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A Legacy Built on Quality

Why Airstream? Craftsmanship Matters.

Ours usually isn’t the easiest way, or the fastest way. But it’s always the right way, and that’s what it takes to build a product that’s passed down for generations. And it’s all done right here in the United States at our Jackson Center, Ohio headquarters.


Travel Trailer Quality

Read more and watch videos about how travel trailers are built to last and to retain their quality for generations.

Airstream Interstate 19 Touring Coach with the modern greige interior and looking from the back to the front of the Class B motorhome

Touring Coach Quality

Read more about how we marry the Mercedes-Benz® chassis world-class engineering with Airstream quality and design.

The Quality of the Iconic Aluminum Travel Trailer

350 Hours Lasts a Lifetime

It takes about 350 hours to build each and every Airstream travel trailer, compared to about 50 for your average white box trailer. Why do we take so long? Because we’re crafting something that will last for generations. In fact, more than 75% of the Airstreams we’ve created over the course of nearly 100 years are still on the road today. Compare that to the average RV lifespan of 15 years, and it’s easy to see why careful craftsmanship matters.


The Best Materials, The Best Products

Our standards for quality have always been self-imposed, since the days of our founder Wally Byam. He didn’t think it made sense to build products in any way but the absolute best way – and we still agree. Our travel trailers and touring coaches are built by hand by true craftspeople with an obsessive attention to detail. We use only the best materials and the most innovative ways to create and assemble them. And we never cut corners – especially when we can round them. And it’s all done right here in the United States at our Jackson Center, Ohio headquarters.

Top-of-the-Line Quality Across the Class B Lineup

Mercedes-Benz Driving and Safety Features

Our commitment to your safety is something we take very seriously. That’s why we chose the Mercedes-Benz chassis as the foundation for our touring coaches, and we take it even further from there. Only Airstream includes every single available safety and convenience feature offered by Mercedes-Benz – collision prevention and lane assist, rear- and side-view monitoring, advanced airbags, and more. And they all come standard so you don’t have to upgrade in order to have the best.

The Long Term Benefits of Owning a Quality Product

You’ll notice some things as soon as you step inside an Airstream touring coach. The Italian wood, the Corian® countertops, and the Ultraleather® seating. But it’s the things you’ll discover when you’re out on the road that we find really rewarding. Take our cabinets, for example: we use extruded aluminum framing instead of plastic and rivet each cabinet to the coach’s overall structure. The result is a quiet ride free of squeaking and rattling. It’s those little choices that make our touring coaches more enjoyable the longer you have them.

Making a Lasting Impression with the Best Materials

When we select materials to go inside our touring coaches, we hold them to high standards all the way around. They have to make a first impression, and a lasting impression. The look, feel, usability, and durability has to be the absolute best. Because anything less would take away from your experience.