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Comparison Guide: What Makes Each Motorized Airstream Van Unique?


Airstream's eight touring coaches are designed to give drivers and passengers a round-trip, no-compromise ticket to the open road. Before you hop in the driver’s seat for the journeys ahead, it’s important to choose a model that suits your individual taste for adventure.

Are you a Nimble Sightseer who loves bright city lights as much as the backroads, or a Professional Traveler on a long-term adventure? Are you a Social Voyager more comfortable with a crowd coming along, or an Off-Grid Adventurer looking to get as close to the action as possible? With eight incredible RVs to choose from, there’s an Airstream touring coach for every travel persona. The only question is: Which one are you?

Choose a Configuration for Your Lifestyle

Airstream has been manufacturing motorized recreational vehicles for more than 50 years, and in those five decades we've learned a thing or two. Today, our expertise, craftsmanship, and time-tested know-how is featured in eight unique touring coaches that let you travel in style with all the comforts of home – no matter which one you decide is right for you.

Airstream's Touring Coach Lineup


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While our entire touring coach lineup shares luxurious quality and the very best use of space you'll find in a Class B RV, when you start to dig in below the surface details you learn that each motorized Airstream RV offers something different for every travel style. If you’re unsure which model is right for you, this handy selection guide is organized by the defining features – length, adventurousness, and luxury – and dives into the unique features offered in that model.

The Nimble Sightseers: Small Footprint Vans for a Variety of Travel Destinations

With Interstate 19 and Interstate 19SE, owners can take advantage of the power and performance of a Mercedes-Benz® engine under the hood and quality handmade craftsmanship throughout. Interstate 19 takes all of the luxury of its larger, 24-foot counterpart and delivers it in a highly maneuverable length, while the Interstate 19SE offers the same amenities with durable finishes, easy-to-clean materials that put a premium on functional versatility.


Interstate 19

If you’re a traveler who places a premium on agility, the Airstream Interstate 19 is an ideal choice. Our most nimble Class B RV is perfect for those who want to set out on a solo weekend excursion or embark on a spontaneous romantic getaway. At home in the city or the country, the Interstate 19 Touring Coach is as easy to park in a crowded lot as is to navigate a secluded backroad alcove.

Airstream Interstate 19 in the City

The Interstate 19 delivers endless touring versatility in a perfectly appointed small package. Pack your bags for a last-minute, cozy weekend getaway knowing you’ll want for nothing. Its sofa provides ample seating and lounge space by day and quickly converts to a plush, supportive bed by night. A well-equipped kitchen galley gives you the option to be entirely self-sufficient for the weekend, while the ultra-efficient wet bath allows you to freshen up after a music festival or a hike in the woods (or the concrete jungle). With the Interstate 19, you’ll enjoy all the luxury amenities of home as you take in the sights and sounds of the open road.

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Interstate 19SE

The Interstate 19SE Touring Coach is a fusion of luxury and practicality, inheriting all the amenities of its upscale counterpart, the Interstate 19, while embracing a simplified design tailored for active lifestyles. Featuring durable fabrics and easy-to-clean finishes, its interior is geared towards accommodating children, pets, and outdoor enthusiasts, while its exterior seamlessly combines automotive elegance with the distinctive style of a motorhome.

2024 Interstate 19SE Deco

Equipped with all the essential comforts of a motorized RV, the Interstate 19SE boasts a floor plan designed to maximize versatility, offering a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, sleeping quarters, and lounging area. Built on the 19-foot Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van chassis, its compact footprint ensures effortless parking and maneuverability, allowing access to locations typically inaccessible to larger coaches, thereby expanding travel possibilities for adventurers. Partnering with Mercedes-Benz, the Interstate 19SE prioritizes safety and performance, incorporating best-in-class features as standard, from rear- and side-view cameras to the Parktronic parking system.

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The Social Voyagers: Luxurious 24-Foot Class B Vans for Maximizing Your Travel Freedom

Interstate 24GL and Interstate 24GT are the core of our motorized lineup, but while both share luxurious touches, full-slate amenities, and powerful Mercedes-Benz performance, these two 24-foot Class B vans are made for two distinctly different travel styles.


Interstate 24GL

For some, traveling in a Class B RV is more fun when the journey is shared with close friends or family. If entertaining the whole crew and making memories that last for a lifetime are your top travel goals, then the Interstate 24GL is an ideal touring coach for your lifestyle. Keep the soccer club rested and relaxed on the way to a weekend tournament. Host an unforgettable tailgate party for the big game. Or bring the family to the beach for some much needed down time. With ample seating for up to nine occupants, the Interstate 24GL is designed to provide maximum comfort for both captain and crew for all occasions that require large gatherings.

Airstream Class B Interstate 24GL

Multiple flat screen TVs throughout the cabin ensure that everyone has the perfect angle for en route entertainment. A smart kitchen galley design keeps snacks within reach while enabling premium food preparation and dining experiences. Access to a sleek, on-board bathroom supports maximum crew comfort and limits stops for nature breaks. Swiveling captain and co-pilot chairs allow you to turn and face your crew for a more inclusive atmosphere. Choose the Interstate 24GL Touring Coach for a family-friendly floorplan and a host of luxury Airstream amenities.

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Interstate 24GT

If your ideal getaway means bringing all the comforts of home with you, then you’ll enjoy everything the Airstream Interstate 24GT has to offer. Purpose-built for longer-term excursions for two, this touring coach enables you to strike a perfect balance between work and play. Simply swivel the captain’s chair to convert the driver’s seat into a dedicated workstation — complete with a small desk and a flat screen HD TV that allows you catch the latest news or connect with your team on a video call.

