluminum trailers, vintage trailers, or just RV travel—and the program is different each year. From May 27 to June 1, 250 Airstreamers will camp on the grounds at “The Mothership” for a week of workshops, demos, games, prizes, socials, entertainment, cookouts, and, of course, the fascinating tour of the Airstream factory. Alumapalooza is an