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A-List: NEMO Equipment

There are so many ways to enjoy nature with your Airstream – hiking, biking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and, yes, just sitting. When it’s time to quietly meditate on the grandeur of the natural world, head for the Stargaze Recliner Chair from NEMO Equipment. Picture yourself sitting by the campfire as the sky fades to darkness and the stars begin to peek out. Now imagine that you have a swinging, reclining chair that allows you to gaze at the twinkling heavens above comfortably. This is the Stargaze Recliner Chair, the best seat in the celestial house. The Stargaze offers a new

A-List: Hydro Hammock

Airstreams allow you to travel with all the comforts of home – an inviting bed, a place for relaxing, a hot shower. The folks at Hydro Hammock had all three of these ideas in mind when they developed their portable hot tub hammock, providing the ultimate outdoor bathing and lounging experience. For those of us used to the bulky, stay-in-one-place hot tubs, the idea of a portable hot tub may be mind-boggling. And the fact that the hot tub is a hammock? Mind-blowing. But the people behind this unique approach to relaxation spent almost two years testing and perfecting the

Vintage travel trailer on the outside, modern convenience on the inside

Airstream travel trailers are kind of like the chocolates in a heart-shaped box: They look similar on the outside, but their aluminum shells hold mysteries you only discover when you peek inside. Airstream owners take pride in adding their own touches that make each travel trailer unique. After Melissa Yee sold her vintage 1970s Airstream she went looking for a new trailer. She wanted something with personality, but without the maintenance and upkeep sometimes required by a vintage model. Searching through a vintage trailer website, Melissa found a travel trailer that would straddle the lines between vintage and modern. “My


Few things are as purely American as an Airstream. Jeans are one of those things. Denim is an iconic fabric with a rich history. It’s been a part of our cultural tapestry for almost 150 years. First worn by workers and prospectors, and later by rebels with a cause, denim has since changed the way we view fashion. Now, an artist is changing the way we view denim. Meet Amanda Beckmann, the SoCal creative behind ARTBYA, an outfit that takes scraps of discarded jeans and upcycles them into beautiful pieces of art, home décor, and clothing. Malibu-based ARTBYA creates products

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