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Airstream Heritage Center entrance with a sign that says Welcome to the Mothership and a vintage trailer

Nomadic Spirit Timeline

From an early age, Wally Byam developed a taste for adventure and exploration, whether he was traveling with his grandfather or later living and working out of a shepherd's cart. It guided him throughout his life and in the development of the Airstream culture. Walk through a timeline of Wally’s formative experiences, influences, and inspirations.


Foundation for Success

With American leisure travel booming in the 1930s, nearly 400 trailer manufacturers set up shop to compete for business. In this crowded market, Wally was a key factor in setting Airstream apart. He was a designer, chief test engineer, head of marketing, and his own toughest critic. Of those many trailer brands, only Airstream survived the Great Depression. See how in our Foundation for Success exhibit.


A Legacy of Innovation

When you’re constantly trying to push the envelope on the road, innovation is essential. As people took Airstream travel trailers to new and more challenging locales, the requirements for travel evolved. See how Wally Byam fostered that evolution, urging people to create what they needed when it didn’t already exist – or inventing it himself.


Adventure of a Lifetime

In 1951, 63 Airstreams left El Paso bound for Central America. Led by Airstream founder Wally Byam, it was the adventure of a lifetime – and the first of many Airstream caravans that would traverse the globe. See the stories of the original international Airstream caravans, which inspired the Wally Byam Caravan Club International.


Spirit of Ambition

Growth is a process. It’s risky, challenging, and full of setbacks, discoveries, failures, big wins, and happy accidents. Airstream’s relationship with growth has been slow and steady. See our past innovations and experimentations – a storyboard of successes and calculated risks, all in the name of progress.


The Airstream Way of Life

There are many reasons people gravitate to the Airstream lifestyle. Some want to simplify and live small. Others look for a community of like-minded wanderers with similarly flexible schedules. Some are new to the road and others are seasoned travelers. What they all have in common, though, is a love for these silver beauties and the way they connect us to our world. Dive into the Airstream way of life and learn about the shared bonds of this adventuresome community.

" My dream belongs to you"

-Wally Byam