Globetrotter, Trade Wind, International, and Flying Cloud: Comparing Airstream’s Core Travel Trailer Lineup


What’s the difference between Flying Cloud and International? What sets Globetrotter apart? And how does Trade Wind fit into the mix? Read on for answers to some of the most common questions we get at RV shows and online about how these model lines differ.

Between our smaller single-axle travel trailers and the fully equipped dual-axle Pottery Barn and Classic trailers sits the sweet spot of Airstream’s towable offering. In Flying Cloud, International, and Globetrotter you’ll find some of Airstream’s most popular floor plans, the most versatile layouts, and the most optional features available to tailor your experience. And with the new 25-foot Trade Wind added to the mix, the core of Airstream’s travel trailer lineup is even more flexible, more powerful, and more adventure-ready than ever. 

But what sets a Flying Cloud apart from an International? How does Globetrotter compare to similar-sized Airstream travel trailers? And where does Trade Wind fit into the mix? If you think about it too much it can make your head spin. Luckily, we’re here to break down the differences and similarities between these popular Airstream offerings – and we’ve got a downloadable guide to help you sort through the details.

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What are the differences between Globetrotter, Trade Wind, International, and Flying Cloud?

Flying Cloud: Exploring the Versatility of Airstream's Most Popular Model Line

For years, Flying Cloud has stood as our most family friendly and versatile travel trailer line, capturing the hearts of adventurers far and wide. Its enduring popularity owes much to its extensive range of floor plans and its myriad features – from the rear hatch to powerful solar options and more – which collectively create the most diverse array of Airstream configurations available. While Flying Cloud differs considerably from Globetrotter, it shares many of its most popular features and floor plan layouts with International, with key differences in the powered controls and decor options available in the International line.

AIRMKT 2022 Flying Cloud 25 Twin Interior Power Desk Broad Desk Up WEB
Flying Cloud 27FB with Powered Standing/Sitting Desk Option - Sunlit Maple with Carolina Clay Ultraleather

Where Trade Wind, International, and Globetrotter feature elevated decor options with style to spare, Flying Cloud boasts a neutral décor palette, allowing owners to imprint their unique style onto its interior. Many opt for personalized touches like peel-and-stick wallpaper and custom curtains (available through Airstream Supply Company). From the easy-to-clean (and family- and pet-friendly) Ultraleather® seating to the practical vinyl flooring, Flying Cloud is engineered for easy maintenance and durability against the adventures that lie ahead.  

Flying Cloud Key Specs

  • Length Options: 23FB, 25FB, 27FB, 28RB, 30FB, 30FB Bunk, 30FB Office 
  • Décors: Two 
  • Sleeps: Up to eight with Queen or Twin Bed configurations, along with bunk options 

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Flying Cloud Compared to International, Globetrotter, and Trade Wind

  • Manual/Powered Controls: Like Trade Wind, Flying Cloud offers manual controls for awnings and stabilizer jacks, while International and Globetrotter feature powered awnings. Globetrotter comes standard with powered stabilizer jacks.  
  • Unique Floor Plans: The Flying Cloud line includes the 30FB Office (with dedicated workspace), the 30FB Bunk (with two nearly-queen-sized bunk beds). An optional upgrade in Flying Cloud offers a powered standing/sitting desk workspace in the 25FB and 27FB floor plans. And like International, Flying Cloud features the popular 23FB floor plan with a rear bathroom that spans the width of the trailer – a floor plan you won’t find in Globetrotter. 
  • Special Features: The rear hatch is an optional upgrade available in Flying Cloud 25FB and 27FB (as well as Trade Wind 25FB and International 25FB and 27FB) floor plans, adding easy access, gear storage, and al fresco dining options. 
  • Decor Details: Like every Airstream, Flying Cloud features all the comforts you desire – air conditioning, bathroom, shower, kitchen, water heater, and furnace. Go up the line and you’ll find elevated decor, upgraded design features and fixtures, and more powered features. In many ways, Flying Cloud is made for families, with a priority on simplicity, ability to clean up quickly, and functionality. It features Ultraleather seating fabrics and versatile laminate countertop surfaces.

flying cloud 30FB office trailer by airstream
Flying Cloud 30FB Office - Sunlit Maple with Seattle Mist Ultraleather

International: A Serene Retreat for Design-Loving Couples

Inspired by the serene hues of the coastal landscape, the International model line features two of our most aesthetically sophisticated décor packages. Exuding sophistication, International redefines luxury on the go with its striking design and sumptuous amenities. Every detail is meticulously crafted to create a harmonious fusion of modern elegance and practical functionality within its interior. Anchored by pebbled textures and reminiscent of oceanic hues, International offers a serene haven, ideal for couples seeking the pinnacle of travel comfort. It’s a step up from Flying Cloud in its elevated decor, awning, and powered features.

