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Touring Coaches

Roll with the Best®

Airstream touring coaches are the result of a perfectly matched partnership with Mercedes-Benz®. Iconic Airstream design and legendary German engineering come together in our Class B and Class B+ RVs. Inside the cabin, you’ll find every luxury you need to feel completely comfortable, and behind the wheel, you’ll have every safety and performance feature you need to make traveling a true pleasure. Find the touring coach of your dreams, and let your journey begin.

Explore Touring Coaches

Airstream Atlas


Starting at $276,106

Seats: 4 | Sleeps: 2

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Interstate 24X

Starting at $234,620

Seats: 6 | Sleeps: 2

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Interstate 24GL

Starting at $222,572

Seats: 9 | Sleeps: 2

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Interstate 24GT

Starting at $222,572

Seats: 7 | Sleeps: 2

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Interstate 19

Starting at $191,125

Seats: 4 | Sleeps: 2

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Guides & Resources


See the 50 Best-in-Class Features That Come Standard

We believe you should have the best without having to upgrade. That’s why we include more than 50 best-in-class safety, performance, and convenience features in every single Airstream touring coach we create. Learn more about what we include and why.

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Build Your Airstream Touring Coach

Choose any touring coach model and select the floor plan, interior décor, and features that are perfect for you. When you’re done, you can download your build and show it to your dealer so they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Build Your Own

Take a Tour in Person

Step inside, flip the switches, open the cabinets, and see our touring coaches for yourself.