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Sweet Summertime

Summertime is the happiest time of the year. From endless days of sunshine, to late summer nights, what could be better? We know what is! Traveling around the country in your Airstream over the summer is something every Airstreamer needs to experience. Our guest blogger, Ramona Creel, answers your questions about how to stay cool while traveling, as well as some of her favorite summer activities! What’s the best thing about summertime in an Airstream? For me, it’s the sheer volume of fresh air my windows let in. I’ve got more windows per square foot of wall space in my

Traveling with Pets

It’s not where you’re going but who you’re traveling with that really matters. Whether they’re friends, family or your pets, companions on the road can make all the difference. If you’re considering traveling with your pet but unsure if you can take the leap, let these questions, answered by our guest blogger Ramona Creel, help you as a guide. What are the pros and cons of traveling with pets? Well I love animals, so I don’t personally see any cons. To me, they’re part of the family, so why not travel with them? My two feline furbabies love our road

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Five Scenic Routes for a Spring Road Trip

The sun is out and the sky is blue as Mother Nature sheds her winter wardrobe and dawns her springtime best. With its blooming flora and rising temperatures, spring is the perfect time to venture out and see the world at its very best. Whether you’re planning a family spring break or a simple weekend getaway, the following scenic routes will inspire you to embark upon a springtime road trip. Flagstaff, Arizona (via U.S. Route 66) Arizona is home to the longest stretch of historic highway, Route 66. The route’s quirky character, dessert charm and rich history make it a

Staying Fit on the Road

So often we begin our journeys toward health with lofty goals and high ambitions. Because life on the road can be so unpredictable, it’s easy to have these health-focused intentions yet struggle to find the balance of relaxing while still caring for our bodies. We consulted full-time Airstreamer, Ramona Creel to gain her wisdom and insight on the best tips and tricks to staying healthy while on the road! What are the best ways to stay healthy while on the road? To me,  to be truly healthy is more of a holistic idea. It includes eating well, exercising regularly, getting