The Most Popular Airstream Travel Trailer Models and Floor Plans in Model Year 2023


Which Airstream is the perfect fit for your camping adventures? Explore the most popular 2023 Airstream travel trailer models and floor plans and learn what was “just right” for new Airstream owners this year.

Finding the perfect Airstream can feel like you’ve stepped into the classic fairy tale, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears.

This travel trailer feels too big. This one feels too small. Is this one just right?”

With such a variety of floor plans, bedroom configurations, bathroom options, and more, choosing the right one for you may come down to considering what other Airstreamers have experienced before you. And we've got a refresher on Airstream's model naming conventions if you need to review first.


From the beginning, Airstream has always reflected on the past, embraced the present, and looked forward to the future with a glimmer in its eye. The most popular Airstreams from the past year give us a glimpse of the adventures happening at this moment, all across the United States. In true innovative fashion, Airstream has kept the forward momentum going by revealing new products and Model Year 2024 updates. From new exterior SmartPlug inlets and power hitch jacks on all new travel trailers to the completely new Airstream Trade Wind, it’s never been easier to embrace the outdoors alongside the comforts of home.

But looking back at Model Year 2023, the best-selling floor plans and model lines offer more food for thought as you pursue your own Airstream journey.

What are the Most Popular Airstream Travel Trailer Floor Plans?

Airstreams are proudly built by hand in Jackson Center, Ohio, in a variety of models, lengths, floor plan configurations, and optional features. As in previous years, Model Year 2023's best sellers paint a picture of versatility, family-friendly features, and multi-use potential. (Note: "Traditional" here indicates one of Airstream's iconic riveted aluminum travel trailers with rounded corners, to help differentiate them from our Basecamp lineup.)

  • The Most Popular Traditional Travel Trailer Floor Plan: 27FB
  • The Most Popular Single Axle Traditional Travel Trailer Floor Plan: 22FB
  • The Most Popular Traditional Travel Trailer Model: Flying Cloud
  • The Most Popular Overall Floor Plan & Model: Basecamp 20

A closer look at the most popular Airstream floor plans in these categories offers more insight into what owners love – and will help you narrow down your choices as you move toward Airstream ownership.

The Most Popular Traditional Travel Trailer Floor Plan: 27FB

Available in the Globetrotter, International, and Flying Cloud lines, the 27FB offers a floor plan layout that's the perfect balance of space and efficiency – with options ranging from luxurious (Globetrotter) to serene (International) to family friendly (Flying Cloud). 

airstream flying cloud 27 fb floor plan
Flying Cloud 27FB

Following Airstream's model naming convention, "27" indicates the length of the travel trailer, and “FB” describes where the bedroom is located in the travel trailer. In this case, the 27FB is a 27-foot travel trailer with a front bedroom. As a middle-ground Airstream length, this floor plan is what most Goldie Locks Airstreamers decided is “just right” for their camping needs this year.

As was the case in 2022, the 27FB floor plan only narrowly beat out the 25FB, with plenty to offer both weekend warriors and extended-stay adventurers.

What Owners Love About the 27FB Floor Plan

Airstream owners who need to sleep up to six people love the versatility of this floor plan. It provides flexibility to fit everyone into your “home away from home” without sacrificing any of the comforts you want while on the road. 

Airstreamers can choose a queen bed or twin bed configuration for their front bedroom, which is nestled amidst panoramic windows that provide breathtaking views, from sunrise to sunset. (Note: The twin bed mattresses are 5” longer than the Queen, which is a great option for taller individuals or for those creatively using the mattresses as day beds or lounging spaces during the day.) 

Globetrotter 27FB

The International and Flying Cloud 27FB also offers an optional front bunk above the queen or twin beds, providing even more versatility for sleeping arrangements. The front bunk holds up to 150 pounds and works for both sleeping and storage. The 27FB also offers the popular Rear Hatch optional upgrade that allows for easy gear loading and al fresco dining at the convertible dinette.

