From Compact to Spacious: A Comparison of Airstream Touring Coach Lengths and Floor Plans


At a nimble 19 feet, a just-right 21 feet, and a spacious 24 feet, the three current length specifications of Airstream touring coaches help define their floor plan layout. But size is also an important consideration when it comes to how you can travel and the places you can go in these incredible Class B recreational vehicles. 

All Airstream touring coaches share a variety of elements across the board. All are skillfully crafted and made by hand in the heartland of the United States. Our Jackson Center, Ohio production facility is a sprawling complex with state-of-the-art technology, a woodshop where we custom-build our cabinetry and furniture, and a quality control department that tracks issues and helps identify where we can keep improving. We use the very best materials, a tried-and-true hand-made process, and a commitment to quality that you won’t find elsewhere in the RV industry.

What Makes Each Airstream Touring Coach Unique? 

Once you step inside an Airstream touring coach, you’ll begin to see how each model line differs from the others. Whether it’s the chassis upon which it’s built, the amenities offered, or the amount of seating available, Rangeline, Interstate, and Atlas models all feature their own flavor, their own style, and their own unique way of impressing. True – it’s easy to get lost in the weeds when considering specs, features, and optional upgrades. That’s why we like to start with length as one of the most defining features of an Airstream touring coach – one that helps inform many other considerations.

A woman sitting under the awning of her Airstream Rangeline Touring Coach

Airstream Interstate 19X Class B Motorhome parked in a field with kayaks sitting next to it

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Want to dive deeper into the details? Our downloadable Airstream Touring Coach Comparison Overview puts our motorized offerings next to each other for easy comparisons to help make your decision easier.  

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What are the Different Lengths of Airstream Touring Coaches? 

Any discussion of length begins with the chassis – the foundation upon which all RVs are built. Airstream builds touring coaches on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van chassis and the RAM ProMaster 3500 chassis. Across our seven available touring coach models, three different length options offer unique features, distinct styles, and travel considerations.  

Lengths of Airstream Class B Vans

19-Foot Airstream Touring Coaches: Interstate 19 and Interstate 19X 

Meet the epitome of nimble and maneuverable in our Class B RV lineup – the luxurious Interstate 19 and rugged Interstate 19X. This duo of compact motorhomes lives up to the adage that greatness can indeed be found in smaller packages. Condensed into agile 19-foot frames, these Interstates are easy to drive, city-friendly, and versatile enough to effortlessly tackle both road trips and trips across town. Built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter 2500 van chassis and anchored by the power and performance of a turbo diesel engine, this nimble duo is dependable, powerful, and filled with every safety feature available from Mercedes. 

But while they share a similar length, the 19-foot Interstates have major differences both inside and out.

The Luxurious 19-foot Interstate 19 

The Interstate 19 Touring Coach seamlessly encapsulates all the elements that have positioned the Airstream Interstate line as a pioneer in luxury and innovation since the introduction of the original Interstate model in 2004. Luxurious touchpoints abound – from the European-style wet bath that’s spacious (and space-saving) to the solid-surface kitchen countertop that echoes what you find at home and the plush comfort (and easy-to-clean durability) of Ultraleather seating –you’ll see the sights while traveling in ultimate style and comfort.



And speaking of comfort, push-button controls let you transform the rear seating area into the largest bed you'll find in a Class B RV (66” x 73”). You'll find that same push-button convenience in features like an automatic awning and powered window shades – all controllable from a multiplex system that also manages interior lighting, air conditioning, generator power, and more. Upgrade to the optional E1 Package – which adds a powerful lithium battery pack, a single-fuel source comfort system, a 3,200W inverter, and more – for even greater off-grid capability. 

Why Interstate 19? 

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The Rugged 19-foot Interstate 19X 

We took what owners love about the easy-to-maneuver stance of the Interstate 19 and combined it with the off-grid capability of the Interstate 24X. The result is one of the most exciting Class B vans to hit the market in years. With the Interstate 19X, owners enjoy nimble maneuverability in an adventure-ready motorhome that’s ready to tackle terrain beyond the pavement.

