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Powered Features in Airstream Class B Mercedes Vans that Come Standard

Airstream Interstate 24 Class B Motorhome parked outside a lighthouse with flags flying in the background.

Whether you’re making a weekend getaway or embarking on an extended adventure, there is simply no substitute for convenience. Airstream’s luxurious line of motorhomes built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van chassis is designed with this aesthetic in mind, enabling push-button control over essential comfort, convenience, and utilitarian features.

When it comes to luxurious mobile accommodations, there is no better choice than a Class B Airstream motorhome. Throughout these elegant RVs, powered controls allow owners to quickly and conveniently set up for the weekend – or for the night while en route to your destination. Following the motto of Airstream founder Wally Byam, our engineering department continuously seeks to make improvements with new technology and innovative solutions that provide every advantage for stress-free travels. Airstream’s approach to powered controls is designed to minimize stress and maximize convenience by automating those features that matter most.

From converting seats to beds and drawing the shades to opening the sliding door and emptying the tank, Airstream leads the Class B motorhome market when it comes to automated and powered conveniences. From bumper to bumper, we provide Sprinter van owners with every powered luxury to simplify life on the road and deliver an unparalleled RV experience.

Captain’s Seat Controls

A built-in comfort feature of the Mercedes-Benz® touring coach chassis is the powered captain’s chairs with heated seats. Adjust the ultra-comfortable driver's seat to meet your personal preferences with the touch of a button. Power-adjustable settings include the fore/aft position of the seat, seat height, angle of the backrest and seat cushion, power lumbar, and seat heaters. You’ll enjoy countless hours traveling, relaxing, and entertaining in a seat that’s tailored for your ideal comfort.

Airstream Touring Coach Class B interior showing the captains chairs

Powered Sliding Door

Airstream Interstate Touring Coaches – Interstate 24GT, Interstate 24GL, Interstate 19, and Interstate 24X – take the hassle out of manually operating the side sliding door. Simply pull the exterior handle or push one of two interior buttons and the sliding side door powers open or shut. You’ll find the first button on the center console between the cup holders and the second one in the cabin near the sliding door. Simply press once to open or close the door. As an added safety feature, the powered door will automatically stop and retract when someone or something is blocking the entryway.

A woman sitting inside the Interstate 24X Class B while she looks outside.

Automatic Entry Step

For your convenience, all Airstream touring coaches automate the extension of the entry step to the curb side of the RV. Interstate 24GT, Interstate 24GL, and Interstate 19 as well as the Class B+ Atlas all feature a powered entry step (or steps in the case of Atlas) that automatically extends and retracts to provide easy access to the cabin. When you open the sliding door (on the Interstate) or hinged entry door (on the Atlas), the step will automatically extend out to enable safe entry into the RV. When not in use, the steps retract into the body of the touring coach where they are artfully concealed out of view.

A person walking out of an Airstream Class B van while another person sits in a lawn chair outside of the touring coach.

Push-Button Window Shades

Airstream touring coaches give new meaning to the term “power nap.” Achieve privacy on command with our powered window shades. Simply access the Shades menu in the main control panel to lower or raise all shades in the coach or configure them individually to achieve the desired cabin atmosphere — all with the push of a button. Either way, Airstream makes it easy for you to recharge your batteries in the afternoon or completely shut out the outside world for a good night’s rest.

Airstream Interstate 24 Class B with the bed down in the back

Easy Awnings and Screens

Once you have found the perfect spot to set up camp, you can easily provide your site with shade with a full-length powered awning. Using the multi-plex controls or push-button inside your touring coach, the powered awning extends and retracts and is fully supported by the stabilizing bars. Integrated LED lighting keeps the campsite fun extended past sunset.

Airstream Interstate 24 Touring Coach with the awning pulled out of the class b.

When you want to let the breeze in on a beautiful day there’s nothing better than opening the rear doors on an Interstate and using the powered screen to let the airflow and keep the bugs out.

Powered Seating to Bed Conversion

Speaking of power naps, our Mercedes Airstream Sprinter vans make it easy to convert the seating into a spacious area to bed down for a nap or for a cozy night’s rest. Simply push a button in our Interstate models and watch as the back bench seat and ottomans automatically transform into a roomy sleeping area. Similarly, in the Atlas, the powered sofa lays flat to make a base for the retractable Murphy bed, which unlocks and extends into place.


Down with Manual Tank Emptying

Although there’s no way to completely automate the necessary (but often dreaded) tank emptying process, Airstream’s Mercedes-Benz vans feature a powered macerator pump and automatic retractable hose that greatly simplify the dirtiest job of RVing. When it’s time to pump out your tanks, simply pull the hose off its reel, extend it into the tank emptying station, and toggle on the macerator pump until it’s finished evacuating. Then, use the power retract button to reel the hose back into its compartment. It’s so easy, you may even convince your kids to do it.

Upgraded Power with the E1 Package

Since we’re on the topic of powered conveniences, we can’t overlook the power and performance upgrades that are available with the optional E1 Package. This enhanced energy package — which also features an upgraded heating and water system — provides up to ten times more battery power than a conventional system and doesn’t require propane. The E1 Package is based on a single-fuel source concept, leveraging the same diesel fuel that drives the engine to power a hydronic heating and hot water system.


More Power to You

Never underestimate the power of convenience at your fingertips. Airstream touring coaches are designed to give you the power to control more critical aspects of your RV experience. Configure the cabin to your current mood, maximize creature comforts and passenger safety, and take the hassle out of traditionally manual processes. It’s all part of our philosophy of making innovative improvements that give owners more control over the small things – allowing more time for the big things like getting outdoors, visiting family and friends, and exploring wherever the road takes you.

Ready to experience the power of a luxury Airstream Class B? Discover all the features, automated and powered controls, and comforts of home in our Sprinter Van lineup.

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