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The Estate of Helen Byam Schwamborn

One of our most cherished collections is thanks to the generous donation of Dale “Pee Wee” Schwamborn on behalf of his mother’s estate. Helen Byam Schwamborn – Wally’s cousin and leader of the WBCCI from its founding to her retirement – kept meticulous records on Airstream history and saved a treasure trove of family archives. Dale, who has silver in his blood and traveled alongside Wally and Helen on many Airstream caravans, continued this tradition of collecting treasures. We’re proud to share them in Helen’s honor.

Vintage Airstreams

Vintage Airstreams

Our collection includes one-of-a-kind Airstream models like the 1930s Clipper, the Gold Airstream Wally took on the Capetown to Cairo caravan, and the painted Argosy. Get an in-person look at these iconic travel trailers – time capsules of our nearly 100-year history.

Wally Bynam Hat

Wally Byam

From childhood portraits to notebooks where he sketched ideas for the first Airstreams, our Wally Byam collection charts our founder’s life from his early days to the lasting legacy that continues today.

"Let’s not make changes. Let’s make only improvements."

-Wally Byam