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What Will You Struggle For?

A provocative blog post has been circulating lately. It’s called “The Most Important Question of Your Life.” See what I mean? You have to click on it. The headline bait yields a sweet reward. Here’s the crux of it: If I ask you, “What do you want out of life?” and you say something like, “I want to be happy and have a great family and a job I like,” it’s so ubiquitous that it doesn’t even mean anything. A more interesting question, a question that perhaps you’ve never considered before, is what pain do you want in your life?

5 Tips for Living Riveted in the Winter

If you have seen our “Winter Wednesday” photos on Facebook then you know that for many of our Airstreamers, the winter months bring new adventures. We touched base with Ramona Creel to find out her top tips for living riveted in the winter. You’ll find some amazing tips for how to live through cold weather, ideas for insulating and best practices for taking advantage of mother nature’s help! Understand your heating options Unlike some of the newer rigs, my little 1989 Excella is not the best-insulated-nor-most-energy-efficient tin can out there. I love Stella, but she has a thin skin and can

L is for Landmarks

A new year is a beautiful thing. It’s like a blank page just waiting for you to fill it with your hopes, dreams and adventures. Want to do something you’ve never done? Do it. Want to go somewhere you’ve never gone? Go there. The possibilities to Live Riveted are endless. As we begin 2015, we at Airstream want to inspire you to make your own adventures and see new sights. Where better to start than in our own backyard?! Our country is full of unique places and activities that everyone who lives here should experience. So if you’re looking for

Bidding Farewell to ‘Shoulds’

In a recent post I suggested a question to ponder to start the new year: What have you been meaning to do for a long time that you haven’t done? I went on to explain that it was meant in a light way to provoke small shifts in your world, i.e. new knobs for a cabinet or getting a print framed. At the end of the post, I even answered the question for myself – what I want to do is read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. I wondered what it might inspire or if it would just seem like a satisfying item

Live Riveted Holiday Challenge Round Up

We love the holidays for so many reasons. It is a time to celebrate, spend time with friends and family and spread joy and love to everyone we come in contact with. This past month, we asked our Airstream community to share with us how they celebrated the holiday season! We wanted to see how people all across the country enjoyed the holidays this year, and we were able to get an incredible glimpse into some Live Riveted holiday celebrations! Continue reading for a few “Live Riveted Holiday” entries! “Our first Christmas with our Airstream! Our kids love their Airstream!

How to Plan for Live Riveted Adventures in 2015

The New Year is upon us and there is no better time to begin thinking about what 2015 has in store and planning for adventure. Finalizing details from 2014, New Year’s resolutions, preparing for the fun of this year – there are many ways people kick off the start of January. This month, we touched base with Ramona Creel to hear about how she plans… for long Airstream trips. Now is the perfect time to begin thoughts about what Live Riveted adventures you will take this year. Perhaps these details from Ramona can help you. Q: What is the longest trip you’ve taken in

Introducing: Winter Wednesday

Don’t let this winter weather keep you from living riveted! We are in the full swing of winter and we want to celebrate the season! How can you join in on the fun? Here’s how: We want to know how the Airstream community lives riveted and makes incredible memories during the winter months. Share your best winter pictures of your Airstream on our social media profiles and using the hashtag #WinterWednesday! Each Wednesday we will share some of our favorites and ask for more people to share their best winter adventures with us. Check out a few of our favorite

Thank You So, So Much

If you told me 20 years ago I would be listing all that I’m thankful for as my head hits the pillow every night, I’d have looked at you like you were crazy. Sure, I was grateful for some things in my life, but honestly I attributed most of them to my own hard work and boundless energy. I rarely stopped and counted my blessings. Now it’s like I can’t stop. All day long sometimes. The bird that lands on the bench where I’m writing. Grateful. The sunny day that makes me put my arms out in disbelief like I’m

Preparing for a New Year

With 2014 coming to a close, we can’t help but think about the great adventures we’ve been on, the people we’ve met, the Airstreamers who have joined our community and the excitement ahead. This week, our conversation led us to check in with Ramona Creel regarding how she reflects on the past year and prepares for the upcoming one with New Year’s resolutions. Here are her thoughts! How do you reflect on that past year to cherish the memories? One unfortunate side-effect of those damned New Year’s resolutions is that they get us too heavily focused on the ways the last

Taking Stock of 2014

A year is winding down and here’s the big question – Did you live riveted to what resonates most with your heart and soul? I have done year-end reviews for myself ever since I can remember. I enjoy looking at the 12 months that just passed and thinking “huh, I could have done more of that” or “wow, I really did better in that area.” Sometimes there are years we don’t want to end or ones we can’t wait to see hit the pavement. In life coaching training many years ago we learned how to look at the various areas