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Over Land or Down the Highway, Interstate 19X is the Perfect Adventure Van


Paved roads, gravel roads, or no road at all: No matter where your wheels roll, the Airstream Interstate 19X Touring Coach is a versatile, off-grid capable adventure van. Climb behind the wheel of Interstate 19X and embark on a journey where luxury seamlessly merges with off-grid maneuverability. 

Built on the powerful Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van chassis and inspired by its larger Airstream Interstate 24X cousin, the Interstate 19X delivers exceptional off-grid capability in a highly maneuverable, 19-foot package. A testament to Airstream's commitment to innovation, this luxurious adventure van is not just a recreational vehicle – it's an invitation to redefine your adventure. If you’re craving an overlanding experience with all the luxurious comforts of home, dive into the features that make our nimble Interstate 19X the ultimate adventure van for getting farther afield.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Advantage: Power and Performance

At the core of this powerful and maneuverable camper van is the 19-foot Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van 2500 chassis – setting the stage for a vehicle that effortlessly transitions from city streets to remote campsites. With a robust turbocharged diesel engine, there’s power aplenty for both urban landscapes and the untamed wilderness. 

Airstream Interstate 19X Class B Motorhome driving on a bridge during sunset

Standout among its features is the standard 4x4 capability, allowing adventurers to conquer a variety of challenging terrains. For those seeking even greater traction, an optional upgrade to all-wheel drive (AWD) on the new Mercedes-Benz chassis is available. The combination of off-pavement capability and a shorter wheelbase makes navigating unpaved roads an exhilarating experience, with all the power, performance, and traction needed for the ultimate adventure.


Tough Exterior, Stylish Design

The Interstate 19X not only performs well off-road but also exudes style while doing so. But as with many Airstream innovations, style and functionality go hand in hand. A protective coating on the lower body and front hood looks sleek and stylish and shields against road debris, while the Tenzing brush guard with integrated lights adds both performance and a rugged aesthetic to your off-road travels. And rugged off-road tires provide traction and stability when you head off pavement.

Airstream Interstate 19X Class B Motorhome driving off the road

Smart Storage Solutions

Big adventures demand ample storage, and Interstate 19X delivers clever space utilization throughout the interior. Bring along everything you need – from fishing tackle and climbing gear to bikes or even a smaller kayak. Soft-close drawers and positive locking components keep smaller belongings secure during transit. At the same time, the flexible rear storage area features an integrated L-track system for securing bikes, paddleboards, and camping gear. Quickly position D-ring tiedown points to create the perfect setup tailored to your gear collection or add Airstream's custom L-track bike mount (only available at our official store, Airstream Supply Company) to bring along your bikes.

The front to back interior view of the Airstream Interstate 19X Class B Motorhome

Comfort Away from Home

After a day of outdoor adventures, return to the comfort and luxury of the Interstate 19X. A space-saving wet bath and fully equipped galley deliver homelike comfort, while the convertible sleeping/living/dining area offers a spacious area to rest at night. The dark grey marine-grade Simtex-carbon seating, complemented by red accents, and the cool oak laminates on the furniture strike a balance between rugged style and sophistication.

Unlike other adventure vans with a cassette toilet that must be removed and emptied by hand, the Interstate 19X features a wet bath and flushing toilet with a waste tank that simplifies the experience. An onboard water heater and water pump provide hot or cold running water at the galley sink and in the wet bath. Enjoy a warm shower and the convenience of a flushing toilet after a day of adventuring, ensuring you can recharge for tomorrow in absolute comfort.

The Optional E1 Package

For those craving even more power and performance, the optional E1 Package upgrade takes the Interstate 19X to new heights. Anchored by a Volta 12,000 Watt-hour lithium battery pack and a 3,200-watt pure sine wave inverter, this upgrade untethers you from traditional campsite hookups. With features like the Truma Diesel Heating & Hot Water System, 1,000-Watt Single Burner Induction Cook Top, and the Victron Solar Charge Controller, the E1 Package enables longer boondocking trips and the freedom to explore off-grid like never before. 

E1 Package Features:

  • Volta 12,000 Watt-hour Lithium (NMC) Battery Pack with Built-in Battery Disconnect 
  • Truma Diesel Heating & Hot Water System 
  • 1,100-Watt Single Burner Induction Cook Top 
  • 3,200-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter 
  • Two 30 AMP DC-DC Converters with 12V Continuous Power 
  • Secondary 51 Volt, 6,900W Alternator

Airstream Interstate 19X 4

No Ordinary Camper Van: Interstate 19X is Airstream’s Nimble Adventure Van

The Airstream Interstate 19X is not just a touring coach; it's your ticket to unbridled off-grid adventures. With its blend of luxury, maneuverability, and innovative features, the Interstate 19X is poised to redefine the way you explore the world. Adventure awaits – are you ready to go farther afield?

Dive into the details behind this 19-foot marvel and learn how the Interstate 19X can help get you closer than ever to the action and adventure you crave.

Download the Interstate 19X Brochure 

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