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Airstream’s Five Rivet Dealers Continue Tradition of Excellence


From the shopping process to the traveling experience after purchase, Airstream's Five Rivet Dealers go above and beyond to help customers and owners make the most of their Airstream adventure.


Whether you’re shopping for a new Airstream or looking for the best service available when it comes time for maintenance, your local Airstream dealer is your go-to for the best sales, service, and support. Among Airstream’s dealer network, our Five Rivet Dealers stand out for their exceptional attention to detail throughout the entire ownership process. 


An Exceptional Shopping, Purchase, and Ownership Experience

The iconic aluminum shell of an Airstream travel trailer is held together by thousands of rivets – humble fasteners prized for centuries because of their excellent strength and long-lasting durability. Likewise, Airstream's Five Rivet Dealer Program is held together by five “rivets” – categories that define what customers can expect from the dealers who achieve the coveted Five Rivet distinction. Airstream’s Five Rivet Dealers have met stringent requirements that add up to an exceptional shopping and buying experience – and lead to amazing travel experiences for years to come. 

Airstream’s Five Rivet Dealer Program: Top Ratings from the Customers They Serve

Every new Airstream owner receives a survey after they’ve completed their purchase and have taken delivery of their new travel trailer or touring coach. The survey features questions that fall into five categories – the “five rivets” that define a superior sales, service, and ownership experience. To achieve and maintain their Five Rivet status, each dealership must earn an above-average rating in all five categories: 

Airstream Five Rivet Program

  • The Brand: Five Rivet dealers understand what it takes to represent an American icon – and what it takes to live up to more than 90 years of excellence. 
  • The Shopping Experience: Through hands-on training at the factory and extensive online training online, Five Rivet dealers are Airstream experts, with deep knowledge of the ins and outs specific to each model.  
  • The Delivery Experience: A Five Rivet Dealer is expected to provide you with everything you need to leave the dealer lot with confidence about your new Airstream. From in-person walkthroughs to a 90-day follow-up visit, your dealer will set you up for years of travel success.  
  • Service: No matter what year your Airstream was manufactured, you can expect outstanding service and maintenance from the Certified Airstream Service Technicians on staff at every Five Rivet Dealer. 
  • Long-Term Loyalty: Five Rivet Dealers understand that lifelong satisfaction begins from the moment you step through their doors. Their ultimate goal is to provide every customer with an experience that builds loyalty and confidence knowing that their Airstream dealer is there when needed. 

Airstream's Five Rivet Dealers

  • Airstream of New Mexico 
  • Ewald’s Airstream of Wisconsin 
  • Airstream of DFW
  • Airstream of Austin 
  • Gateway Airstream 
  • Airstream of Mississippi 
  • Des Moines RV 
  • Colonial Airstream 
  • Woodland Airstream of Grand Rapids
  • Woodland Airstream of Indiana 
  • Airstream of Northern Michigan 
  • Airstream of South Florida 
  • Airstream of Tampa
  • Airstream Adventures Spokane 
  • Airstream Adventures Portland 
  • Airstream Adventures Seattle 
  • Airstream Adventures Boise 
  • Airstream Adventures Fairfield 
  • Airstream of Utah 
  • Leisure RV 
  • Airstream of Greensboro 
  • Airstream of South Carolina 
  • Orlando RV 
  • Airstream of North Georgia 
  • Airstream of Central Pennsylvania 
  • Great American RV Huntsville 
  • Great American RV Calera 

No matter where you are in your Airstream adventure, you can count on Airstream’s Five Rivet Dealers to provide the very best sales, service, and long-term satisfaction. Congratulations to our dealers who’ve achieved Five Rivet distinction as of July 2022.

Learn more about Airstream’s Five Rivet Dealer Program and find your nearest Five Rivet Dealer to begin your own Airstream adventure today.

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