What is an Airstream Bambi?

Nimble. Agile. Some would even say adorable!

The Bambi trailer has always been a favorite among Airstreamers. First launched as a 16-foot single-axle trailer in 1961, the Bambi’s genesis was a proactive response to a nationwide trend. Americans were looking for shorter, lighter, more fuel-efficient automobiles that lacked the power to pull a heavy trailer.

Today, we apply the Bambi name to all single-axle Airstream traditional silver-bullet aluminum travel trailers. Their immense popularity isn’t just because of how they look: they’re easy to tow and incredibly versatile, proving great things really do come in small packages. From the Airstream Sport to the single-axle versions of the Flying Cloud, every inch is designed for maximum utility and comfort.

Sport 16' + 22'

starting at $45,900

Lightweight, nimble, and fuel-efficient, the Airstream Sport sets a new standard for ease of use. Perfect for those who want to hitch up and go, the only question is where you’ll take it first.

Flying Cloud 19' + 20'

starting at $63,900

With the most floorplan options of any Airstream travel trailer, the Flying Cloud invites you inside with the flair of modern design. Perfect for families, long-term travelers, or weekend wanderers.

Where did the Bambi get its name?

The Bambi was born in 1961 and received its name the same year during the African Caravan. When Airstream founder Wally Byam learned of a miniature deer revered by the Angolan locals, known for its strength and sure-footedness, it was only natural that it became the trailer’s namesake. The beloved creature was called O’Mbambi in the Umbundu dialect of the Bantu language.

Former Airstream Director of Sales C.H. Manchester perhaps put it best in a letter to Airstream dealers that year when he said, “Bambi means speed. Bambi means stamina…and, most important of all, Bambi means full Airstream quality, engineered and proportioned and thoroughly travel-tested.”

Want to read more about the history of the Airstream Bambi? Browse our archive, which includes vintage ads and letters, to learn more of the story!

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