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On Empowering Creators

It is like a whisper coming out of Catherine Howard’s mouth. “I live riveted to this idea of tenderness,” she says. We are well into our telephone interview. I think I gasp. “If we can find new ways to have tenderness toward each other it can change the world,” she says. “We’re taught ‘get ahead,’ but I don’t see it as a way to live happy lives.” Almost radical, yes? I dig into this idea of tenderness. Such a gentle, beautiful word. When did it come to the forefront for her? “Over two years ago, in Zimbabwe,” Howard says. She

Pallotta Family Adventure

Today we want to introduce you to the Pallotta family! Comprised of Ty, Robyn and their two sons, Ty and Carson, they are a New Jersey family that has embraced the Live Riveted lifestyle wholeheartedly! Ty is an award-winning tattoo artist who has owned his own studio since 2004. Robyn helps manage the tattoo studio but also owns her own business, an organic juice bar and cafe. The family loves to travel and loves the concept of adventure, so they started thinking of how they could embark on a family adventure to experience all the U.S. has to offer. We

Chris Morgan’s Airstream Adventure

Chris Morgan is an ecologist and conservationist with a passion for our planet, wildlife and the Live Riveted lifestyle. For the last five years, he has been hosting TV shows for PBS Nature, the BBC and National Geographic. Most of his work revolves around large carnivores, with a focus on the bears of the world. The places the animals he studies live in are pretty wild, so for Chris, that is why the animals are worth understanding, appreciating and protecting! In the past, he has hosted shows about bears in Alaska, Siberian Tigers in Russia and Sumatran orangutans. Chris is

March Live Riveted Challenge Round Up

Spring is here and we are so excited to see more Airstreamers get out on the open road and live riveted! Before you get out on the road, however, you have to take some time to prep your Airstream for the adventures ahead. Cleaning, organizing and redecorating can be a hassle, but is well worth the time and energy as you embark on trips of a lifetime all spring and summer long! For this month’s challenge, we wanted to hear all about your spring cleaning to-do lists. Check out a few of this month’s Live Riveted Challenge entries below. Terry

On the Road to Full-Time Airstreaming: Protecting Against the Unexpected

We’ve covered registration, mail and other things to consider, but what happens when your adventure goes awry? Today Ramona Creel is sharing about how to protect against the unexpected when you head to full-time status in Airstreaming. Here are her thoughts: When you live in one place, you normally have homeowner’s insurance that covers your physical dwelling, its contents, and your personal liability when someone is on your property. But when you live on the road, the idea of protecting your assets becomes a wee bit more complicated. And it brings up lots of questions. Will your auto insurance cover

N is for Navigation

Spring is on its way and that means it is time to say goodbye to snow and hello to warmer, sunnier adventures! We can’t wait to see what you Airstreamers experience this spring as you #LiveRiveted with family and friends. We want to help you navigate all of your travels, from jaunts into the city to cross-country road trips. With such cutting edge technology available at our fingertips today, we’re here to share with you the most innovative apps and websites to help you plan an adventure of a lifetime. Check out this list of top travel resources as you

On the Road to Full-Time Airstreaming: Mail Forwarding

In case you haven’t heard, we’re here to provide all the details on how to pursue full-time “Streaming” if that’s your goal! Ramona Creel, a fabulous organizer and full-timer, is sharing her tips on how to become a full-timer. Today, we’re sorting through (pun intended) the ever-present question of: How will I get my mail? Check it out: Once you choose a state, it’s time to make everything legal — and for that, you have to obtain a permanent address. But a post office box just won’t cut it when you’re full-timing! You need a “mail forwarding service” that not

Making Something of Her Own

Writer and director Amy Taylor is about to begin shooting a web series based on a teen-aged detective she created named Jess Archer. When I ask her in our recent interview what she wants viewers to take away from the series, she is ultra-clear. “It’s a comedy/mystery,” Taylor says. “So I want them to laugh. Then I want them to come away realizing Jess Archer is a great character. Not a great female character, but a great character, period.” Further, she wants females to know they can play roles other than girlfriend. “I want them to say, ‘I can be

Potter’s Craft Cider

Craft cider and an Airstream—what could be better?! We recently caught up with Dan and Tim, the co-founders of Potter’s Craft Cider based in Charlottesville, Virginia. The company is dedicated to creating unique and delicious cider made from fresh-pressed local apples, and now they have set their sights on creating a mobile tasting room out of an Airstream trailer! Read on to learn more about Dan and Tim’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Potter’s Craft Cider is a company founded on friendship and a passion for the Live Riveted life. Dan Potter and Tim Edmond met while in college at Princeton University and


Full time Airstreaming is a goal for many people, ‘Streamers and Dreamers alike. We recently had the chance to catch up with Brian Easterling & his wife Leigh about their experiences as full timers living riveted to a new adventure. As the people behind the popular Airstream blog Aluminarium, these two live riveted every day. As they sat working side by side in their former home, the Easterlings thought they would one day build a website for camping supplies. However, the dream of a website for camping supplies later morphed in a website to supply campers with amazing campsites across the