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Design Your Basecamp® Contest Winners Hit the Highway

Back in February, we announced the winners of our Leave It Beautiful™ Design Your Basecamp® Contest: Jason and Briana, owners of Brainstorm, a print shop and design studio. They were two of the thousands of designers we challenged to create an exterior wrap for the Airstream Basecamp. As the contest winners, Jason and Briana had the chance to travel the country with a Basecamp in tow. But not just any Basecamp: they got a special edition wrapped in their winning design! As they traveled, they spread the word about Airstream’s Leave It Beautiful initiative. Leave It Beautiful celebrates amazing people, organizations,

Endless Caravan: Ambreen and Nader

Meet Brown People Camping—the latest crew on our Endless Caravan. Ambreen and Nader hit the road to explore America and capture diverse stories about our national parks and public lands, and those who love them. Enjoy this peek into their adventure! We picked Washington, the heart of the Pacific Northwest, to launch our Endless Caravan adventure because the diversity and richness of the state’s natural and cultural beauty are truly symbolic of the American experience. But before we could do all that, we had to learn to how to haul a trailer. As complete beginners to this lifestyle, we only

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Take it Slow, and Let Go

Something happens when you hit the road for the first time with an Airstream travel trailer in tow. It doesn’t take long until you realize that you may never quite be the same. Call it a change of pace, the promise of new adventures, the refilling of your spirit’s cup. However you define it, it’s a transformation that I imagine many longtime “Airstreamers” are accustomed to putting on their calendars and anxiously counting down until their next adventure. After recently completing my first Airstream trip to the Northwest Michigan shoreline, I now count myself among that fortunate group. As a

Mack & James: Full-time Geeks, Craft Beer Aficionados

Living on the road full-time doesn’t mean you have to trade in bandwidth for the great outdoors. Just ask James and Mack, connoisseurs of all things science and technology. These self-proclaimed “Geekstreamers” are loving a life of exploration with their “mechanical travel companions” – an Airstream called Stark, and a trusty towing sidekick, Wayne. For those unfamiliar with the world of Marvel and DC Comics, “Stark” is short for Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man. The couple explains why their Airstream carries the superhero’s name: “It’s sleek. It’s modern. Everything is well made. Metal everywhere. It’s just so iconic.” And “Wayne”?

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