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The Ultimate Tailgate: Six Big Game Features in the Interstate 24GL


Fall is in the air and with it comes tailgating season – one of the most fun reasons to hit the road in your Airstream Touring Coach. So, grab the season tickets, stock up on snacks and drinks, and get ready for the ultimate tailgate in your Interstate 24 Grand Lounge.

As the leaves begin to change, the Fall season arrives with new opportunities to get out and enjoy your Airstream – like a weekend tailgate outside the stadium before the big game. Whether you’re a Pre-Game Pro with plenty of seasons flipping burgers at the grill or an RV Rookie looking to make this upcoming season the most memorable yet, there’s no better tailgating vehicle than the Airstream Interstate 24GL – a spacious, mobile headquarters for game day fun that lives up to its Grand Lounge moniker.

Here are our six favorite features that make the Interstate 24GL the perfect tailgating vehicle – for this season and for all the seasons to come.

1. Plenty of Space for All the Fans

With room for nine, the Interstate 24GL is prepared to get everyone to the big game in safety and style. In addition to the driver, there are eight seat belts spread throughout the Interstate 24GL’s cabin. That means plenty of room for your whole crew to spread out comfortably – and safely – on the way to the game. Best of all, the front driver and passenger seats swivel around so up to four people can gather around the floor-mounted table to hang out and have a pre-game snack.

At 24 feet, the Interstate 24GL is large enough to be spacious but small enough to be easily maneuverable. Swing into the grocery to pick up supplies. Toss the cold stuff in the 3.1 cubic feet of space inside the onboard refrigerator, and stow the snacks in one of the many overhead cabinets. Whether you’re loading up your college friends to head to your alma mater or packing in the family for the first home game of the season, the Interstate 24GL has more than enough room to bring along the party.

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2. Technology Through and Through

Innovation is built into every aspect of Airstream’s full line of Touring Coaches. In the Interstate 24GL, technology makes it easier to set up with push-button functionality and automatic features. 

Upon arrival, the coach’s Auto-Leveling feature automatically adjusts to any incline in the parking surface. While they may look level, most parking lots feature some gentle grading. The Interstate 24GL’s ability to automatically level itself is a game-changer when it comes to quick setup outside the stadium. (Optional hydraulic leveling jacks give even more stability to your setup – learn more at your local dealer.)

Once you’ve parked, the automatic power awning means you’re set up in no time. With the push of a button, the Interstate 24GL’s awning automatically extends, leaving you free to set up. Make some shade, set up the camp chairs, fire up the grill, and get down to business supporting your team. 

While the game might not stop for bad weather, you don’t want to get caught out in a storm. In the event of high winds, a seismic sensor triggers the awning to automatically retract – potentially preventing damage to the awning or the touring coach itself.


3. An External LP Port for a Low-Pressure Grill

Like all Airstreams, the Interstate 24GL comes equipped with an external liquid propane port and features a 14.6 gallon LPG tank. That tank supplies gas to the stove, furnace, and other onboard amenities, while also delivering propane to the onboard generator that powers the motorhome when you need it.  

Conveniently located on the main entry door side of the motorhome, the external propane port makes it easy to run a low-pressure gas line to your grill and get busy feeding the fans (ensure that you have the right LP converter for proper pressure). No more toting extra propane tanks that are heavy and sometimes messy. 

We love the Airstream Weber® Q1200 – available for sale on Airstream Supply Company – that comes ready out of the box to hook up to your RV’s onboard propane system. No need to buy a separate converter, the Airstream Weber Q1200 is the perfect, portable grill. (Don’t forget to grab a handy grill cart and grill tools to complete your setup).


4. Batteries, Solar, and a Generator: Big Play Power for Comfort and Convenience

Whether you’re heading deep into the forest, out into the desert, or across town to the alumni parking section, your adventures demand a lot of power. That’s why the Interstate 24GL comes equipped with multiple options for collecting, storing, and creating power.

On top of the motorhome, solar panels collect up to 400 watts of solar energy when the sun is shining and distribute it to two separate battery locations. Three hundred watts feed into two 100 Ah Deep Cycle (LiFePO4) Lithium Battle Born Batteries – the house batteries that power the lights, the stereo, the televisions, and most everything else requiring power (the microwave and the air conditioner both require shore or generator power). One hundred watts of solar are dedicated solely to keeping the chassis battery topped off so everything related to the operation of the vehicle is ready to roll. All together, the solar power system in the Interstate 24GL means that as long as the sun is shining you can charge your devices, watch the day’s other big games on either of two flat-screen TVs, and keep the party food coming for your hungry guests. 

When power runs short, or if you need to fire up something that demands a little more juice – like the microwave or air conditioner – the onboard Onan 2.5 kW (LPG) generator will kick in and provide the umph you need for ultimate comfort. The generator’s Ultra Quiet Resonator means you have the power you need without annoying your fellow fans in the parking spot next door.

5. All the Mobile Comforts of Home

Step inside the Interstate 24GL and you’ll find a full onboard kitchen with Dupont Corian® countertops and a sink with an integrated cover that provides extra counter space. Warm up the party food in the 1.2 cu. Ft. microwave or get creative with the two-burner stove. Prep everything for the grill, and then clean up easily when you’re done. Stash drinks in the fridge – there’s even freezer space for ice! 

One of the best things about taking your Interstate 24GL to the big game is the comfort and convenience you have at the ready. Watch TV or spin the front seats around for a game of cards at the front table. Make a cocktail in the galley. Relax in the air conditioning. And enjoy the comfort and convenience of an onboard bathroom (so you and your guests don’t have to stand in line for public facilities).



6. Powerful Features that Maximize Your Fun

Airstream’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz brings the best of both worlds together in one incredible lineup of touring coaches. With Mercedes-Benz power and performance under the hood, you can rest assured you’ll arrive in time – and in style. 

Easily navigate the lot and maneuver into your spot with standard park assist and side-view cameras that help you safely find your spot. And on the way to the game, the Interstate 24GL has several innovative driving features that help keep you safe and sound, like Blind Spot Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, and Lane Keeping Assist. For more info on the features that make driving an Airstream Class B such a joy, we’ve got a complete rundown here.

Mercedes-Benz power, performance, and innovation. Airstream amenities that let you take the comforts of home right up to the stadium’s entry gate. The Airstream Interstate 24GL is the perfect tailgating machine. So, grab the season tickets, stock up on drinks and snacks, and get ready for the most memorable season yet in your Airstream Interstate 24GL.


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