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Ask an Airstreamer with Interstate Owner, Christine Miller

Interstate owner, Christine Miller, tells why she chose a touring coach over a trailer and why it is the perfect magic carpet to carry her through an adventurous retirement. She shares lessons learned, storage solutions, and insights gained during 18 months spent crisscrossing the country solo in her touring coach. Is the Interstate right for you? The livestream might help answer that question.


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Inside the cabin, you’ll find every luxury you need to feel completely comfortable, and behind the wheel, you’ll have every safety and performance feature you need to make traveling a true pleasure. Find the touring coach of your dreams, and let your journey begin.

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Touring Coach Shopping Guide

Familiarize yourself with what each Touring Coach has to offer as you plan for your dealer visit. In our Touring Coach Shopping guide, you’ll discover 3 ways each Touring Coach is unique. Plus, you’ll learn about 3 features to make sure you see in person.

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Ask an Airstreamer: Interstate 24

Hear directly from the owners of two great Airstream products. Kevin and Melanie did their shopping before settling on their vehicles. This couple will answer questions and share what they have learned while using their Airstream Interstate 24 and Caravel. Kevin is especially well-versed in the towing capabilities and other technical aspects of the Interstate.

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