August 28, 2015

Best Resources Part 2

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Best Resources Part 2

Today Ramona Creel is continuing with part 2 of her series on useful tools/services and handy informational websites for RVers! Check out a few resources to make your life easier as you’re out and about: Road-Tripping Across The Country Best Parking: Finding a good affordable place to park is a big key to enjoying your time in a new town. Gas Buddy: Find the lowest gas prices in any state (a great tool for planning your route to save money). My Scenic Drives: Will plot out a scenic drive for you based on your origin and destination. National Atlas: Offers

What’s Your Plan B?

There are these caprese salad skewers pictured on Russ Kendall’s business website. Vibrant cherry tomatoes in yellow or red, white mozzarella balls speckled with fresh herbs, and bright green basil leaves in between those layers. Lush ingredients begging to be tasted and savored. “I have found if I put up a line about them, I’ll sell two or three,” says Kendall. “But if I put a picture out, I’ll sell 40.” That, right there, cuts to the heart of why Gusto Wood Fired Pizza in Bellingham, Wash., is also known as Kendall’s Plan B. Photography has been the lifeblood of

Best Resources, Part 1

Regardless if you are an Airstream pro or new to the Airstreaming life, Airstreamer Ramona Creel is here to help you navigate the Live Riveted life! Check out her advice on some of the best camping and Airstream resources out there: Full-timing used to mean being at the mercy of the town in which you stopped. Good luck finding someone who sells toilet deodorizer in Wyoming, or who understands awning pulls in North Dakota, or who can fix a water tank monitor in Arkansas! But not any more! Once you’ve been on the road for a while, you begin to

Of Veterans, Jobs and Setting Goals

By Nancy Colasurdo Back in high school, Dan Goldenberg had three goals: row on the Olympic crew team, become a pilot, become an aerospace engineer. “I got cut from the crew team,” Goldenberg says with a laugh in our recent interview. “My eyes were too bad [to fly], and my calculus grades were too bad to be an engineer.” Bye, bye, goals. Well, at least those three. Goldenberg, executive director of the Call of Duty Endowment and a commander in the Navy reserve, found his way with some others. A self-described “awful” student in middle school, he was later impressed with the

Summer Vacation Traditions

Summer may be slowly winding down, but that does not mean you can’t make the most of August by taking a classic summer vacation! One thing we love the most about travel is that it makes people young and old come alive. There is something so magical about hitting the road and taking in new experiences with friends and family. Whether you are camping in the desert, traveling across the country or heading to a family-friendly theme park, we believe in the power of making new memories and embracing the Live Riveted lifestyle. Today we wanted to highlight some classic

Embarking on a ‘No Baggage’ Adventure

By Nancy Colasurdo Yes. Yes was the beginning. Yes, I’ll go to Europe with you. Yes, I’ll try this ‘no luggage for a three-week trip’ idea. Yes, I will sign up for adventure. For Clara Bensen, a self-described writer/explorer, ‘yes’ wasn’t exactly on the tip of her tongue on a regular basis when this question was posed. It could have easily gone the other way. She could have said no. Lots of women would have said no. “Yes, I’ve always had an adventurous streak,” Bensen says in our recent interview. And then she offers some proof. “When I was 17

Top Summer Festivals

  There is nothing quite like the feeling of hitting the open road and traveling the country in search of the best fairs, festivals and summer celebrations! Today on the blog we have put together a list of some vibrant and eclectic community events happening in this great country of ours. Get inspired, pack your bags and explore! Newport Folk Festival July 24th-26th: Newport, Rhode Island Newport Folk Festival has a rich history in creating some of the most iconic moments in folk and rock history, from Bob Dylan going electric to The Felice Brothers playing in the mud through

Digging Deep into America’s Pastime

By Nancy Colasurdo He has been called a resource encyclopedia, a baseball savant, and, officially, a digital publishing specialist for the stats and information group at ESPN. For Mark Simon, the latter is like something he’s been preparing for his whole life, both wittingly and unwittingly. It’s what happens when you pay attention to something you love and excel at, and your parents are smart enough to pay attention, too, and you keep paying attention to it right through college and beyond. Mastery begins to happen. Persistence gets you places. “How can you argue with being at a place like

4th of July Celebrations

With Independence Day just a few days away, we want to start the 4th of July celebrations a bit early and share about some of the best festivities happening this weekend across the country! From cookouts to parades and even massive fireworks displays, this list of 4th of July events is sure to spread the patriotic spirit! Estes Park, CO Estes Park, home to Rocky Mountain National Park, is known for its huge fireworks display. However, this quintessential Colorado mountain village doesn’t stop just at spectacular fireworks. In Estes Park, they get Independence Day started early on July 3rd with

On Authentic (Virtual) Relationships

By Nancy Colasurdo Ted Rubin operates at a dizzying pace. He tells me that when he hangs up from our phone interview he will move to a nice spot under a beach umbrella, maybe snap a pic of the ocean. But as we’re talking, he gets a delivery of yoyos and he admits he’s playing with one right there in the living room where he’s staying in Pompano Beach, Fla. “I met an amazing yoyo guy, Chris Mikulin, at a conference,” Rubin says. “He had these newfangled yoyos. I started telling him about how I used to do walk the