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A-List: LifeStraw

Any survivalist will tell you that clean water is your most important gear for wilderness adventure. You can never have enough. But what if all the water you needed for your next big trek could fit in your back pocket? For those excursions that take you far away from the comfort of your Airstream’s faucets, there’s LifeStraw. This company’s mission is simple: to make contaminated water safe to drink. LifeStraw delivers on this promise through an array of products using their award-winning technology. Their drinking tools keep you safely hydrated, no matter where you are. With LifeStraw’s water bottles and

Rosy the Argosy: Bringing a classic Argosy travel trailer back to life

Note: This is Part 3 of a series on the Argosy line of travel trailers Airstream produced in the 70s and 80s. Part 1 is a history of these curious, painted Airstream cousins. Part 2 is a profile of Argosy Odyssey, a husband and wife duo that went all-in on their Argosy’s paint job. Today, we meet a couple who are at the start of their renovation journey with a vintage Argosy travel trailer they call Rosy. For some Airstream owners, renovating a vintage travel trailer is a lifelong dream. They see it as a blank canvas on which they

A-List: Solo Stove

After a day of outdoor exploration, there’s something special about a bright, warm campfire next to your Airstream. It brings people together, sparks conversation and can help get supper on the table. Gathering wood has always been the first step in the fire ritual, but things just got a lot easier. With the Campfire Stove from Solo Stove, you get a hot, glowing fire without the hassle. The Campfire is an efficient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional campfires. This innovative stove creates crackling fires from just about any fuel – wood, leaves, sticks, twigs, and even pine cones. Because of the

A-List: Instant Pot

Bring the warmth and cheer of slow-cooked meals with you on your next Airstream outing. With the Duo Mini Instant Pot, a delicious dinner (or breakfast or lunch) is just the press of a button away. The Duo Mini Instant Pot is a multifunctional dynamo that will impress even the pickiest chef. It brings together seven different cooking methods in one nifty unit: pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice and porridge cooking, yogurt making, searing and sautéing, steaming, and warming. During the cooking process, the Instant Pot monitors both pressure and temperature, keeps time, and continually adjusts heating intensity and duration

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