February 20, 2015

January Live Riveted Challenge Round Up

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January Live Riveted Challenge Round Up

2014 was a year for the record books! We love getting to hear about all the incredible accomplishments and adventures our community experienced, so we created a Live Riveted challenge to hear about people’s best memories from 2014. Check out a few submissions below from some fellow Airstreamers! Vanessa Schmidt: “After months of restoration and customization of our 23′ 1970 Airstream Safari, we took a 5,500 km round trip from Ontario, Canada to spend Christmas break in Florida. This was our first of many more Airstream travels to come! Pictured is us on Christmas Eve at Fort DeSoto, State Park

Top Summer Memories

Oh, sweet, sweet summertime. We love the few months of out of the year where the sun is out, weather is warm, and the Live Riveted adventures are endless. Summer is a time to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get out there and explore! Spending time with family and friends, making memories and seeing new places are all vital components of a successful summer. We love that Airstreamers get out and see this beautiful country of ours even more during the summer months, so we decided to make a monthly challenge out

On the Road with Music and Memories

The mixed CD that’s a compilation of music by “divas” begins with a tune by Billie Holiday. I am in the car with my mother and we’re driving to my sister’s house on a back road. She brightens at the idea that we’ve got this female vocalist vibe going. We chat a little, but then she realizes the tune playing is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and she stops. “Is it Judy?” Mom asks over the noise of the wind coming in the windows on this gorgeous day. And then Judy Garland belts out the next line and Mom smiles. Judy’s

Water Beckons and I Go

One day back in 2002, or maybe it was 2003, I was taking a power walk down at the waterfront promenade in Hoboken, N.J. It was a gorgeous day and I stared longingly at the boats going by. Ah, to be on the water, I thought. And then it occurred to me there was no reason the ferry had to be a commuting vessel. I could just go for a ride. At this point I was literally walking next to the storied old ferry terminal. Uh, hello. Holy obvious, Batman. My sneakers led the way and I hopped on. It