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Optional Features Available Across Airstream’s Travel Trailer Lineup


Airstream travel trailers are available with a variety of optional upgrades that help you tailor your new RV to your specific travel needs. From awning packages and rear hatches to solar options, lithium batteries, and twin beds, discover the optional features Airstream offers in our travel trailer lineup.

When you order a new Airstream from your local dealer, you’re faced with big choices about what floor plan you desire and which decor package you like the best. Beyond those major choices, you can also select to include a variety of optional upgrades that add additional functionality, style, comfort, and amenities to your new travel trailer. As you shop for the Airstream of your dreams, our configurator tool allows you to walk through this process online and see the optional features available for the model you’re homing in on. 

But if you haven’t settled on a particular model yet, it can be helpful to see the breadth of optional upgrades available across our entire model line. This guide to Airstream travel trailer optional upgrades dives into all the optional features Airstream offers in our Model Year 2024 Travel Trailer Lineup, with a focus on how those features help you increase boondocking ability, add comfort, amplify the style, and make it easier to hit the road on a work-from-anywhere adventure.   

For each feature we delve into, we’ve noted which models are available with that upgrade.  


The Optional Upgrades Available in Airstream Travel Trailers 

Features for Better Boondocking

  • Composting Toilets 
  • Basecamp X-Package

Power Upgrades

  • Lithium Battery Upgrades 
  • Solar Panel Upgrades 

Comfort and Cuisine Upgrades

  • Twin Beds 
  • Microwave Options: Convection or Standard 
  • Additional Air Conditioners 
  • Rear Hatch 

Style for Miles 

  • Awning Packages

Work-From-Anywhere Features 

  • Powered Standing-Sitting Desk 
  • Office Model

Boondocking: Optional Features for Going Off Grid 

Airstream offers several features that make boondocking easier, allowing you to travel off grid with confidence in search of the very best campsites far from the crowds. From increased battery capacity to solar panel upgrades that let you harvest the free energy provided by the sun, these optional upgrades let you embark on off-grid adventures with ease and confidence.  

But boondocking isn’t just about getting far from the crowd – more power, solar harvesting potential, and composting toilets all contribute to a multi-use setup that’s great for camping in the driveway of friends or family or staying powered up while you’re en route or making a pitstop for the night. 


Solar Panel Options in Airstream Travel Trailers 

A roof-mounted solar panel system lets you harvest the free and often abundant energy coming from the sun. As long as the sun is shining, an optional Solar Charging System with an Interior Monitor will help keep your batteries topped off. 

Standard 600W Solar Charging System 

Optional 360W Solar Charging System 

 Standard 300W Solar Charging System 

Optional 300W Solar Charging System 

Optional 200W Solar Charging System 

  • Caravel 20FB 
  • Caravel 22FB 
  • Bambi 20FB 
  • Bambi 22FB 
  • Basecamp 16 
  • Basecamp 16X 
  • REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp 16X 
    • 360W Solar System available with Lithium Battery upgrade 

Optional 100W Solar Charging System 

  • Caravel 16RB 
  • Caravel 19CB 
  • Bambi 16RB 
  • Bambi 19CB 


More Power: Lithium Battery Upgrades for Airstream Travel Trailers 

Lithium batteries add more than just power to your Airstream travel trailer – they give you the ability to travel farther and stay longer in the places you love to camp. Lithium batteries come standard in several of our travel trailers (Classic, Pottery Barn Special Edition, and Trade Wind), and are optional upgrades throughout the rest of the lineup when you select the Solar Charging System upgrade.  

Standard 810Ah Lithium Batteries 

  •  Trade Wind 

Standard 200Ah Lithium Batteries 

  • Classic 
  • Pottery Barn Special Edition 

Optional 200Ah Lithium Batteries 

  • Globetrotter 
  • International 
  • Flying Cloud 
  • Caravel 
  • Bambi 
  • Basecamp 16, 16X, 20, 20X 
  • REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp 16X and 20X 
    • Only available with Optional 360W Solar Charging System 

Composting Toilets 

If you’re planning to boondock extensively, a composting toilet makes a great optional upgrade. Composting toilets use less water than traditional flushing RV toilets, allowing you to conserve the precious fresh water in your tank (and also limit the solids going into your waste tank).  


Optional Composting Toilet 

  •  REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp 16X and 20X 
  • Trade Wind 

The Basecamp X-Package 

Available exclusively for Airstream Basecamp and REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp Travel Trailers, the X-Package adds additional boondocking-friendly features to an already adventurous trailer. The optional X-Package features a 3-inch lift kit for added ground clearance, all-terrain tires, stainless steel front stone guards and solar front window protection, and a sleek black shadow wheel design. 


Extra Ground Clearance 

Unique in Airstream’s travel trailer lineup is the 3-inch lift kit that comes standard in Trade Wind. Along with several other excellent boondocking features that come standard – 810Ah lithium batteries, a 3000W inverter, standard 600W solar system, recirculating water heater, and more – Trade Wind rides three inches higher than standard Airstream travel trailers, allowing for navigation on more challenging terrain.   

