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Supercharge Your Off-Grid Adventures With an E1 Package Upgrade

An Airstream Atlas Touring Coach parked on a beach and campers have out the awning.

One of the most appealing aspects of owning an Airstream Interstate or Atlas Touring Coach is having the freedom to hit the road at a moment’s notice. The optional E1 Package was designed with this unbounded aesthetic in mind. When you’re ready to recharge your figurative batteries, this versatile system gives you even more power to travel off-grid and maximize your enjoyment.

If there’s one yearning that most recreational vehicle owners share, it’s having the freedom to discover the next remote destination they can call their own — even if it’s just for a weekend. But getting off the gridand away from busy campsites — often comes with resource constraints. Powering all the on-board conveniences inside Airstream touring coaches built on the Mercedes-Benz® chassis (the Airstream Atlas, as well as Interstate 24GL, Interstate 24GT, Interstate 24X, and Interstate 19) typically requires a generator and propane fuel for cooling, heating, hot water and cooking. Although many van-life enthusiasts have become skilled resource managers, having access to deeper wells of power is a welcome addition to their off-grid and long-term adventures.

Off-Grid Living Is Easier on E1 Power

Enter the optional new E1 Package. With its massive Volta 12,000 Watt-hour battery and 3,200-Watt inverter, the E1 Package delivers AC power to outlets, appliances, microwave, cooktop and A/C at up to five times more battery power than the standard power system. This removes your reliance on the generator for AC power and gives you enough bandwidth to run the A/C unit straight from the battery for up to 8–10 hours. When it comes to AC power for modern conveniences, the E1 Package unlocks the freedom to boondock without sacrificing comfort.


The 3,200-Watt power inverter more than triples the capacity of the standard power system.


Equally At Home on the Grid

Don’t for a minute think that the E1 Package was designed to only deliver off-grid power improvements. When connected to shore power, its dual 30-amp converters provide continuous 12-Volt power to the refrigerator, as well as the internal and external LED lights.

Whether you’re boondocking in a remote location or parked at your favorite KOA, the E1 Package provides a lifestyle power boost for all your van-life travel needs. Go farther. Stay longer. Keep comfortable, cozy, and refreshed.

E1 Package Specifications

  • Volta 12,000 Watt-hour lithium (NMC, or nickel manganese cobalt) battery pack w/built-in battery disconnect 
  • Timberline 2.0 diesel-fired hydronic heating and hot water system
  • 1,100-Watt single burner induction cooktop
  • 3,200-Watt pure sine wave inverter
  • Two 30-AMP DC-DC converters with 12-Volt continuous power
  • Secondary 51-Volt, 6,900-Watt alternator
  • Victron 100-20 solar charge controller

Single-Fuel Source Simplicity

Improving the travel experience would not be complete without addressing the necessity of keeping propane tanks full. The E1 Package upgrade eliminates the need for propane by drawing diesel fuel from the same tank that powers the engine. This streamlined solution utilizes a new Timberline 2.0 diesel-fired hydronic heating and hot water system to provide on-demand hot water to the sinks and shower, while also enabling consistent interior heating on chilly nights and days.

Airstream Interstate 24X Touring Coach driving off the road in a woods in the fall.

Lean Into Creature Comforts

Of course, the many associated benefits of upgrading your Interstate or Atlas to an E1 Package boil down to the sense of freedom it affords. More power allows you to shift from developing resource conservation strategies to focusing on fun — from limiting your indoor activities to having the flexibility to enjoy all the comforts of home.

Worry-free Electronics Usage

With all your AC outlets powered up by the E1 Package upgrade, concerns about electronics usage, device battery charging, or generator runtime hours are a thing of the past. If your Airstream doubles as a mobile office, you’ll enjoy the power of staying plugged in as long as you need to respond to emails, join a video conference or finally finish the first draft of your great American novel. If access to entertainment is part of your ideal off-grid getaway, then you’ll enjoy the freedom to watch the big game, stream your favorite series, or plug-in your electric blanket. Just try not to disturb the bear’s den or upset your bipedal neighbors.

Two people working from their Airstream Touring Coach

Induction Cooktop Quality, Efficiency and Safety

As part of the E1 Package, the galley has an upgraded 1,100-Watt single-burner induction cooktop. Leveraging an electromagnetic coil that creates a magnetic field when supplied with an electrical current, induction cooktops are renowned for their ability to cook quickly, evenly, and efficiently. When compatible cookware interacts with this magnet field, warming begins internally, transferring energy with approximately 85% efficiency. Compared to legacy cooktops, induction technology provides a per-unit efficiency gain of 5-10% more than conventional electric resistance units, while boasting 3 times the efficiency of gas cooktops.

A woman cooking on the stove of her Airstream Interstate 24X

Because the induction cooktop produces only a magnetic field, the surface area does not get hot. The absence of gas eliminates the possibilities of fumes polluting the indoor air quality or open flames starting a fire in the galley.

Recharge As You Drive

You may have wondered how the E1 Package recharges its battery or what your role is in the process? Well, it’s as easy as turning on the ignition and going for a drive. A 56-Volt DC alternator supplies up to 120 amps of DC current to the Volta battery pack when the system is activated. With normal driving, the alternator will recharge the battery to 30% in just 20 minutes and achieve a complete recharge in only 2 ½ hours. Depending on how far away your next remote getaway is, the E1 Package will quickly be well on its way to being fully charged.

Airstream Touring Coach driving down the road

More Power and Convenience. Fewer Constraints.

Combining 12,000 Watt-hours of battery storage, a powerful 3,200-Watt AC inverter, dual 30-amp converters, and a single-fuel-source heating and hot water system, the optional E1 Package delivers the ultimate in powered freedom and flexibility in a Class B motorized RV. Built with legendary Airstream craftsmanship throughout and Mercedes-Benz performance under the hood – and with the E1 Package, the industry’s most robust power upgrade — our Mercedes-Benz touring coaches offer more comfort and convenience without the typical constraints of off-grid boondocking.

Airstream Interstate Touring Coach parked in a field with a couple walking outside.

Whether you’re visiting your favorite full hook-up campsite or setting out for parts unknown, the E1 Package upgrade delivers unparalleled, hassle-free power for your next adventure.

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