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Caravan to Carbon Neutral

Helping Reduce The Environmental Impact of Airstream Travel

Introducing the Caravan to Carbon Neutral: A partnership between Airstream and the National Forest Foundation to reduce the environmental impact of Airstream travel. Join Airstreamers everywhere on the Caravan to Carbon Neutral. Purchase carbon reduction kits, neutralize your carbon impact, and make the world a more beautiful place to travel.


Your First Year Covered

For all Airstreams made, we will plant enough trees to neutralize the estimated carbon emitted from driving your Airstream during the first year of ownership.1 This also includes the estimated carbon emitted during the manufacturing process as well as the transportation of Airstreams to our North American dealer network.


Tax-Deductible and Direct Support

Carbon Reduction Kits are available for purchase through Airstream Supply Company via the The National Forest Foundation – meaning 100 percent of your tax-deductible purchase directly supports the NFF’s tree-planting program.

Choose Your Carbon Reduction Kit


Silver Carbon Reduction Kit: $50

Help plant 50 trees in our National Forests to sequester an estimated 25 tons of carbon, offsetting about 62,000 miles of driving.


Gold Carbon Reduction Kit: $100

Help plant 100 trees in our National Forests to sequester an estimated 50 tons of carbon, offsetting about 124,000 miles of driving.


Platinum Carbon Reduction Kit: $250

Help plant 250 trees in our National Forests to sequester an estimated 125 tons of carbon, offsetting about 310,000 miles of driving.

1Carbon sequestration is facilitated through the National Forest Foundation’s (NFF’s) existing tree planting program. NFF has committed to use best efforts, along with the United States Forest Service to complete tree planting within twelve (12) months of receipt of funds; carbon sequestration estimates through tree planting are calculated using the value of .5 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) sequestered per tree over its estimated lifetime of 100 years. The estimated 123,075 trees required to sequester the targeted carbon was calculated using Airstream sales forecasts for 2022, findings from an internal customer usage study, greenhouse gas equivalency calculators developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Transportation Statistics fuel efficiency estimates for gasoline-powered vehicles, publicly reported estimates from Mercedes-Benz, an Airstream aerodynamics study, and tree carbon sequestration estimates from the United States Department of Agriculture. Airstream’s Caravan to Carbon Neutral program is not a registered carbon sequestration program.