A couple inside their Airstream 24GT Touring Coach working at the desk and making coffee in the kitchen

The Interstate 24GT’s thoughtful floorplan offers a large, upscale galley for you to spread out and get creative in the kitchen. Enjoy the convenience of its drawer microwave and make good use of the tempered glass cooktop and sink covers that convert to counter space when not in use. A multi-functional wet bath is a necessity for staying fresh on long trips. Designed so that the entire bathroom serves as the shower space, its showerhead also doubles as the wet bath sink faucet. Ample seating converts into spacious sleeping quarters to ensure relaxing days and restful nights on the road.

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Airstream's X Series for Off-Grid Adventurers

While technically you could put these two adventure vans in their respective categories based purely on length, that would downplay the rugged, go-anywhere spirit at the heart of our X Series of luxury touring coaches. With Interstate 19X and Interstate 24X, owners get off-pavement functionality, powerful Mercedes-Benz performance, and luxurious handmade craftsmanship that set these adventure vans apart from the pack.


Interstate 24X

If you feel more at home off the beaten path than on it, then the Airstream Interstate 24X Touring Coach is your passport to adventure. Equipped with six rugged tires, 4WD capabilities, sturdy body protection and an aggressive stance, the Interstate 24X is built to help you take the road less traveled. Its advanced power system enables you to experience off-grid living while enjoying the creature comforts you need to catch your breath and refuel at the end of the day.


A woman cooking on the stove of her Airstream Interstate 24X

The capable Mercedes-Benz® 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel engine inspires confidence and packs 188 horsepower, 325 lbs. of torque and 5,000 lbs. of towing capacity, so you can bring all your adventure-seeking toys with you — whether that’s a boat, jet-ski or all-terrain vehicle. Its 24-ft. frame offers a multitude of storage options, an abundant living space, a fully functioning kitchen, an on-board bathroom and virtually everything you need to recharge for your next adventure.

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Interstate 19X

The Interstate 19X is a compact yet mighty Class B adventure van that blends Airstream's luxury craftsmanship with Mercedes-Benz® power. Perfectly suited for off-grid escapades and urban explorations alike, this 19-foot adventure van lets you choose what kind of adventure you want. Built upon the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis, the Interstate 19X is tailor-made for outdoor adventures but ready to tackle both highways and unpaved terrains with ease. It combines everything owners love about the Interstate 24X and Interstate 19 in a small footprint ride that doesn't compromise comfort.

Designed to handle diverse landscapes and daily commutes with equal prowess, the Interstate 19X is equipped with rugged features to elevate your off-pavement experiences. From off-grid boondocking to traditional camping, this versatile motorhome promises unparalleled freedom and capability. Whether navigating city streets or venturing into remote wilderness, the Interstate 19X invites you to embrace the thrill of exploration like never before.

An ariel shot of the Airstream 19X Touring Coach parked next to a lake with a couple sitting by a campfire at night.

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Atlas: The Professional Traveler with Room to Spread Out

If you love the idea of satisfying your wanderlust by living on the road for extended periods of time, then the Airstream Atlas Touring Coach is an ideal fit. As Airstream’s largest and most luxurious touring coach, the Atlas is richly appointed with high-end features and premium finishes, offering understated styling from grill to bumper.


Atlas's power slide-out section easily converts from a cozy seating area to a comfortable sleeping suite, enabled by a concealed Murphy bed  that folds down when you’re ready to sleep. Sink into a supportive mattress and enjoy other home-like amenities, such as reading lights, bedside stow compartments and a perfect view of a TV that lifts from a storage cabinet at the push of a button.

A couple sitting in an Airstream Class B Motorhome



The professional traveler may also prefer the Atlas’s more conventional bathroom design. This three-piece, residential-style setup offers a freestanding shower, a vanity sink offering plenty of counter space with under-cabinet storage, and a toilet — comprising a luxurious bathroom that spans the entire rear section of the touring coach.

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Rangeline: The Boundary Pusher

Are you always ready for the next road trip? Do you spend your free time exploring National Parks itineraries? Do you dream of showing your family the sights and experiencing the freedom of the road together? If so, the Airstream Rangline Touring Coach might be your perfect travel getaway.


Built on the RAM ProMaster® 3500 chassis, Rangeline has all the comforts of home in a nimble 21-foot floor plan. Perfect for young families, couples adventures, and solo travel, Rangeline is ready to help you explore beyond your boundaries. Featuring ample gear storage, a fuel-efficient 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine with 280 horsepower, and a TorqueFlite® nine-speed automatic transmission, it's ready for whatever adventure you're dreaming of. An optional pop-top provides extra living, sleeping, and gear storage space, and its just-right length maneuvers easily through parking lots, down backroads, and into driveways.

A dad and his son using the tables in the Airstream Rangeline touring coach.

Are you ready to explore beyond expectations? Then get to know Rangeline today.

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Configure to Your Lifestyle and Individual Tastes

Once you’ve selected a touring coach model that aligns with your personal style of travel, you can configure it even further according to your drivetrain preferences and design tastes. All Mercedes-Benz models are available with the optional E1 Package for more power and off-grid functionality and most offer 4WD options, while Rangeline owners can opt for the optional pop-top for even more living space. All models are available with a selection of beautiful decor packages and exterior colors. 

But no matter which Airstream touring coach you select, you'll hit the road with the legendary craftsmanship, premium-grade materials, and all the comforts of home that Airstream has perfect over the course of more than 90 years.

Want to explore even more details that make each motorized Airstream touring coach unique? Dig into our Touring Coach Comparison Guides and discover the details.

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Ready to make your travel dreams come true? Configure an Airstream touring coach model that suits your taste for adventure and your lifestyle.

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