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All about #ZenHolidays

I’ve been using variations on the hashtag #ZenHolidays a lot. It popped into my head one day and I went with it. To me it’s the tech-savvy equivalent of setting an intention. That’s the plan. Not “getting through” or “surviving” the month of December, but enjoying it to the point of finding peace in the hubbub and the solitude and all the other points on the spectrum. I always chide my mother for saying she wants to get our holiday meal “over with” so we can relax. Really? After days of work to prepare that meal? How about we savor

K Is For Kindness

This time of year is known as the season for holiday cheer. Many people get together at parties, attend fundraising events and volunteer at charities across the nation to pass on the holiday spirit to others. We at Airstream enjoy seeing how our #LiveRiveted community embraces this season of giving and want to give you a few tangible ways to spread kindness this holiday season: – Help a local state or national park clean up their trails. Many of these parks post information online about volunteer days over the course of the year. Even if a park doesn’t have an

Enchant Yourself with an Artist Date

It was about 1999 when I took a course in The Artist’s Way based on the book by author Julia Cameron. Since then, whenever I’m asked my “secret” for churning out articles and blog posts and seemingly never running out of ideas, I point to something in that classic bestselling book. Cameron introduces what she calls ‘tools’ for our creativity. One is Morning Pages, something I do (almost) every morning, and it’s simply three stream-of-consciousness pages in a notebook. I find it enormously helpful and essential to my craft, but the tool I’m focusing on here is called the Artist


Many people grow up as Airdreamers. You know, the folks who dream of one day traveling the country in an Airstream. However, most people don’t grow up dreaming of owning Airstreams to host riveted events with their best friend! Jill & Reni are the creative business duo behind Scene Events. When Reni was “forced into retirement” after 21 years of working for her employer, she and Jill officially launched a business that fit their desire to Live Riveted. “Reni and I had created a few events together as fundraisers for our boy’s lacrosse team and; during these events, we would

Airstream Holiday Gift Guide

At Airstream, we are so excited that the holiday season is finally here! We wait all year for the days of Live Riveted adventures in the snow, festive parties with our dearest friends and cozy days spent with celebrating with our loved ones. Plus, who doesn’t love getting gifts?! Oftentimes, however, it’s the gift-giving part that robs some of the joy out of the holidays. With the traffic, the long lines in every store and the difficulty of not finding the right gift for everyone on your list, it can be an added stressor to the holiday season. We may

Thanksgiving Challenge Round Up

This past month, we challenged our Airstream community to share with us what they are truly thankful for in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving may have quickly come and gone, but we think that thankfulness is a way of life. We were so inspired by the grateful hearts of our Airstream community that we just had to share a few entries with you. See below to find out what your fellow Airstreamers are thankful for this holiday season! – Sara Robbins: “I am so thankful for my partner in life, Natasha. 11 years ago my life was changed forever.

Transported by a Photographer’s Vision

It was a mild November day in the Northeast and yet I was in Siberia. There were men, women and children bundled in layers of furs, in a caravan, covering vast expanses of snow and ice in fierce wind, sun barely coming through the fog and clouds. Beautiful and stark, the images sent a chill through me as I stood before them. Transported, I’ll tell you, right there at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City. An exhibit called Genesis featuring the work of photographer Sebastiao Salgado took my friend and me from Antarctica to Brazil to Madagascar

Making the Familiar New

I’m no stranger to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s one of my favorite places in New York. Yet a recent visit made me feel like I was in an unfamiliar place. How wonderful. Typically I go with one of my friends and we choose a specific exhibit we want to see. The current popular ones are about Cubism and, in the fashion arena, “Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire.” While both were interesting, we didn’t linger in either because we weren’t compelled to dwell or immerse. Instead, we wound up playing and wandering. We floated and flitted

J is for Jobs

One thing we love about Airstreams is that they allow us to live the life of our dreams! Whether you use your Airstream for family vacations, camping trips with friends or for cross-country adventures, everyone in the Airstream family can agree that a Live Riveted life is the best. We love getting to hear stories of how people live, play and even work in their Airstreams. People nowadays are truly embracing the Live Riveted lifestyle and aren’t just living full time in their Airstreams, but working in them as well! Students over at the Columbus College of Art and Design

Airstream Thanksgiving

You may remember earlier this month when we introduced you to Ramona Creel. Like we mentioned, she’ll be sharing her Airstream experiences and organization tips with us to live the best Live Riveted lives we can! Today she’s sharing about her best tips for cooking a big meal in an Airstream! This comes just in time for Thanksgiving next week! Do as much prep work as you can beforehand: Tasks like chopping vegetables, mashing taters, thawing/marinating meats, measuring out quantities of dry goods, whipping together sauces/gravies, mixing up (then freezing) soup stock or dough, even baking pies and getting your made-from-scratch stuffing