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Our Smart Control Technology will open a whole world of new experiences for you and your family. Fueled by extensive consumer research and the opportunity to lead the industry, Airstream’s new platform will transform how you interact with and use your recreational vehicle.

Smart Control Technology

Getting Started

Learn how to set up your Airstream Smart Control app in our step-by-step user guide so you can get started on your next big adventure. Now you’re in control.



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Connecting to 4G LTE

Your new Airstream Classic with Smart Technology keeps you connected on the open road. The first year of unlimited data is on us – start streaming in five easy steps.

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Complete your Smart Control Technology rebate form to get full access to the Wireless 12-Month Unlimited Adventure Plan.

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2019 Classic Owners Manual

Click here to view the 2019 Classic Owners Manual

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Need Assistance?

For additional assistance using your Airstream Classic, please contact the Customer Service & Technical Support Team 1(877) 596-6111, option 1 or [email protected]


I’m having trouble logging into the Smart Control, how can I access my account?

Open the mobile app and click the “Forgot your password?” link. Enter your email address, and we’ll send you a link to reset your password. You can also contact Airstream customer service and technical support team at 1 (877) 596-6111, option 1.


Is it possible to dim the lights on the touch panel inside the Airstream Classic?

You can turn off the screen on the panel by pressing the screen power button on the left hand side of the panel.


How can I control individual lights in my Airstream?

Individual lights can be controlled by the silver switch panels found throughout your Airstream. The Smart Control app currently control groups of lights.


Is my data safe and secure?

Data privacy and security is a top priority. The Smart Control Technology platform and mobile app was designed and engineered with industry best practices and leading security technology to keep your data safe.


How can I connect to the internet?

The router installed in your Airstream enables you to either connect to 4G LTE data (plan required) or to existing campground Wi-Fi. To manage these settings, click on “More” on the bottom right of the app to manage your network settings and priorities.


When will there be an Android version of the Smart Control app?

Our development team is quickly working to complete the Android version of the Smart Control app. We anticipate this to be available Fall 2018.


Can I control the furnace or hot water heater in my 2019 Classic via the Smart Control app?

The current version of the app does not support this. We are working with our suppliers to implement this in the future.


Can I control and monitor the Classic if there is no internet?

Use this table to understand the different levels of control depending specific scenarios.

Connection Type Control and Monitoring Notes
When you’re inside or near your Airstream and connected to your Airstream’s Wi-Fi network
Phone and Airstream are connected to the internet
Airstream and phone are not connected to the internet, but phone is connected to the Airstream’s Wi-Fi Even though your Airstream and phone may not have access to the internet, the Smart Control app will still function as normal when connected to your Airstream Wi-Fi network
When you’re away from your Airstream and not connected to your Airstream’s Wi-Fi network
Phone and Airstream are connected to the internet
Airstream is not connected to the internet, but your phone is. If your Airstream isn’t connected to the internet while you’re away, your app will show the last update it received from your Airstream (noted by the last update date and time at the top of the app)


Will the app control the TV or audio system in my 2019 Classic?

Currently the Smart Control Technology app doesn’t not support TV or audio system control. Airstream is exploring including this functionality in the future.


Why do the lights on the switches flash when I turn on the battery?

This is part of the normal startup process for the Smart Technology system in the 2019 Airstream Classic.

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