Classic Airstream lines. New breezy feel.

With a commitment to impeccable design quality and comfort, this Special Edition offers road travel enthusiasts the sleekest, most stylish way to fulfill the dream of pursuing that never-ending weekend.

Room with a view.

Step inside the Tommy Bahama® Special Edition – and breathe deep. The softly sophisticated surroundings put you at ease. Wide panoramic windows offer fabulous vistas of wherever you choose to roam. At the end of your relaxing day, the breezy Tommy Bahama décor and accessories provide welcoming, well-designed touches, inviting you to stretch out and enjoy.

Window Graphics

Special Tommy Bahama window graphics say relaxation before you even step inside.

Iconic Design

The Tommy Bahama Special Edition features iconic Airstream construction and aerodynamic design.

Special Awnings

A striped Tommy Bahama power awning, plus awnings on the side and rear hatch, creates a light and airy feeling.

Soft, natural, and always in style.

The Special Edition interiors have been created to evoke the tropical aura of life by the seaside, with the subtle tones of the iconic Tommy Bahama design package.

Accent Pillow
Seat Back

Wood blinds, shuttered lockers and warm wood tones feel like an inviting beach house.

A surfboard-inspired table and Tommy Bahama wall graphics carry the island look through.

Leather drawer pulls are a subtle but elevated touch.

The new locker slider doors have an updated Tommy Bahama tagline.

Everywhere you turn, perfection.

With beautiful design inside and out, the Tommy Bahama Special Edition offers the sleekest, most stylish way to fulfill your spirit of adventure – complete with signature Tommy Bahama accessory kit.

The bar in the dining area is perfect for entertaining. (27FB)

Tommy Bahama door accents feel classic and modern.

Escape to paradise with the included Tommy Bahama® glasses, openers, and candle.

Experience comfort in Tommy Bahama® style with towels, pillows, and soap.

Relax in style with the complimentary Tommy Bahama® cooler, chairs and Marlin mug set.

Foliage background

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