Airstream’s Pledge:

To place the great wide world at your doorstep for you who yearn to travel with all the comforts of home. To strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you to follow a rainbow to its end…and thus make your travel dreams come true.

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Company News

Airstream Travel Trailers: 350 Hours of Craftsmanship, Decades of Experience

Maybe the most famous thing about the Airstream brand over the decades is quality. Traditional white box travel trailers take 50 or 60 hours. The typical Airstream travel trailer takes 350 man hours to create. Airstream’s craftspeople in Jackson Center take a lot of pride in their work. Many of them have worked on these trailers for decades, perfecting their craft. They’re driven by the fact they produce an American icon, something that will be on the road long after they’re gone. That drives their everyday actions and their intense focus on quality, and it’s something Airstream is extremely proud

Airstream Interstate: How It’s Built

At Airstream, we believe it takes great people  to make great products. Since 1931, one thing has stayed the same: if you visit us in Jackson Center, you’ll experience firsthand our culture of pride and quality craftsmanship that’s apparent in every stage of building the Interstate. First, the electrical team completely preps the Interstate’s chassis and runs wiring through the floors and walls. A technician then creates holes where we’ll install more major components down the line. We then replace several of the factory windows with tinted tilt-open windows from CR Laurence. A seven-layer substructure floor insulates the cabin and

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Live Riveted

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  • "Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."