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Things We Love: Rumpl Blankets

Remember those camp outs in the chill of late spring or early winter? When it was so hard to get out of your warm sleeping bag that you sometimes wrapped yourself in the unzipped bag as you stumbled towards the breakfast fire? That’s the feeling of a Rumpl Puffy Blanket, a performance blanket made of the same materials used in the best sleeping bags. Snug doesn’t do it justice. Nor does cozy. A Rumpl is perfection, whether wrapped around you as you star gaze on a chilly night or covering the bed in your Airstream – or home. The Rumpl

Airstream + National Pet Day Photo Contest

One of the best parts of the Airstream experience is getting the chance to make memories with the ones you love most. For a lot of people, those loved ones include a furry (or winged, or scaly) friend or two. Since pets are an important part of so many families, it’s no surprise that over the years we’ve heard lots of stories of Airstreamers hitting the road with their four-legged friends in tow. Now, in celebration of National Pet Day on April 11, we want you to share yours! How have you made your Airstream a home for your pet?

Versatile Sleeping Spaces for Miles of Comfort

Whether you’re hitting the road with your family or planning to meet up with friends along the way, you can count on your Airstream to have a spot for everyone… or, if you’ve just got lots of gear, everything! Airstream offers three floorplans with a bunk bed option: the Flying Cloud includes a choice of bunk beds on the 19, 23 and 30-foot models. The bunks are not only space-savers, but they also offer a fun sleeping setup for kids. And there’s enough separation between sleeping spaces so the adults have some privacy – while remaining close enough to make

Our Newest Trailer Takes Rocket Fuel

Do you know the distance from Earth to Mars? Or what Mars’ atmosphere is made of? Are you wondering why we’re even asking? For the past 18 months, we’ve been working on a project we’re very excited about, but one we haven’t been allowed to discuss – until now. But first, a little history. Airstream has played a role in America’s space exploration efforts since 1969 – the year Apollo 11 made the first moon landing. When astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edward “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins returned to Earth in July of that year, they spent several days in quarantine

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