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You've probably studied the product brochure, asked all the questions to your Airstream sales associate, and scoured the internet. Add to your deep knowledge and spend time with real Airstream owners who have chosen to #LiveRiveted.

Looking for Answers Right Now?

Find the answers to your top questions in our Knowledge Base

Looking for Answers Right Now?

Find the answers to your top questions in our Knowledge Base

On-Demand Episodes


Airstream Basecamp with Andrea Umbach

On April 18, 2020 we held the first Ask an Airstreamer session with Basecamp ambassador, Andrea Umbach. If you were unable to attend or just want to watch again - no problem! In this webinar, Andrea answers popular questions, shares insights she's learned while exploring the Pacific Northwest and beyond over the past few years. Learn all about how she packs, plans, tows, and you definitely won't want to miss her incredible adventure stories.

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Airstream Globetrotter with Jim and Chelsea

The best source of knowledge is experience and Airstream Ambassadors Jim and Chelsea have lots of experience with their Globetrotter. They share lessons learned on their journey from living in Manhattan to life on the road and answer your questions. From why they chose their Airstream to what they’ve learned about packing, towing and backing, this couple is an open book of knowledge.

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Airstream Classic with Tim and Ursulla

Learn how this couple went from a four-bedroom house in Southern California and two crazy demanding jobs to a full-time life of exploration on the open road in an Airstream Classic. When not in their Airstream, you’ll find Tim and Ursulla mountain biking, scuba diving, snowboarding or paddle boarding and they’ll tell you all about it.

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Single-Axle Owners Roberto and Bella

Do you dream of living the nomadic life, free to follow your bliss wherever it leads? Roberto and Bella Gibbons and their two young kids spent much of the past year traveling North America in a 2017 Airstream Sport, a since-retired single-axle model akin to the Caravel or Bambi. Both of the Gibbons’ kids were infants when they undertook their first adventures with mom and dad.

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Boondocking like a Pro with Five Veterans

For most of us, camping is a way to escape people and get closer to nature. Traditional campgrounds provide an excellent base for those pursuits. But for a next-level, totally immersive outdoor experience, there’s nothing like off-grid, dispersed camping - a.k.a. boondocking. In this episode of Ask an Airstreamer, five veteran Airstream boondockers share their insight on this increasingly popular way to get away from it all.

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Interstate 24 + Caravel with Kevin and Melanie

Hear directly from the owners of two great Airstream products. Kevin and Melanie answer questions and share what they have learned while using their Airstream Interstate 24 and Caravel travel trailer. Kevin is especially well-versed in the towing capabilities and other technical aspects of the Interstate. Listen to all of the great tips about storage, safety, planning, budgeting, and much more in this multi-product session.

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Working Remotely with Digital Nomads

If you’ve ever considered taking your life on the road full-time, you’ve no doubt hit this obstacle: Money. Adventuring is great and all, but even a nomad has to eat and pay a few bills. The good news is that it’s entirely possible to make a living from your Airstream. The better news is that a group of people who already do so are ready to share their secrets about working remotely.

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How, When, and Why to Winterize

Depending on where you live or travel, winter weather can always be right around the corner. Learn how to prepare an Airstream for freezing temperatures by understanding the plumbing system and beyond.

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Winter Camping with Diane & Andrea

For many Airstreamers, the season for outdoor adventuring is the warmish months of spring through fall. But as a hardy band of Silver Bullet owners will attest, there is another whole world of fun awaiting those willing to venture forth in the winter. In this episode, two veteran winter adventurers explain how things can be delightful even when the weather outside is frightfully cold.

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Staying Connected on the Road

On this episode of Ask an Airstreamer, three full-time owners will share their best practices for maximizing your digital connection. Justin Champion has worked a full-time job and helped his wife start a new business while putting more than 40,000 miles on their travel trailer. Jake Kahut and Jess Ekstrom have crisscrossed America in their Flying Cloud promoting Jess’ philanthropy-driven business.

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Power Systems with McKay and Ronnie

On this episode of Ask an Airstreamer, an electro-savvy Airstream Ambassador and Airstream’s top product engineer share their tips and tricks to keep the juice flowing. Ambassador Ronnie Dennis owns a Globetrotter and professionally installs solar systems on Airstreams. McKay Featherstone, is Airstream’s VP of Product Development and Engineering.

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Traveling with pets in an airstream dog

Adventuring with your Pet(s)

Two Airstreamers whose personal and professional lives revolve around dogs will share their experience-based advice for traveling with your pets. Panelists Mark and Angela Hook are the owners of Stunt Puppy, a company that designs and sells human-grade gear for dogs. The Hooks, who are from New Zealand, have barnstormed America in a Basecamp named Rover to market their products at trade shows. Their companion on those travels: Reacher, a 100-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback.

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A mother teaching her daughter in their Airstream

Learning Remotely

Three brand Ambassadors discuss experienced-based advice on teaching your children while adventuring. The panelists are Kina Pickett, who lives on the road full-time with his wife and two young children, and Sommer and Ryan Schwarz, who spend about half their time exploring the West with four kids in their Airstream. They provide insight on every aspect of mobile homeschooling, from setting routines and more.

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