Airstream Flying Cloud Front Bunk in Twin Floor Plan

In the middle of this floorplan, you will find the toilet and sink on one side of the hallway and a stand-alone shower on the other. Both bathroom spaces can be conjoined by curtains that completely enclose the area, adding more space and privacy to the bathroom. 

Knowing that good food, friends, and family are important to making happy memories, this floor plan boasts a galley kitchen and convertible dining space that provides convenient and usable space, all with an incredible view out of the rear panoramic windows or rear hatch. When you clean up dinner, the dining area converts to more sleeping space for a cozy night in.

Runner Up, Traditional Travel Trailer Floor Plan: 25FB

The second most popular Airstream traditional travel trailer floor plan is the 25FB – but only by a narrow margin. Just like the 27FB, the 25FB is also available on the Globetrotter, International, and Flying Cloud.

Across the model lines, the 25FB floor plan offers owners many of the same efficient features, along with space-saving storage and generous living space that one finds in the 27FB floor plan. The major differences come in the galley, where a wide storage area in the 27FB layout gets compressed in the 25FB floor plan, as well as in the length of the lounge. Notably, the Flying Cloud 25FB is available with a powered standing desk option, and the optional rear hatch, twin bed, and bunk options are available in both the Flying Cloud and International lines. 

International 25FB


Airstream Trade Wind: A Powerful Reason to Love the 25FB Floor Plan

With the introduction of the new Airstream Trade Wind Travel Trailer – available exclusively in the 25FB floor plan – it will be interesting to see how this exciting new model shakes things up next year. The draw to go farther and stay longer with its powerful, off-grid capabilities and sought-after 25FB floor plan make it a “just right” contender for many Airstreamers.

Airstream Trade Wind(TM) Travel Trailer 17

But the floor plan and length isn’t the only thing that makes the Trade Wind a competitive choice for outdoor enthusiasts. This game-changing model also boasts first-of-its-kind amenities. A fully inverted electrical system allows you to run high-wattage appliances without shore power. The recirculating water heater prevents wasting cold water while waiting for the water to heat up. Trade Wind can also be outfitted with the optional rear hatch and a composting toilet for even more off-grid functionality.

If you think the Trade Wind might be the perfect solution to your camping needs, explore all of the amenities available on the newest member of the Airstream family.

The Most Popular Single-Axle Traditional Travel Trailer Floor Plan: 22FB

Single-axle Airstreams are those travel trailers with only one axle beneath the belly of the travel trailer. While this year's overall Model + Floor Plan was a single-axle travel trailer (read on to discover which one!), the most popular single-axle traditional travel trailer floor plan was the 22FB.

Caravel 22FB
Caravel 22FB

The 22FB is the largest of our single-axle travel trailers and is offered in the Caravel and Bambi model lines (along with 16RB, 19CB, and 20FB floor plans). It's another Goldie Locks option – not too small, not too big, and potentially towable by the vehicle you already have in the driveway.

What Owners Love About The 22FB Floor Plan

The 22FB floor plan sleeps 4 people, which is perfect for a lot of campers in the USA. The front bedroom features a “Full XL” mattress measuring 54" x 80". 

Airstream Bambi Ocean 22FB Interior
Bambi 22FB

The convertible dinette serves as a comfortable eating area during the day and a cozy place to sleep at night. The kitchen offers everything you would expect in a fully functioning kitchen: a stove, double sink, microwave, and refrigerator, as well as grocery and dish storage. The bathroom takes up the entire rear of this travel trailer, providing space and privacy.

The Single Axle Floor Plan Runner Up: 16RB

While the largest floor plan won first place among single-axle traditional Airstream travel trailers, second place was the smallest of those floor plans, the 16RB. 

