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  • "As much as we love the interior of our International Serenity, our dog Gracie likes the screen …"
    Kim Hildreth
    Kim Hildreth
  • "Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."
    Wally Byam
    Wally Byam
  • "I love my International Sterling because it has such a clean simple look to the interior and …"
    Kristin Hansen-Mellish
    Kristin Hansen-Mellish
  • "We just purchased our first Airstream. It’s a 24FB Flying Cloud and we love it. These 2 …"
    Marilyn Tuttle
    Marilyn Tuttle
  • "Eddie Bauer 25FB. Gotta love the back hatch, fold up furniture, sunbrella fabric….all …"
    Joan Fedrigon
    Joan Fedrigon

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On the Road with Music and Memories

The mixed CD that’s a compilation of music by “divas” begins with a tune by Billie Holiday. I am in the car with my mother and we’re driving to my sister’s house on a back road. She brightens at the idea that we’ve got this female vocalist vibe going. We chat a little, but then she realizes the tune playing is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and she stops. “Is it Judy?” Mom asks over the noise of the wind coming in the windows on this gorgeous day. And then Judy Garland belts out the next line and Mom smiles. Judy’s

How to Live Riveted All Year Long

It’s easy to let the extreme heat of late August convince you that summer is never going to end. But don’t let it fool you—the final days of summer are just around the corner. For many, the beginning of cooler weather during the fall and winter months brings relief. For others, the end of summer seems to mean the end of fun in the sun and the beginning of long days spent inside trying to stay warm and away from the elements. But the change in weather doesn’t have to put an end to Live Riveted adventures in the great

Why a Live Riveted Summer Makes the School Year Better

It’s hard to believe that the summer is quickly coming to a close. With an amazing summer behind us, the recent release of our 2015 Travel Trailer models and the addition of Quietstream, our conversations are abuzz with lots of exciting things. And with a new school year kicking off for many of our littlest Airstreamers and adventurers, we got to thinking about how a “Live Riveted” summer is the best way to spend summer break. However, the greatness of a Live Riveted summer doesn’t end when the school bus rolls around the corner. In fact, for many families, Live

My Life In Tomatoes

Anyone else high on the idea of visiting farmers’ markets? As in, feeling a rush when you see one no matter where in the world you are? Let’s file this under ‘simple pleasures.’ Here in the Northeast, we are in the thick of about a month-long window when tomatoes are beyond delicious. They became the star of a meal rather than playing their usual supporting role. They’re so good I have been known to cut up a juicy one and eat it as a snack, unfettered, leaving a puddle of red liquid in its wake. It’s hard to believe they

The Joy of the Overcast Day

It’s been years, over a decade actually, since I had any interest in sun bathing. Funny, because for a girl like me growing up in New Jersey, that obsession usually begins in adolescence. Whether we were driving to the Jersey Shore or sitting in a lounge chair in our suburban backyard, it was all about the cultivation of the almighty tan beginning every spring. Plans to “lay out” were our norm. Buying clothes that would “look great with a tan” was part of the summer ritual. When I was 18 I had a summer job as a cashier and I

Take One Last Swing This Summer

The summer may be nearing its end and the time of vacations and family outings winding down, but we think there’s still plenty of time for that last minute getaway. For those debating where to travel to next, we recommend grabbing some golf clubs and practicing your swing. Golf can provide a sense of focus and relaxation and nothing says “Live Riveted adventure” to a golf enthusiast more than one of our country’s best golf courses. So pick a weekend, pack the 9 irons in your Airstream and take a trip with us to one of these beautifully classic golf

Five Places to Visit in the USA

At Airstream, we make it a point to celebrate people who embrace the words of Eleanor Roosevelt and truly live life to the fullest. This way of life—the Live Riveted life—is one that Airstreamers know well. We love hearing about their adventures, memories and places they’ve visited along the way. To encourage the Airstream audience to share Live Riveted stories, we have held several monthly challenges asking people to share their favorite photos, memories and more. The July challenge was one of the best yet! We asked Airstream fans to share a photo of their favorite place in the USA. There

The Making of a Global Citizen

I was at the Guggenheim with my artist friend Chuck one recent day to see the Italian Futurism exhibit. We sat for a moment on a bench in the lobby to gather ourselves and get ready to head up its winding ramps to check out the art. A woman was sitting on an adjacent bench. Next to her was a backpack, a large portfolio, some ceramic plates and a few other items. She looked right at me and I got the sense that she wanted to talk. Just as I was making my assessment, Chuck engaged her about the ceramic

G Is For Geocaching

We here at Airstream love the #LiveRiveted lifestyle- and we are excited to announce another way you can take your road trip to a whole new level: geocaching! Geocaching is real-life treasure hunt that’s happening right now and all around the world using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache hidden at that location. Geocoins come in all shapes and sizes, and can be tracked. The coins move all over the world and document the adventures of their many owners. Back in May we announced that Airstream was going

Dog Days of Summer

We may be in the dog days of summer, but the dog days aren’t all that bad… and here is why: Airstreamers love to travel with man’s best friend. They make great road trip and travel companions, so why would anyone want to leave their furry friend at home? We love getting to hear about the great memories Airstreamers share with their dogs. Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know about a great adventure you embarked on with your pup! And for some great dog-friendly activities while traveling, check out our blog post, here.