Classic 30RB

Starting at $191,500

The Airstream Classic 30RB Travel Trailer brings home with you, no matter how far from home you are. Spacious galley kitchens, intimate dining, dedicated lounging, stunning bathrooms, and private bedrooms. If you’ve wondered how far you can take the concept of absolute luxury. The answer can be found in the Classic 30. Odds are, if you want it – this RV has it. Everything you see, touch and operate in the Classic is the top of the line.


Iconic Style in a Luxurious, Spacious, Dual Axle Travel Trailer

The Classic is literally, a classic. Built specifically for long-term travel and living, this floor plan has dedicated cooking, dining, full bathroom, master bedroom areas providing a luxurious, homey, and roomy feel - especially in the lounging area right inside the main entry door. Modern features like Smart Control Technology give you the ability to control and monitor the most important features from anywhere - and stay connected to the internet. As with every Airstream travel trailer, the 30 foot queen rear bed Classic is built with the same level of quality and incomparable durability which will last for generations to come.


Built With Decades of Feedback

Today’s Airstream travel trailers are a testament to our promise not make changes for the sake of making changes, but to constantly make improvements. Since 1931, Airstream has been pioneering innovative RV technology like refrigerators, toilets, screens doors, and showers in travel trailers which have led the industry for innovative solutions that improve the travel experience. With all the comforts, technology, and convenience that makes anywhere feel like home, our trailers are thoughtfully designed and crafted to spark an adventure. Our ever-growing community is happy to tell us what real Airstreamers need, want, and love, and that helps us create travel trailers with floor plans that feel right to all sorts of campers and travelers across the world.


Choose a Twin Mattress Bedroom Configuration

By opting for the twin bed configuration, the center aisle is completely opened up — creating more physical moving space throughout the interior. Twin beds also create the illusion that the floor plan looks much longer. With a few pillows and blankets, the separate beds can also function as day beds or lounges while watching TV or enjoying a book. Wondering if you might be too tall for the 75” queen bed? With the twin mattress measuring 5” longer than the queen, it may be a great option for you or other campers.