This small but mighty floor plan is available in the Caravel and Bambi lines and allows you to take the essential comforts of home with you on spontaneous trips. Its 16-foot length and modest weight are perfect for those wanting to secure smaller campsites and tow lighter trailers.

Bambi 16RB Ocean Decor
Bambi 16RB

The Caravel 16RB offers panoramic views on both ends of the travel trailer, and both the Caravel and Bambi sleep four thanks to the versatility of the convertible dinette.

The Most Popular Traditional Travel Trailer Model Line: Flying Cloud

For years, Flying Cloud has been Airstream's best-selling model line. In Model Year 2023 consistency was king – and for good reason!

Featuring a multitude of floor plan layouts, popular optional features (like the rear hatch, solar panels, bunks, and office models), and family-friendly decor, Flying Cloud offers something for every travel style. 

The Flying Cloud offers more floor plan layouts than any other model (7 total), with exclusive offerings in the 30FB Bunk and the 30FB Office floor plans. 

Download a Flying Cloud Brochure

Flying Cloud: Optional Features for Every Travel Style

The Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk

The 30FB Bunk sleeps 8 people. In addition to the master queen bed in the front of the travel trailer, there is a Queen bed in the rear with a twin bunk overhead. Additional sleeping space is available when needed by converting the dinette and couch. The corner bathroom located near the bunk is spacious and completely closed off for privacy.

The Flying Cloud 30FB Office

For those who wish to work on the road, the 30FB Office floor plan provides a dedicated workspace with a comfortable office chair, desk, and small, cushioned seat. The space can also be converted into a sleeping space for one.

Overall, the Flying Cloud line up is family-friendly, easy to clean and maintain, and has a plethora of options to configure your Airstream to exactly what you need it to be. 

Runner Up Traditional Travel Trailer Model Line: International

The International Travel Trailer model line is the second best selling Airstream travel trailer line for Model Year 2023. With 5 floor plan layouts to choose from, the International line is both functional and beautiful. The Coastal Cove decor offers a neutral seashell color palette or aqua, seaside accents. 

A man pouring coffee into his coffee cup in the galley of his Airstream International travel trailer.

Natural light and seaside textures are built into the design of the International bathroom, inspiring peace and comfort while certain floor plans feature built-in wardrobes to store your clothes and keep things organized, further promoting tranquility. 

It’s easy to bring the outdoors into the International, with the panoramic windows and rear hatch featured on the 25FB and 27FB.

The Most Popular Floor Plan & Model: Basecamp 20

Through all of these categories, we've focused on Airstream's iconic traditional travel trailers. But when we take both model line and floor plan into consideration, there is a clear winner for the most popular Airstream travel trailer. As it was in Model Year 2022, Basecamp 20 takes the prize for overall most popular Floor Plan and Model.



Floor Plan Basecamp 20 Alpine Lake
Basecamp 20

The Basecamp offers a unique experience for those who want to Airstream with a pared-down experience. Even with its small size and compact design, this Airstream can sleep four and offers creative solutions for your gear and camping companions.

The rear benches convert into a half-bed on one side, a full bed that spans the back of the trailer, or a split seating and sleeping area depending on your preference.

The entire bathroom is designed to get wet, with a shower, toilet, and sink all in one efficient space in the center of the travel trailer.

This model also boasts a kitchen with a two-burner gas stove, sink, spice rack, and grocery storage. The all-electric refrigerator and optional microwave are across the hallway.

For many Airstream owners, Basecamp 20 is the best lightweight, versatile RV they found on the market. It's available in several configurations, including the Basecamp 20X (with the optional X Package) or the REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp 20X.

Download a Basecamp Brochure

Make Your Travel Dreams Come True with a New Airstream Camper

Now that you understand which Airstream floor plans and models are most popular among other Airstreamers, what floor plan and model are just right for your camping needs? 

Want even more details about Airstream's most popular travel trailers? Dig into our exclusive Floor Plan Comparison Guides and see how individual floor plans stack up against each other.

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