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Airstream Interstate: Built with the Best Materials

The Airstream brand has long been an icon to quality that lasts for generations. The Mercedes-Benz motto is the best or nothing at all. Put those two together, and the Interstate Touring Coach Series has to live up to some pretty high standards. That’s why every single material we use is the best, from the seating, flooring, kitchens and baths inside, to the top-performing materials outside. Listen to Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler talk more about the materials that go into each and every Interstate. “Whenever we select materials to include in the Interstate, we’re very careful to make sure that

All The Way Through Europe

This article is part eight of a series about the Airstream Caravan in Europe. To read additional entries, click the links at the end of this entry. Many times, I have talked about Wally Byam the gadgeteer. BMW’s factory is in Munich. Wally became entranced with the BMW Isetta, a small, Italian-designed microcar that looks like a small metal bubble with windows. Wally bought one, and designated me as the driver for the duration of the Caravan and as the long haul driver from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. Wally had made the arrangements for a carnet for the Isetta.  With documentation

One, Two, Down the Hatch

This article is part seven of a series about the Airstream Caravan in Europe. To read additional entries, click the links at the end of this entry. If Paris was Wally’s favorite European city, mine is Innsbruck, Austria. Innsbruck’s antique downtown looks directly into the snowcapped peaks of the Karwendel Alps with the wonderful Seegrube or Mutteralm. The Austrian Tyrol is highlighted with their slap dancing, lederhosen, singing, and yodeling. Weiner Schnitzel is by far my number one favorite meal in Austria, and then, of course, there is the great beer. There is just something about the people that makes

Land Yacht Special Edition

Saying Arrivederci to the Land Yacht: Now a special limited edition Created in collaboration with famed studio Officina Italiana Design, the Land Yacht is quite simply the most elaborately luxurious Airstream Travel Trailer ever conceived. Now available only as a special limited edition, the very last brand new Land Yacht will roll out of our production facilities in summer 2016. Over the last last 50 years, the Land Yacht has been our most exclusive travel trailer. And now, just over a dozen new units remain for sale. The ultimate in luxury travel on land The Land Yacht was originally conceived

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