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Airstream Interstate: Best In Class

From the driving power to the marine-grade flooring to the stone countertops, Airstream Interstate Touring Coaches are packed with more than 50 best-in-class features—all standard. The end result is industry-leading performance and style everywhere you look. You’ll feel it in the way it drives, in the finishes that remind you of home, and in the way it makes the journey just as enjoyable as the destination. Listen to Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler talk more about what makes the Interstate the best of the best. “We knew that when we developed the Interstate and put the Airstream name on it, it

A Memory Not Forgotten

This article is part nine of a series about the Airstream Caravan in Europe. To read additional entries, click the links at the end of this entry. Salzburg, Austria is a stroll through time. As you walk along the cobblestones, you imagine Mozart following along the very same path. Standing out on high ground in the Hohensalzburg Castle, where the Festungsbahn Cable car carries tourists to the top to walk the hallways. The Caravan spent a wonderful evening with meal and entertainment. That evening we had a Tyrolean experience, complete with the Schuhplattler, folk dance, music, and breathtaking yodeling. I

Airstream Interstate: Comfort

Comfort isn’t something you can fake. It has to feel right; a thousand choices have to come together to create an experience that’s more like home than a road trip. We take every one of those choices seriously, and make them with intention, confidence, and unrelenting standards, so that each journey in an Airstream Interstate Touring Coach is as relaxing, sophisticated and convenient as you expect it to be. Maybe even more. Listen to Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler talk more about the comforts we’ve built into each and every Interstate. “When we start with the approach to provide a luxurious

Airstream Interstate: Built with the Best Materials

The Airstream brand has long been an icon to quality that lasts for generations. The Mercedes-Benz motto is the best or nothing at all. Put those two together, and the Interstate Touring Coach Series has to live up to some pretty high standards. That’s why every single material we use is the best, from the seating, flooring, kitchens and baths inside, to the top-performing materials outside. Listen to Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler talk more about the materials that go into each and every Interstate. “Whenever we select materials to include in the Interstate, we’re very careful to make sure that

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