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Life as Vacation

Craig Zabransky is on the verge of taking in a Mile Marker 88 sunset, Upper Florida Keys, as we begin to wind down our telephone interview. “It will be a prime one,” he tells me. He’s clearly jazzed. Days later I go to his website,, and click on the Sunday Sunsets Map so I can sneak a peek. It is a doozy. The fiery sun hanging out in hues of orange and black. “A sunset is a universally shared moment,” says Zabransky, a global management consultant-turned-travel writer. And share them he does. His map features pins of 242 sunsets around

Live Riveted at Mardi Gras

The world’s biggest free Carnival show — Mardi Gras — is certainly a must-see event for everyone. If you’re a New Orleans native, Mardi Gras is just a part of your year and not celebrating it seems like a crime. For those in other parts of the country, however, the idea of attending Mardi Gras is exciting and probably a little bit scary. But don’t let that stop you from hopping in your Airstream and taking a trip down to New Orleans to party on! Here is more information about Mardi Gras and tips on how to Live Riveted while

10 Ways to Live Riveted

Ramona Creel travels full time in her Airstream and certainly lives riveted. One thing about living riveted is that you don’t have to have an Airstream trailer to do so. In fact, anyone who is “Doing. Being. Seeing. Experiencing. Overcoming. Loving. Risking.” – is living riveted. Living riveted is about discovery. So today we discovered 10 ways Ramona lives riveted. In no particular order: Shop at farmer’s markets for fresh, seasonal foods: I’m supporting small-scale agriculture and the local economy, my grocery bill is smaller because I’m not paying for veggies to be container-shipped in from Asia or South America, I eat

Top Ski Trip Destinations

Winter is in full swing, but don’t let the cold temperatures and snowy climates keep you indoors! The key to a Live Riveted life is to enjoy all that life has to offer, regardless of what season it is. In fact, we chatted with our friend and fellow Airstreamer, Ramona, about how to live riveted in the winter! We here at Airstream love hearing about the incredible trips the Airstream community embarks on each and every year. In 2015, we want to encourage each of you to get out there and make memories with friends and family. Whether it’s on

L is for Landmarks

A new year is a beautiful thing. It’s like a blank page just waiting for you to fill it with your hopes, dreams and adventures. Want to do something you’ve never done? Do it. Want to go somewhere you’ve never gone? Go there. The possibilities to Live Riveted are endless. As we begin 2015, we at Airstream want to inspire you to make your own adventures and see new sights. Where better to start than in our own backyard?! Our country is full of unique places and activities that everyone who lives here should experience. So if you’re looking for

Live Riveted Holiday Challenge Round Up

We love the holidays for so many reasons. It is a time to celebrate, spend time with friends and family and spread joy and love to everyone we come in contact with. This past month, we asked our Airstream community to share with us how they celebrated the holiday season! We wanted to see how people all across the country enjoyed the holidays this year, and we were able to get an incredible glimpse into some Live Riveted holiday celebrations! Continue reading for a few “Live Riveted Holiday” entries! “Our first Christmas with our Airstream! Our kids love their Airstream!

How to Plan for Live Riveted Adventures in 2015

The New Year is upon us and there is no better time to begin thinking about what 2015 has in store and planning for adventure. Finalizing details from 2014, New Year’s resolutions, preparing for the fun of this year – there are many ways people kick off the start of January. This month, we touched base with Ramona Creel to hear about how she plans… for long Airstream trips. Now is the perfect time to begin thoughts about what Live Riveted adventures you will take this year. Perhaps these details from Ramona can help you. Q: What is the longest trip you’ve taken in

Transported by a Photographer’s Vision

It was a mild November day in the Northeast and yet I was in Siberia. There were men, women and children bundled in layers of furs, in a caravan, covering vast expanses of snow and ice in fierce wind, sun barely coming through the fog and clouds. Beautiful and stark, the images sent a chill through me as I stood before them. Transported, I’ll tell you, right there at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City. An exhibit called Genesis featuring the work of photographer Sebastiao Salgado took my friend and me from Antarctica to Brazil to Madagascar

iPhone Photo Tips

There are countless Airstreamers who adamantly believe fall is the best time to travel. Each state offers its own unique beauty, and leaves become a range of colors. Around every corner is a picture perfect view. We know technology allows us to quickly document the scenery around us, but are you using your iPhone to its greatest capability? We’re here to share the top 5 tricks to iPhone photography for your Live Riveted adventures. Always zoom with your feet. The iPhone zoom is a great concept, but it does not allow photographers the best quality images. Instead of using your

Fall In Love With Fall Scenery

Planning a trip to enjoy the fall colors?  We’ve connected with Thousand Trails to find some of the top places to enjoy the scenery this fall. From Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains to the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, as well as the glorious colors of the Midwest, there are plenty of Thousand Trails campgrounds and Encore RV resorts to make your home base while you fall in love with the fall scenery. Maine Visitors to Portland, ME, are welcomed by jaw-dropping foliage, Portland Head Light and boutiques in the Old Port District. The gorgeous leaves with the Maine coast as a background make for