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The Nest is in development: A sneak peek

The Nest is finally becoming an Airstream reality, and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek. At Airstream, we’re always looking for ideas that make travel and adventure more exciting, more freeing, more comfortable, and more beautiful. And for years, we’ve had our eye on small, fiberglass travel trailers. In fact, our founder Wally Byam built an experimental fiberglass trailer over 60 years ago. Since then, it’s become more and more apparent that travelers want a new option that’s not just compact but also contemporary and design-focused. That led us to the Nest ― a design that just felt right

Airstream Spotlight: 2018 Interstate Touring Coach Series

Follow along with Layla, our Airstream Correspondent, as she gives an inside look at the brand new 2018 Interstate Touring Coach. The Interstate is a luxury touring coach that blends iconic Airstream design with legendary Mercedes-Benz safety and performance. Each Interstate is designed with more than 50 best-in-class features inside and out, and they all come standard. The result? The ultimate in comfort and style. The Interstate is available in two floorplans: the Lounge and the Grand Tour. The Lounge’s layout is perfect for shorter excursions with larger groups who want to socialize in style. The Grand Tour is made

What’s new with the 2018 Interstate EXT

Whether you’re on a private excursion for two or a fun-seeking trek for the tribe, the refined 2018 Interstate is the perfect combination of luxury and versatility. Packed with features and offering four striking decor options, the new Interstate series has something for everyone. You can even enjoy more fresh air than ever with the now-standard side and rear screen doors. What’s new in 2018: Awning end caps create sleek and integrated exterior design with reduced wind disturbance Reduction of visible exterior accessories to keep body kit simple and clean New matte finish cabinet knobs Addition of vanity mirrors integrated

Things We Love: Oru Kayak

Name some pieces of outdoor gear that fold up. Tents. Pocket knives. Ponchos. And, of course, Kayaks. Wait, what? That’s right, kayaks. Oru Kayak makes a line of collapsible kayaks based on the principles of origami. Pull a single sheet of durable-yet-flexible plastic from the storage bag, execute a patented series of folds, fasten some buckles and in five minutes you’re launching off on waterborne adventure. Unlike some collapsible boats, Oru Kayaks have a rigid hull that provides stability and smooth movement in all sorts of conditions, from placid ponds to choppy open water. Oru Kayak offers three sizes of

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