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A-List: Inspire Good Publishing Co.

Words, as the Buddha observed, have the power to both hurt and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world for the better. That could be the mission statement for two unique journals from Inspire Good. Support members of the military and their families by recording your Airstream memories in The Patriot Journal. Its triangular shape and star-spangled cover echo a folded flag and are sure to start conversations about why you carry it. The Patriot Notebook’s lined pages are interspersed with thoughts and calls to action that encourage patriotism and appreciation for those whose

Airstream to the Stars

Airstreamer creates mobile stargazing mission control At first glance, an Airstream and an telescope may not seem to have much in common. But dig into their respective histories, says Airstreamer Scott Roberts, and you’ll see one major similarity. “The basic premise of a telescope was laid out a long time ago by Galileo,” says Roberts. “The same is true of what Wally Byam was doing with Airstream, and the company was so smart to keep that legacy alive. They’ve stayed with the basic monocoque design.” What has changed in both telescopes and Airstreams, says Roberts – founder of telescope company

Alumapalooza 9 Wrap Up

For nine years, Alumapalooza® has offered Airstreamers a chance to return to “The Mothership.” During the week following Memorial Day, the fields around Airstream’s Jackson Center, Ohio plant become a sea of silver, as row after row of shining aluminum Airstreams gleam in the early summer sun. Bedecked with license plates from all across the United States and Canada, the event draws Airstreamers from far and wide. It’s an Airstream fan’s dream come true, as models from every era are represented – from vintage to the current model year (and even a few one-of-a-kind units thrown in for good measure).

Inside look at Alumapalooza 9

It’s a sea of silver here at Airstream’s Jackson Center, Ohio manufacturing facility. Alumapalooza 9 began Tuesday, May 29 and runs through Sunday. Over 200 rigs are lined up behind the main travel trailer plant, at the Airstream Terraport, and at an offsite facility several blocks from the plant. From far and wide, Airstreamers have returned to “The Mothership” to revel in this unique community. We’ll have a thorough wrap up next week, but for now enjoy this gallery of photos from Alumapalooza 9! 📸 by Clifford Holensworth Looking for more information about Alumapalooza?

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