Comparison Guide: Interstate 19X and Interstate 24X


With the introduction of the 19-foot Interstate 19X, our lineup of adventure-ready touring coaches now features two incredible options for getting off the beaten path. Explore the similarities and differences between this dynamic motorized duo and download our new Comparison Guide.

With the perfect blend of adventure-ready features, luxurious comfort, Airstream quality craftsmanship and Mercedes-Benz® power and performance under the hood, the Interstate 24X hit the scene in the summer of 2021. It was Airstream's first true adventure van, appealing to travelers who want to get further afield, tackle challenging terrain, and get as close to the action as possible.

But as has been the case over the previous 93 years of Airstream history, we immediately set about exploring how to evolve this already impressive design. Adhering to Airstream founder Wally Byam's oft-quoted personal philosophy to only make improvements and not simply make changes for the sake of something new, our engineering and design teams went back to the drawing board. Instead of "bigger equals better," our teams explored a smaller footprint, drawing on customer feedback about how a 19-foot chassis allows for more flexibility, easier parking, and improved maneuverability (especially when navigating through urban environments).


Airstream Interstate 19X Class B Motorhome parked in a field with kayaks sitting next to it

The result is the Interstate 19X – a motorized RV that takes the rugged, adventure-ready features of its big brother and recasts it in a nimble, easy-to-maneuver 19-foot package. The Interstate 19X expands the options for Airstream customers who want a recreational vehicle that meets their particular needs. From storage and amenities to floor plans and sleeping arrangements, we're digging into the features that these siblings share, while detailing the differences that make them uniquely suited for your particular travel style.

Download our Interstate X Comparison Guide and dig into the details that make each of these adventure vans unique.

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Shared Similarities Between Interstate 19X and Interstate 24X

Both these adventure vans are cut from the same cloth, with many similarities shared between them. From the power and performance of Mercedes-Benz under the hood to the interior decor and design mentality, both vans are made for owners who value time spent outdoors – and the solace that comes from exploring far from the crowd. At home in traditional campsites with full hookups, the Interstate X lineup shines when heading off the pavement and getting closer than ever to epic travel experiences.

Red Rock Decor

No matter which size you choose, the Red Rock Decor delivers striking, modern design choices throughout. Dark grey marine-grade Simtex-carbon seating features bright red stitching on the durable and easy-to-clean fabrics. Those red accents are echoed in the overhead storage shelves and the illuminated translucent band around the edge of the galley counter. Bright oak laminates soften the design and complement the steel mesh laminates used in the galley, walls, and rear living areas.


Quality Craftsmanship

Every Interstate 19X and Interstate 24X is built by hand in Jackson Center, Ohio. Skilled craftspeople prep every Mercedes-Benz chassis with RV-grade windows, seating upholstery, and external hookups before the chassis begins to make its way down the production line. There, our teams tackle the internal build with hand-made cabinetry and seating, luxury vinyl flooring, and more. Want to see this incredible process for yourself? Watch our in-depth video plant tour or schedule an in-person tour of the factory floor.

Clever L-Track Storage Systems

Both Airstream adventure vans features aluminum L-track storage in the floors, walls, and ceiling. This highly adaptable system lets you move tiedown points around the interior and achieve the perfect setup for securing larger gear. You can even secure your bicycle with our custom bike mount available through our official store, Airstream Supply Company.


Mercedes-Benz Power and Performance Under the Hood

Enjoy power, performance, and fuel efficiency with a Mercedes-Benz® 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel powering your adventure. With 208 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque, this engine will take you far – no matter which length van you choose. And with the optional upgrade to automatic All Wheel Drive (the selectable 4x4 option is available while chassis supplies last) you can enjoy increased stability and versatility no matter where you travel.

The Powerful, Game-Changing E1 Package Upgrade

Like all Airstream vans built on the Mercedes-Benz chassis, the Interstate X family is available with the optional E1 Package. An advanced energy system that's paired with an improved heating and hot water setup, the E1 Package enhances your ability to stay off grid with a remarkable tenfold increase in battery power. Completing the package is a convenient diesel-fired hydronic heating and hot water system, utilizing the very same fuel that propels the engine, eliminating the need for propane. With the optional E1 package, you can simply your experience and focus on the adventure at hand.

