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It’s time to treat yourself this year.

By now you’ve started shopping, decorating, wrapping, and probably have had at least one eye-roll-worth family encounter. We get it. The holidays can be a lot. That’s why it’s the perfect time to take a beat and treat yourself for a change. The You Deserve It Sales Event is all about giving yourself to something you’ve always wanted: adventure. And we’re making it easier than ever. From now until Dec. 31, 2017, you can save up to $2,500 off a brand new 2017 Airstream. Find the Airstream that’s perfect for you, claim your rebate, take it to your dealer and

Try to Tear Yourself Away: 25 Facts About Rivets

There are around 150,000 words in the English language. There is a story behind each one. This is the story of the word riveted. When you’re riveted to something and unable to tear yourself away, there’s a reason you use that word. Riveting two objects together – usually two metal objects – is a simple way to create an almost permanent attachment. The objects literally cannot be torn away from each other – just like you and your TV while you’re binging on the latest Netflix hit. Riveting is used in all manner of construction. Today, metal is the most

Things We Love: Nipomo

The most interesting things in the world happen at borders – the places where styles, cultures, cuisines and people mingle and meld. Take, for example, the Nipomo blanket, the latest bit of wonderfulness to come from the cultural spot where Mexico meets the United States. Inspired by traditional Mexican textiles, a warm, colorful Nipomo blanket is an ideal all-season companion for Airstreamers. Spending a summer’s week at the shore? It’s the perfect beach or picnic blanket for up to four people. Leaf peeping in Vermont? Drape a Nipomo over your shoulders and the campfire will feel even cozier. Nipomo blankets

Things We Love: Brick + Mortar

After a chilly day well-spent trekking through the outdoors, returning home to your Airstream is a special treat — the warmth, the lights, the luxury, the hominess, all with nature surrounding you. During your travels, open the windows to let the scents of the outdoors in. And when you return home, bring those scents back with you, courtesy of Brick + Mortar candles. David Kowalski, founder of Atlanta-based Brick + Mortar, has a nose for creating inspired candles that are evocative of places and feelings. His artisan, hand-poured candles are aimed at producing delightful scents – and a tinge of

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Live Riveted

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