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Driving Innovation: Top 5 Game-Changing Airstream Travel Trailer Features


Innovation is nothing new for Airstream, whose industry-leading design and features continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on the open road.

From Airstream’s original riveted aluminum design to the first hot water system in a travel trailer, Airstream has been redefining the way we travel since the 1930s

With only a handful of minor changes to the exterior design of our riveted aluminum travel trailers over the last 90-plus years, today’s Airstreams don’t look too different from those of several decades ago. Airstream founder Wally Byam was a true Jack of all trades who understood engineering, marketing, and business, and he brought the company to life with a design that was both modern and timeless. The rounded profile of an Airstream travel trailer is not only aerodynamically sound – it’s also a gorgeous testament to Wally’s creative genius.


But Wally also understood that there was no sense resting on laurels. While he knew he’d hit on something with the design of his aluminum travel trailers, he also knew that innovation was the key to the future. He was always experimenting, always seeking new ways to make travel easier, more efficient, and ultimately more enjoyable. Since those early days of the company, Airstream has stayed true to our heritage and what we know works well – clever, efficient design tethered to a passion for adventure. But we’ve also continued to push the boundary of what’s possible, innovating and evolving while the world around changes.

Finding the right balance between heritage and innovation is one Airstream strikes well, and it’s why stories of loyal and passionate Airstreamers aren’t hard to come by. Whether they are making the most of the mobile work from anywhere life, Airstreaming with pride, or living riveted while protecting our natural world, these adventure seekers experience first hand how an Airstream travel trailer or touring coach can transform their life in big ways. And as time marches deeper into the 21st Century, Airstream continues to find ways of making the travel life easier, more enjoyable, and more fun.

Five Innovative Airstream Features That Embrace Adventure

There are many ways that Airstream continues to showcase its innovation through game-changing product features. But some stand out from the crowd as Airstreamer favorites that make it easier than ever to embrace the road to adventure.

Feature #1: The Rear Hatch Blurs the Line Between Your Airstream and the Great Outdoors

When you finally get to that beautiful ocean-side campsite or vista-boasting mountainside, the rear hatch allows you to open up the back shell and enjoy the view without hindrance. A pull-down screen keeps the bugs out while letting the sunshine and fresh air envelop your dining space. When you are ready to pack up and go, the dinette table can easily be removed to load gear such as a kayak, bikes, skis, and more. With the rear hatch, you can truly embrace what your location has to offer.


Feature #2: Solar Power Opens Up the Possibility to Travel Where and How You Want

With optional solar packages installed here at our Travel Trailer Production Facility in Jackson Center, Ohio, you can travel without being limited by where you can find an electric hookup. All Airstream travel trailers are pre-wired for rooftop solar panels, and up to three 100-watt solar panels can be added (depending on the length of your trailer).

The REI Co-op Airstream Basecamp travel trailer sitting in the dessert in Arizona with the overhead view of the solar panels.

The solar process on an Airstream is fascinating, working in the background to provide power to your homebase for when you are ready to rest and refuel from your adventure. Head far from the crowds and find the perfect boondocking spot. Park in the sun and let your roof-mounted solar panels keep your batteries charged while powering everything from your fridge to the fans and flat screen TVs. Add extra portable solar panels by simply plugging into the solar port on your Airstream’s hitch. With the free, abundant energy of the sun powering your adventure you can go just about anywhere your adventurous heart desires.

Feature #3: Ultraleather Fuses Luxury with Practicality

Almost every Airstream travel trailer seating surface is wrapped in Ultraleather, which is not only incredibly soft and ultra-comfortable, it’s easy to clean and durable. The perfect blend of quality, comfort, and practicality, Airstream seats provide a soft, supportive surface for sitting, dining, working, or sleeping. Upholstered by hand in our in-house sewing department, Airstream furniture serves dual purposes in most cases. Whether you’re sitting down to enjoy an al fresco lunch at the dinette or lowering the table and setting up a spacious sleeping area at night, memory foam cushions wrapped in Ultraleather provide some of the most comfortable sleeping surfaces you’ll find in the RV industry.

Feature #4: Airstream Travel Trailers Are Great for “Work From Anywhere” Adventures

As remote work becomes more accepted in the business world (and more possible due to the steady innovation in remote internet connectivity), Airstreams have become popular ways to hit the road on work from anywhere trips. While every Airstream travel trailer has built-in comfort whether you’re working or playing, some models have been specifically engineered with work from anywhere features.

Available in the Flying Cloud 25FB and 27FB models, the integrated desk option features a powered sit/stand desk, additional electric outlets, and a desk chair that makes it easy to take your work-from-home life on the road.

AIRMKT 2022 Flying Cloud 25 Twin Interior Power Desk Broad Desk Up WEB

A dedicated office space in the Flying Cloud 30FB comes with a wide work area, USB ports, an outlet, drawers, storage cubbies, dry erase materials on the mounted cabinets, and a swivel chair. For privacy when you need it, there is a curtain separating the office space from the rest of the trailer. There’s even a convenient fold-out sleeping area that's perfect for reading or catching a quick nap (or for an additional friend or family member to come along for the adventure).

Lots of USB ports and plenty of power – as well as internet connectivity options, such as Airstream Connected – make working from your location of choice easier than ever.

Feature #5: High-Quality Composite Flooring Provides Water Resistance and Improved Functionality

Standard in all Airstream travel trailers, our composite flooring made from TransCore™ – a proprietary composite formed from waterproof, inert recycled glass and polypropylene – and is made exclusively for Airstream. It’s recyclable, provides better screw retention for better quality, and won’t rot like traditional wood. The transition to composite flooring was a step forward in innovative design for Airstream in 2020.

The composite flooring inside the Airstream International Travel trailer.

These innovative features are only a sampling of what Airstream has to offer as it leads the pack in innovative design and function. Learn more about Airstream and choose the right model for your next adventure today.

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