Differences Between the Interstate 19X and the Interstate 24X

No matter whether you choose the 24-foot or 19-foot layout, you'll hit the road with everything you need for an incredible trip. But dig into the differences, and you'll find small details that might sway you one way or the other depending on your ideal travel experience.

A Rugged Exterior with Different Features

Both Interstate X models feature a protective coating around the lower portion of the van to protect against scratches and dents from road debris. But the Interstate 19X takes that protection a step further with a body coating that extends up across the hood. Additionally, the 19-foot van features a Tenzing Brush Guard with integrated KC lights for additionally visibility in dark conditions.


Expansive Adventure vs. Nimble Maneuverability

For those whose idea of adventure spans from off-grid solace far from crowds to big city adventures in concrete jungles, the Interstate 19X offers a smaller wheelbase that opens a world of opportunities. Not much longer than your average SUV, Interstate 19X is adept at navigating through busy intersections and the hustle and bustle of exploring downtown. It's easy to maneuver through grocery store parking lots and even fits in a standard parking space. Some owners even enjoy using their 19-foot van as a daily driver.

Two Choices for Onboard Galley

For those who love a culinary adventure as much as a physical one, the kitchen area in the Interstate 24X features expansive counterspace, a two-burner stove, and sink all on the vehicle's curbside. Below the counter, you'll find ample storage for pantry items, ingredients, and cooking accessories.

A woman cooking on the stove of her Airstream Interstate 24X

In the smaller Interstate 19X, the galley is split across the center aisle to account for the reduction in length. The curbside features a countertop, while the streetside has a sink. Additional space was saved by forgoing the two-burner stove in favor of a versatile 1000-Watt induction cooktop that stows away in a convenient drawer.

Both floor plans come with a fridge tailored to the floor plan. The Interstate 24X features a 12-volt 5.0 cubic foot fridge with a 1.6 cubic foot drawer freezer, while the Interstate 19X has a 12-volt 3.1. cubic foot fridge with a .33 cu foot freezer.

Versatile Wet Baths Deliver All the Comforts of Home

There's simply nothing like freshening up in the comfort of your onboard shower, and both Interstate 19X and Interstate 24X deliver. While both layouts features on-demand hot water and a space-saving design that incorporates sink, toilet, and shower into one flexible-use space, the overall configuration of the wet bath is slightly different from model to model. Interstate 24X's wet bath is larger, with the toilet toward the front of the vehicle and the sink toward the back. Interstate 19X's wet bath reverses the positioning and tucks the sink into the corner.

AIRMKT 2021 Interstate 24X Floor Plan Dinette WEB

The floor plan of the Airstream Interstate 19X Class B Motorhome

Regardless of the coach's length, owners enjoy the benefit of a fully-plumbed system with a waste tank and macerator system that sets these motorized RVs apart from the competition, where the standard is a cassette toilet that must be emptied by hand. Having a dedicated, fully-enclosed bathroom and a waste tank that's easy to operate is a unique, high-end amenity that Airstream touring coach owners love.

Ample Storage, No Matter Which Size You Choose

Throughout both Airstream adventure vans you'll find clever storage tucked into every available inch. A hallmark of Airstream's quality handmade craftsmanship and iconic design is the expert use of space. While the Interstate 24X features a wardrobe for hanging clothes situated just behind the driver's seat, the small footprint of the Interstate 19X meant our design team had to get more creative than ever to deliver the storage options Airstream owners desire. Under benches you'll find wide space for storing necessities, while mesh overhead storage areas in both vehicles provide easy access.

Two Versatile Adventure Vans with Options Tailored to Your Travel Lifestyle

No matter which Airstream adventure van you choose, you'll find the very best in Airstream craftsmanship, Mercedes-Benz power and performance, and more than 90 years of iconic, thoughtful design.

Dig into the details and learn more about these adventurous RVs by downloading a brochure.

Interstate 24X Brochure

Interstate 19X Brochure

Download our Interstate X Comparison Guide and explore what makes each of these adventure vans unique.

Download the Comparison Guide

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