While they share a 19-foot stance, Interstate 19 and Interstate 19X differ considerably in floor plan, with the biggest differences coming in the rear of the coach. Two long benches flank the center aisle all the way back to the double door opening, giving owners the ability to load in all the gear necessary for the adventure ahead. An L-track system built into the floor provides versatile tiedown points and the option of positioning D-rings, bike mounts, and other accessories for a tailored setup. Whether you’re loading in a small kayak, bikes, fishing gear, or luggage, Interstate 19X provides more than enough room to bring along what you require.



Interior decor is also a major differentiator in our smallest motorized RVs. Where the Interstate 19 is luxurious and elegant, Interstate 19X is bold and rugged. Marine-grade Simtex fabric delivers a modern and durable look that cleans up quickly and stands up to the rigors of adventure travel. Whether you’re heading off the grid for a week of boondocking or taking on the challenge of overlanding, Interstate 19X is ready to tackle all the adventure you can handle. And, when it comes to the exterior, durable body protection on the front and rear bumpers, sides, and front hood protects against scratches, while a Tenzing brush guard features integrated LED lights.  

Why Interstate 19X? 

  • Resilient interior fabrics, surfaces, and floor 
  • Versatile L-track storage in the floor 
  • Rugged, off-grid-ready exterior design 
  • Mercedes-Benz power with a diesel engine under the hood 
  • Optional Upgrade to the powerful E1 Package

Download an Interstate 19X Brochure 

A couple sitting next to a campfire at night next to their Airstream Interstate 19X Class B Motorhome

21-Foot Airstream Touring Coaches: Rangeline 

The first Airstream touring coach built on the proven and dependable RAM ProMaster® 3500 chassis, Rangeline features a modern interior with European-inspired design touches. Perfect for families, solo adventurers, or couples who want to hit the road together, Rangeline offers the versatility you need for all travel types in a 21-foot floor plan that puts a premium on simplicity and functionality. All the onboard systems are powered by the fuel in the gas tank, and an optional pop-top adds additional living and sleeping space.



But it’s Rangeline’s 21-foot stance that makes it one of the most maneuverable and versatile Class B vans on the market. You can head for the mountains or the beach on the road trip of a lifetime, or simply head across town to pick up the kids from school. At 21 feet, Rangeline can navigate busy traffic and grocery store parking lots with ease, while still providing ample interior living space that lets you relax after a long day on the trails.  

Why Rangeline? 

  • Optional pop-top creates additional room for sleeping, relaxing, and storage 
  • Automotive exterior styling with all compartments discretely hidden 
  • The 21-foot length is easy to maneuver 
  • RAM ProMaster chassis with gasoline engine 

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24-Foot Airstream Touring Coaches

Interstate 24GT, Interstate 24GL, Interstate 24X, and Atlas 

Since the introduction of the Interstate Touring Coach in 2004, 24-foot Class B vans have been the heart and soul of Airstream’s motorized RV offering. Over the years, we’ve added new models, features, decor packages, and style – but what’s remained true across the board is the luxury and handmade craftsmanship you won’t find anywhere else.

While these touring coaches are larger than our other motorized offerings, they are no less maneuverable and come packed with all the safety features we can select from our partners at Mercedes-Benz. But dig into the details between each and you’ll find subtle differences inside their 24-foot frames

Perfect for Bringing Big Groups: Interstate 24GL 

With available seating for up to nine (seven with the 4x4 option), Interstate 24GL is a 24-foot touring coach that’s made for inviting friends and family to join in the fun. Perfect for tailgating, winery tours, or business trips with colleagues, Interstate 24GL has room for everyone plus all the amenities you need to keep people comfortable. From the space-saving wet bath to the onboard galley, your passengers will be traveling in style and comfort.  