International 27FB - Coastal Cove with Seashell Ultraleather

International Key Specs

  • Length Options: 23FB, 25FB, 27FB, 28RB, 30RB 
  • Décors: Two 
  • Sleeps: Up to six with Queen or Twin Bed configurations

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International Compared to Flying Cloud, Globetrotter, and Trade Wind

  • Manual/Powered Controls: Where Flying Cloud and Trade Wind have manual awnings, International (like Globetrotter) features powered awnings. International, Flying Cloud, and Trade Wind all feature manual stabilizer jacks that require cranking by hand to deploy. 
  • Unique Floor Plans: International shares all its floor plans with Flying Cloud, including the ever-popular 25FB and 27FB layouts. Unlike Flying Cloud, International does not feature unique bunk or office models
  • Special Features: Like Flying Cloud, International is available with the popular rear hatch optional upgrade in the 25FB and 27FB floor plans. 
  • Decor Details: Elevated Decor: The hallmark of International is its interior decor. Inspired by coastal landscapes, International is a serene escape with interior design that inspires tranquility. Major differences in International (and Globetrotter) include solid surface countertops and built in furniture with wood molding that follows the curvature of the trailer, as opposed to cushions positioned against the aluminum walls (like you find in Flying Cloud and Trade Wind). 

International 23FB Twin - Coastal Cove with Aqua Ultraleather

Globetrotter: Modern Elegance and European Style

The Airstream Globetrotter presents three meticulously crafted floor plans that seamlessly blend modern design, expert craftsmanship, and unparalleled comfort. Step inside to discover clean lines, inviting warm wood tones, and sumptuous woven vinyl flooring that exude elegance and sophistication. Contemporary touches and luxurious materials enhance the space, maximizing every inch for optimal functionality. Thoughtfully designed living and sleeping areas provide ample room, while state-of-the-art amenities elevate life on the road to new heights. Globetrotter’s 25FB and 27FB floor plans harken to similar layouts in Flying Cloud, Trade Wind, and International – only with elegant design choices that elevate it above the functional-first designs in Flying Cloud and the best-of-both-worlds design mentality in International.

Globetrotter 30FB — Dark Walnut with Dublin Slate Seating

Globetrotter Key Specs

  • Length Options: 25FB, 27FB, 30RB 
  • Décors: Four 
  • Sleeps: Up to six with Queen and Twin Bed configurations

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Globetrotter Compared to Flying Cloud, International, and Trade Wind

  • Manual/Powered Controls: Put down your awning or lower your stabilizer jacks with the push of a button. 
  • Unique Floor Plans: Globetrotter’s 25FB and 27FB models feature similar floor plans to what you find in same-sized trailers down the line, but the 30-foot Globetrotter features a unique dinette on the streetside with a narrow table that owners love. 
  • Special Features: The gorgeous kitchen features a wide, deep sink and two inset storage bins in the solid-surface countertop. Overhead roof lockers feature elegant curved designs that set Globetrotter apart, with a unique design constructed from a single piece of molded Italian lite ply and a radius that mimics the curvature of the trailer. Where Flying Cloud and International feature easy-to-clean Ultraleather seating, Globetrotter takes comfort to the next level with award-winning HITCH seating fabrics with a subtle woven pattern. 
  • Decor Details: With design influenced by the very best of modern European style, Globetrotter’s interior is a warmly inviting design enthusiast’s dream come true. Elegant fixtures, gorgeous wood laminates, solid surface countertops, and a beautiful soft goods package elevate Globetrotter above its comparatives.

Globetrotter 27FB — Natural Elm with Barcelona Blue Seating

Trade Wind: Powerful Features, Functional Living

Where elevated design choices and upgraded features tend separate Airstream’s travel trailer model lines, the addition of Trade Wind to the mix presents a unique set of defining features. Trade Wind certainly leans into the concept of elevated design with two striking decor choices, but what really sets Trade Wind apart is its boondocking ability. Designed for travelers who seek the solace of remote camping spots far from crowded campgrounds, Trade Wind features increased power potential, a bigger battery and solar capacity than any Airstream travel trailer throughout history, and a versatile floor plan.  

Trade Wind 25FB - Terracotta Decor

Trade Wind Key Specs

  • Length Options: 25FB
  • Décors: Two 
  • Sleeps: Up to five with Queen and Twin Bed configurations

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Trade Wind 25FB - Fieldstone Decor

Trade Wind Compared to Flying Cloud, International, and Globetrotter

  • Manual/Powered Controls: In order to prioritize power for living off grid, Trade Wind features manual awning and stabilizer jack controls that don’t drain battery power.  
  • Unique Floor Plans: Trade Wind has only one floor plan – the versatile and popular 25FB layout, with a Twin Bed optional upgrade. 
  • Special Features: Trade Wind features an 810Ah lithium battery pack, 600 Watts of rooftop mounted flexible solar panels, and a 3000-watt inverter. Trade Wind is made for boondocking off shore power, and features a standard 3-inch lift kit, rugged tires, and a recirculating water heater that saves precious water from going down the drain. 
  • Decor Details: Two decor packages feature striking warm and cool options. Indulge in the earthy orange and blue tones of Terracotta, or opt for a more subtle gray scheme with Fieldstone. Both decor packages feature a distressed concrete pattern in the luxury vinyl flooring, and the seating fabric is flecked with a heathered black for dimensionality.  

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