January 28, 2016

Heeding the ‘What If’ in Creative Exploration

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Heeding the ‘What If’ in Creative Exploration

Kate Cohen once had a ceramics teacher who would have students select their best pieces and take them to a long hallway. Then they’d mow their creations down with a bowling ball. “They would smash into pieces,” Cohen says in our recent interview. I gasp. “It taught us nothing is precious,” Cohen says. Ah, now I understand. The idea of art is to go beyond what’s precious. “Otherwise you’ll only go so far,” she says. “That means no growth.” The 61-year-old self-employed artist knows something about growth, and for that matter, what it means to be an artist, to live

A Life Riveted to ‘Star Wars’

How do you go from making a living in photo journalism to crafting Star Wars figures for Lucasfilm? If you’re Stephen Hayford, you let the perfect storm of a changing journalism landscape, a Star Wars obsession that began at age 6, and a near-death experience have its way with you. Toss in a strong desire to spend more time with family and it all starts to feel poetic. The Force lending a hand, perhaps? This 44-year-old former photo journalist now makes his living as an artist creating, according to his Life in Plastics website, “elaborately detailed dioramas which he populates

A Professor Becomes an ‘Accidental Icon’

A Fordham University student on the “Rate My Professors” site wrote the following about Dr. Lyn Slater, Ph.D., in the Graduate School of Social Services: “Comedic, complex, and challenging … Dr. Slater … is like Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel. She is brilliant and inspirational, but does not hesitate to lend scaffolding to those who ask for help. Dr. Slater empowers you to work hard, play hard, and love yourself in the process.” Slater doesn’t typically read her reviews, but when I read this one to her in our recent interview she said, “What a poet!”

Taking Charge of Her Future

As a journalist, part of the job is finding out what you need to find out. Seasoned journalist Eileen McNamara is oh so thankful about that since she recently made the transition to entrepreneurship. “I had been trained to solve the problem,” McNamara says in our recent interview. “The way I see it, people do it. Ergo, I can do it. People say I’m so talented. My main talent is doggedness.” What she is doggedly pursuing now is running the best boutique she can. McNamara owns a business called The Shop at 70 Main in a village center in East

The #LiveRiveted Life of the Dueck Family

For the Dueck family, their goal for life is simple: to live adventurously as a young family. Josh, Lacey and their daugher Nova have recently embarked on a Live Riveted adventure in their 25-foot Airstream and are hitting the road in search of adventure, community, incredible people and delicious meals. The Duecks have a deep love of adventure and sports. Josh has always been a lover of the outdoors and skiing.  On March 8, 2004 at the age of 23, a stunt on skis gone wrong left him paralyzed from the waist down, but that has opened his eyes to

Best Places to View the Fall Foliage

Today is the first day of fall, and you know what that means! Mother Nature is getting ready to turn down the thermostat and paint herself in brilliant hues of scarlet, tangerine and gold. This time of year is special because it delivers fun, fall-exclusive activities like bonfires, camping trips, corn mazes and hayrides, and at the stroke of midnight, everything will turn to pumpkin spice. One of the easiest fall activities, of course, is simply viewing the beautiful display of changing leaves. Today, we’d like to share some of the best locations to enjoy this charming foliage, with apple cider

Reveling in ‘the Weirdest Job’

Back in the spring, Veronica Watson, Lego master model builder, answered questions on Reddit about her craft. Most of them helped people understand what she does, but maybe not this one: Q: Do you date Batman? A: Um, no. I did not know he was available. Or this one: Q: How many Legos can you step on barefoot? A: Oh god … 2. One for each foot. I mean, after that, I would look down and realize I was stepping on them. Those answers may not tell much about her craft, but they speak volumes about Watson’s creativity and quick, dry wit.

Best Resources Part 4

  Today concludes Ramona Creel’s series on useful tools, services and handy informational websites for RVers! Check out Ramona’s top picks below for a few resources to help you find the fun along your route: General Travel Guides Audissey Guides: Download free audio guides (for most major cities) that play on your Ipod. American Association Of Museums: Extremely useful “find a museum” feature. Convention And Visitors Bureaus: Portal to every CVB and visitor info office in North America. Discover America: The “official” travel and tourism website for the entire U.S. Frommer’s Budget Travel: See the world for less with these

Top 5 Reasons for Fall Camping Trips

Ahhhh, fall. Just the mention of the word makes us want to drive into the crisp mountain air with some caramel cider in hand, taking in glimpses of spectacular orange and yellow forests. Our perfect fall camping trip includes curling up by a fire after a day of exploring a never-before-seen park. And what better time than fall to take that extra day or two off and go on that camping trip you’ve been daydreaming about? If you need some extra nudging, here are 5 reasons to grab your family and friends and get out there! 1.) Cooler weather No

Best Labor Day Vacations

Happy September, everyone! While the lazy summer months might be over, kids are heading back to school and the temperatures are slowly cooling off, that doesn’t mean Live Riveted adventures have to stop!  Labor Day is just around the corner, so today we want to inspire you to hit the road and enjoy some rest and relaxation with friends and family this holiday weekend. Hit the beach: Soak in the remaining warm weather before the chill sets in and travel to the beach this Labor Day weekend. Head way down south to Miami and take in the sights and sounds