AIRMKT 2021 Interstate 24GL Exterior Front 3 Qtr Arctic White 65281 WEB

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AIRMKT 2021 Interstate 24GL Lounge Interior - Modern Greige F2B 68659 WEB


Built for Couples and Solo Travel: Interstate 24GT

The GT stands for Grand Tour, and what a tour it will be when you set off in an Interstate built for couples who want to travel with the very best. Whether you’re hitting the road to check off bucket list items or simply heading south for the winter, Interstate 24GT features a layout made for solo travelers and couples. While it shares the same 24-foot Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis as its 24-foot Airstream touring coach siblings, Interstate 24GT has subtle layout differences that make it unique – like the work-from-anywhere-ready desk behind the driver’s seat and a large wardrobe for hanging clothes. Push-button features make it easy to convert the rear seating into a sprawling, comfortable sleeping area when it’s time to rest at night. And a wide galley lets you whip up nutritious, delicious meals no matter where you stop for the night.  



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A couple inside their Airstream 24GT Touring Coach working at the desk and making coffee in the kitchen

Adventure-Ready Luxury: Interstate 24X 

While it shares the 24-foot Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis with its 24-foot siblings, Interstate 24X offers a different kind of luxury – one that prioritizes the ability to head farther afield in search of epic experiences. Rugged features abound, from the raised coin flooring that stands up to dirt, mud, and anything else you encounter on the trail, to the versatile L-track storage system that lets you quickly secure gear like bikes, a kayak, or luggage. On the exterior, body coating offers protection from scratches and road debris and a rooftop lighting system help illuminate the road ahead (or the campsite area).



Interstate 24X Brochure


Why Interstate 24? 

Interstate 24 Comparison Guide

The Flagship Model: Atlas 

Atlas is the pinnacle of Airstream’s touring coach lineup – an impressive motorized RV overflowing with features, elegance, and luxury. While only 24 feet in length, Atlas differs from the rest of our lineup in that it’s built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4500 cab chassis. Instead of arriving in Jackson Center as a fully-built-out van, Atlas chassis arrive with only the cab area finished. Behind that is a structural frame upon which Airstream’s expert craftspeople install three hand-built walls and a roof. The result is a Class B van with a wider stance and a roomier interior – facts that lead us to lovingly refer to Atlas as a Class B+.


AIRMKT 2021 Atlas Exterior Front 3 Qtr_64562 WEB

Wider than Interstate models, Atlas offers plenty of room for living, working, and relaxing – plus a Murphy Bed slide-out feature that expands the already roomy interior. And where Interstate models feature a space-saving wet bath, Atlas’s onboard three-piece bathroom spans the entire rear area of the coach, with separate shower, vanity, and toilet areas.

When it comes to power, Atlas's Sprinter 4500 cab chassis allows for an impressive 1,996 pounds of net carrying capacity, as well as 4,000 pounds of towing capacity.

Why Atlas? 

Atlas Brochure

A couple sitting in an Airstream Class B Motorhome

What Do Airstream’s 24-foot Touring Coach Models Share? 

Aside from their differences – sometimes slight, sometimes major – all four of Airstream’s 24-foot motorized recreational vehicles offer the luxurious joy of the Mercedes-Benz driving experience. With power and handling like a luxury vehicle (rather than a bulky RV), these vans are easy to drive and feature every available safety feature we can select from Mercedes-Benz. Side and rear cameras provide situational awareness, a powerful Mercedes-Benz 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel engine under the hood, and plenty of horsepower to get up and go. And Air Ride Suspension offers a smooth ride in virtually any road condition. 

With Luxury, Power, and Adventure at Your Fingertips, the Choice is Yours 

With quality and craftsmanship at the heart of our wide-ranging motorized lineup and easy-to-drive maneuverability in every model regardless of the length, the choice is really up to what you desire in your travel experience. Are you an active parent shuttling kids to school, practice, and summer camp? Are you one half of a retired couple ready to make travel dreams come true? Are you looking for a luxury RV to ease the journey from your summer home to your winter paradise? Examining your desire for what you want out of your travel experience will help you narrow down your selection and find the perfect Airstream touring coach to power your travel dreams. 

Want to dive deeper into the details? Our Airstream Touring Coach Comparison Overview puts our motorized offerings next to each other for easy comparisons to help make your decision easier.  

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Download our helpful comparison guides and explore the details that make each Airstream touring coach unique. 

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