Pride Streamers: Airstream Club International Intraclub Welcomes LGBTQ+ Members and Allies

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In the diverse landscape of the Airstream community, there’s room for all hobbies, interests, and lifestyles. That philosophy extends to Airstream Club International, where the Pride Streamers Intraclub brings together LGBTQ+ club members and their allies in a mobile community of travelers.

The journey of Pride Streamers began with a vision of fostering belongingness and acceptance within the Airstream community. A relatively new group in Airstream Club International with members who’ve been Airstreaming for years – sometimes decades – the group was founded two years ago and has been growing while helping the community of LGBTQ+ Airstreamers find camaraderie and community no matter where they travel.


Creating a Club and Fostering Inclusivity

Intraclub founding member, Jerry Kavalieratos and his husband embarked on their Airstream adventures two decades ago. Reflecting on their journey, Jerry recalls the early days when caution often overshadowed their enjoyment. 

“Being part of a minority leaves you with a profound desire for community,” Jerry says of his experience. “There’s a long history of feeling excluded, feeling constrained about being yourself – in the workplace, in politics, in day-to-day life. When my husband and I got our first Airstream 20 years ago we felt like we needed to be careful.”  

Feeling the need for a more inclusive space, they took the initiative to form an LGBTQ+ camping club in Texas, which quickly gained traction with around 25 rigs within months.

“We held events and communicated with the group about ideas for places to go,” he says. “We had such a wonderful time.” 

 As societal attitudes evolved over the years, Jerry noticed a shift towards greater acceptance of LGBTQ individuals, and in 2014 the couple joined Airstream Club International where they were welcomed warmly. Jerry met current Airstream Club International President Eric McHenry at a regional rally and sketched out an initial concept for what an LGBTQ+ intraclub would look like. 

“Eric thought it was an amazing idea,” Jerry remembers. “I was getting closer to retirement and really excited about the prospect of more time to camp. I thought – wouldn't it be fun if we could have a group within the ACI that focused on LGBTQ+ members.” 

Encouraged by fellow enthusiasts and supported by both Airstream Inc. and Airstream Club International, the concept gained momentum. Zoom meetings and online platforms provided the necessary connectivity for geographically dispersed members to come together and lay the foundation for the club. 

They created bylaws, drafted a constitution, designed a flag and a logo, and came together virtually to plot the course. With his experience running the Washington Airstream Club – a group of with nearly 800 Airstreaming members – Jerry led the charge.  

Today, the group counts nearly 200 BRNs in their membership – the Big Red Numbers club members affix to the front and rear of their Airstream. Those numbers represent both individuals and couples, with more joining up all the time.  

“The group has grown dramatically,” says Jerry of their membership. “One of the blessings and challenges is that we’re geographically dispersed, and getting together in person can be difficult, but we’re finding ways to stay connected.” 


A Geographically Dispersed Group with a Likeminded Enthusiasm for Travel

The majority of the Pride Streamers membership is located in the Pacific Northwest, New England, Texas, and California, with many more spread across the country.

Despite the challenges posed by geographical dispersion, Pride Streamers has embraced a blend of virtual and in-person events. From virtual happy hours to regional rallies, members find ways to connect and celebrate their shared passion for Airstream adventures. The annual International Rally serves as a focal point for the community, where they gather to socialize, share stories, and strengthen bonds. 

“If there’s one thing that Airstreamers like to do most it’s get together in person,” Jerry says with a laugh. “We’ve been able to get together at regional rallies and there are smaller trips and spontaneous events all the time – you get to know these people and you can’t wait to take the next trip.” 

Central to the ethos of Pride Streamers is the sense of belonging it offers to LGBTQ Airstreamers, providing a space for diverse voices and experiences. Whether it's extending a helping hand to fellow Airstreamers on the highway or organizing spontaneous camping events, the camaraderie within Pride Streamers runs deep. 

“There’s an instant feeling of belonging,” says Jerry of the Pride Streamers community. “If you’re a new member you might not know too much about Airstreaming, but being part of Pride Streamers gives you an instant group of like-minded people to ask questions.” 

Looking ahead, Jerry envisions a future where Pride Streamers continues to grow and thrive. With a focus on expanding representation across different regions, the community aims to cultivate leadership and build a robust network of enthusiasts. As they navigate the landscape of Airstream adventures, Pride Streamers remains committed to fostering inclusivity, camaraderie, and a shared love for the open road. 

In a world where acceptance and understanding are paramount, Pride Streamers stands as a beacon of unity within the Airstream community. As they journey forward, guided by the spirit of inclusivity, Pride Streamers invites all LGBTQ Airstreamers to join them on the road to adventure and belonging. 

As part of a historic agreement between Airstream, Inc. and Airstream Club International, all new Airstream owners who purchase their unit through our national dealer network receive one free year of an Explorer Club Membership in the ACI. 

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