Comfort and Cuisine: Convection Microwaves, Air Conditioners, and Twin Beds 

Hitting the road in an Airstream travel trailer is already one of the most comfortable ways to travel. Several Airstream travel trailers are available with optional microwave upgrades that add even more comfort to your setup, giving you the ability to quickly heat up meals without sacrificing propane (or the time and energy it takes to cook!). Airstream offers several microwave options, including a convection microwave that doubles as an oven and air fryer (and replaces the standard LP oven) or traditional microwaves that stow in either slide-out pantries or are tucked into other cabinetry.  

When you’re traveling in warm climates, having an additional roof-mounted air conditioner can be a godsend, but be aware that adding a second A/C means upgrading the standard 30-amp electrical system to a more powerful 50-amp service.  

Twin Beds offer additional versatility, with a central aisle that extends the full length of the trailer. Optional Twin Beds create a second space for socializing, and add additional interior and exterior storage. 



Standard Convection Microwave Upgrades 

  •  Classic

Optional Convection Microwave Upgrades 

  • Pottery Barn Special Edition 
  • Globetrotter 
  • Trade Wind 
  • International 
  • Flying Cloud 
  • Caravel 19CB, 20FB, and 22FB 

Standard Microwave in Slide Out Pantry (Removed if Convection Microwave upgrade is selected) 

  • Globetrotter 27FB and 30RB 
  • International 27FB 
  • Flying Cloud 27FB 

Standard Microwave  

  • International 30RB (Removed if Convection Microwave upgrade is selected) 
  • Flying Cloud 30RB, 30FB Bunk, 30FB Office (Removed if Convection Microwave upgrade is selected) 
  • Bambi 

Optional Microwave 

  • Basecamp 
  • REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp 

Second A/C with 50-amp Service 

Note: 15,000 and 13,5000 refers to the BTUs of the air conditioners. 15,000btu A/Cs are common in living areas, while 13,500btu A/Cs are usually in the bedroom. 

Standard Second A/C with 50amp Service 

  • Classic 30RB and 33FB (two 15,000 A/C units) 
  • Pottery Barn Special Edition (15,000/13,500) 
  • Globetrotter 30RB (15,000/13,500) 
  • Flying Cloud 30RB, 30FB Office (15,000/13,500) 

Standard Single A/C 

  • Trade Wind (15,000) 
  • International 23FB (13,500) 
  • Flying Cloud 23FB (13,500) 
  • Caravel (13,500) 
  • Bambi (13,500) 

Optional Single A/C 

  • Basecamp 16 and 16X (9,200) 
  • Basecamp 20 and 20X (13,500) 
  • REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp 16X (9,200) 
  • REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp 20X (13,500) 

Optional Second A/C with 50amp Service 

  • Globetrotter 25FB and 27FB (15,000/13,500) 
  • International 25FB, 27FB, 28RB (15,000/13,500) 
  • Flying Cloud 25FB, 27FB, 28RB (15,000/13,500) 

Rear Hatch 

First introduced in 2009 as a feature in the 34-foot Airstream PanAmerica trailer, today the popular optional Rear Hatch is available in Flying Cloud, International, and Trade Wind Travel Trailers. Whether you’re loading bikes, kayaks, or other gear through its wide opening, or pulling down the mesh screen to enjoy some al fresco dining at the rear dinette, the optional Rear Hatch adds versatility and functionality to your Airstream travel trailer.  


Optional Rear Hatch 

  • Trade Wind 
  • International 25FB and 27FB 
  • Flying Cloud 25FB and 27FB 

Twin Beds 

This popular optional upgrade is available in all Airstream travel trailers 23 feet or longer. Select models can opt for a crossbunk that replaces the overhead roof locker and is suitable for 150 pounds or less. Note also that the Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk model comes standard with a set of queen bunk beds in the rear curbside, and the Flying Cloud 30FB Office model features a fold-out bed in the office area that’s 31”x77”. 

Cross Bunk Option 

  • International 25FB and 27FB 
  • Flying Cloud 25FB and 27FB 

Style For Miles

Awning Packages 

Adding an optional awning package to your Airstream travel trailer not only adds style to your iconic, rounded, riveted travel trailer – extra awnings are functional as well. This optional upgrade adds a small awning to the trailer’s streetside, as well as an awning above the back window. Extend these awnings while camping in the sun and enjoy additional shade and cooler breezes coming through your windows, and help divert light rain from coming in your windows. 


Standard Rear and Roadside Awning Packages 

  • Classic 
  • Pottery Barn Special Edition 
  • Globetrotter 
  • International 

Optional Rear and Roadside Awning Packages 

  • Trade Wind 
  • Flying Cloud
  • Caravel 

Work From Anywhere Features 

In addition to the Flying Cloud 30FB Office model purposely designed for digital nomads who want to hit the road and stay connected to work, Airstream also offers a powered standing-sitting desk in select models. Add more counterspace for food prep, or set up a highly functional workspace that raises or lowers with the push of a button.  


Optional Powered Standing/Sitting Desk 

  • Flying Cloud 25FB and 27FB

Now that you've learned about all the optional features available, build the Airstream travel trailer of your dreams with our Configurator Tool.

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