June 23, 2014

Daddy’s Girl and Rancher

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Daddy’s Girl and Rancher

Photo by: Tara Hyatt I have many fond memories of my dad, especially of the family vacations we all enjoyed together visiting national parks. But I think the best memory I have is the cumulative memory of the many hours spent with in the truck or tractor with him, checking our cattle and stacking hay. He always encouraged my love of animals and nature, and patiently answered my barrage of questions to the best of his knowledge. I will always cherish my childhood of being a Daddy’s girl and rancher’s daughter!The photo included is my dad taking my youngest son out

The support a girl could wish for

Photo by: Angie Johnson My Dad supported me in every way. He encouraged my interest in travel by letting me send in every postcard for info about destinations in Sunset magazine, I had mail coming about travel spots at age 5!. My favorite memory with my Dad was back in the 70’s when he got this perm to match my super naturally curly hair. I was embarrassed of my hair until he showed me it was ‘the look’. At his own expense!

Take flight in a 30 foot classic

Photo by: Jim Aspinwall I used to hang out with my dad “like a puppy”… tinkering in the garage and workshop, going to ham radio stores and events, visiting at Air Guard summer camps. He never complained, I met great people and new mentors, and I learned a LOT. While I was never eligible to fly jets, what little kid wouldn’t be “flying high” hanging out on a riveted jet? Our current riveted “take flight” escape is in a 30 foot 2004 Classic – radio-equipped and dad-approved.

Angels in the Sky

Photo by Archie Henderson The Blue Angels, Father’s Day weekend flying to the sun while the moon watches. As “they” say, ” I don’t know, but I’ve been told, NAVY WINGS ARE MADE OF GOLD!” GO NAVY. FLY NAVY.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Photo from Paige Magelky My dad and I fishing. Picture was taken 19 years ago. To this day I am still “hooked”! No pun intended.

Fixing on Father’s Day

Photo by Adam Nikulicz One of my favorite times with my father, was his help in restoring our 1962 Airstream Globetrotter. Who else at that age is willing to get under the trailer to replace the axle. Happy Fathers Day! I love you Dad

Bridging the Generation Gap

Photo by Beau Winkler I expected to learn a lot from restoring this 1970 Sovereign, what I didn’t expect was to bring three generations together to learn many lessons and memories for life. (Grandpa and grandson re-skinning the main door)

Crazy Fun in North Carolina

Photo by Caroline Whitcomb Took our family of four in our 18 foot 1969 Airstream Caravel for a week vacation…Dad may have reached his breaking point in the Pisgah Forest outside Brevard, North Carolina!

To the Ends of the Earth

Photo by Rosemary Neal In 2003 my Dad took me to the end of the earth – literally – Antarctica. It’s a journey I’ll never forget.

An Evening in Kodachrome Basin

Photo by Sabine Mann Our Bambi Flying Cloud in Kodachrome Basin State Park UT.