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Endless Caravan: Taking Ownership of Our Relationships

Our Endless Caravan crew, Yellow Co have just wrapped up their second week on tour and first conference in Orange County! From navigating the roads to navigating relationships, Director of Operations Kacy Schlener shares her perspective about what’s important and how to stay focused on who is important. Continue reading to learn a few tips on how to stay connected with family and friends while traveling! At week two of our grand adventure, I find myself riding solo in our Airstream, fondly named “B.” Joanna has temporarily deserted me to go hang out with her husband (I’m fine with it,

Endless Caravan: Embracing Your Story and Feeling at Home on the Road

Yellow Co. has begun their journey on our Endless Caravan! While making their way cross country for their first conference, the founder Joanna Waterfall shares the reflections she’s had while on the road. Keep reading to hear her reflections on embracing your story and also enjoy an easy, healthy recipe that you can make in your Airstream: The mountains, the desert, the rivers and trees— all of it passing by my window as I lean back in my seat and reflect on how the series of events in my life have all led me to this very moment. I keep

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Overcoming injury, embracing adventure

Airstreamer embarks on journey of exploration and self-discovery The injury was catastrophic. The bones in Brian Ward’s foot were snapped and crushed. Things were miserable, and then they got worse. And then worse still. Brian couldn’t walk without a cane. He couldn’t work in the same way he had before. Pain was a constant companion, and medication was only a band-aid that came with its own set of drawbacks. He was 33 years old and felt like his life would never find its normalcy again. “Everything was kind of slipping away,” he remembers. “I was looking at my life and

Endless Caravan: The Adventure Continues

Time truly feels like it’s flying by on our #EndlessCaravan! It’s hard to believe that we’re officially halfway through our trip. Four more weeks may sound like a long time, but when we’re busy planning routes, making plans to meet friends and always adventuring, the second half of this journey doesn’t even seem like long enough! This past week was an active one, as we covered some serious ground after (finally) leaving Jackson, Wyoming. We trekked all the way to Sun Valley, Idaho, where we spent two nights with Dottie, a sweet grandmotherly figure, who owns Riverside RV in Bellevue.

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