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Watch: Step Inside the 2024 Basecamp in Our New Walkthrough Video


Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with the 2024 Basecamp Travel Trailer, featuring vibrant new décor options, a powered hitch jack, enhanced storage features, and more. Delve into the details and step inside the 2024 Basecamp in our new Walkthrough Video.

The 2024 Model Year is here, and with it comes a full slate of new features, expanded amenities, and fresh décor packages that upgrade the most adventurous travel trailer model line in Airstream's fleet. Join Airstream’s General Manager of Travel Trailers, Bryan Melton, in our new walkthrough video and learn more about the upgraded features, discover the differences between the Basecamp 16 and the Basecamp 20, and explore how the powerful X-Package takes your adventures to new heights.

The New Look: Scarlet Peak and Alpine Lake Décor 

At the heart of the 2024 Basecamp's updates are two stunning new décor options: Scarlet Peak and Alpine Lake. These modern designs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also elevate comfort and functionality. The seating cushions now boast increased padding, ensuring a more comfortable experience during your journeys. 

Scarlet Peak makes a bold statement with its dark grey seating materials adorned with striking red accents, while Alpine Lake exudes cool and calming vibes with blue tones in the seating complemented by subtle grey accents. With durable and easy-to-clean surfaces, flooring, and fabrics, both new decor options are built to withstand the rigors of your adventures – and the inevitable messes that come with heading further afield. 

Basecamp 16 in Scarlet Peak

Basecamp 20 in Alpine Lake

Hitching Made Easy with a Powered Hitch Jack 

Say goodbye to manual hitching and unhitching – the 2024 Basecamp introduces a game-changing upgrade with the inclusion of a powered hitch jack. Activated with a simple flip of a switch, this feature streamlines the hitching and unhitching process, allowing you to effortlessly raise or lower the trailer’s tongue. Enjoy the convenience, get your campsite set up faster than ever, and focus on the fun and excitement of your time outdoors.  

Exterior Length Selection MY24 Basecamp 16

Gear Up with the L-Track Storage System 

Recognizing that no adventure is complete without the right gear, the 2024 Basecamp now boasts an L-track storage system built into the floor. This innovative addition provides versatile options to secure your gear effectively. Whether you're mounting bikes, tying down a kayak, or using the quick-release D-rings to hang your equipment, this new functionality in the 2024 Basecamp ensures that your gear stays in place during transit. 


The X-Package: A Game-Changing Upgrade that Takes Your Adventure to New Heights 

Unleash the spirit of adventure with the Basecamp X-Package, a transformative upgrade that takes the Basecamp 16 and Basecamp 20 to new heights of exploration. The X-Package, available as an optional add-on in the main Basecamp line (and standard in the REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp) boasts upgraded features that let you travel off-grid with confidence.  

With a 3” lift kit, Goodyear® Wrangler all-terrain tires, stainless steel front stone guards, solar front window protection, and a striking black shadow wheel design, the Basecamp X-Package is tailor-made for off-road enthusiasts. The extra ground clearance and aggressive departure angle make tackling challenging terrain a breeze, while front stone guards and solar front window protection help shield your investment from dings and dents caused by road debris. Get closer to the action than ever before with the upgraded Basecamp X-Package. 

Model Year 2024 Basecamp 16 and Basecamp 20 Details 

  • New Décors: Choose between Scarlet Peak and Alpine Lake for a modern, geometric vibe, complemented by rubber coin flooring and new stitching on cushions resembling waves and mountain peaks. 
  • Cushion Comfort: Enjoy upgraded cushions with an additional ½-inch of foam for enhanced comfort during your travels. 
  • Avalanche Wheels: Featuring a new design from Tredit, the Basecamp now sports the Avalanche wheel with a black cap and chrome lugs. 
  • Power Hitch Jack: The powered hitch jack is now a standard feature, simplifying the hitching and unhitching process. 
  • Cooler + Wet Storage: The Basecamp 20 floor plan features a floor storage compartment in the rear of the cabin with built-in drain that can be utilized as either a cooler or wet gear storage. Compartment cover is manufactured using composite material that passed a 500-pound weight test. 


  • L-Track Storage System: Discover greater functionality with the innovative gear storage feature in the rear floor. 
  • Optional Lithium Batteries: When you select the optional solar package (200W for Basecamp 16 or 300W for Basecamp 20), you can also opt for two factory-installed, 100-amp hour heated lithium Battle Born Batteries. 

Embark on your next adventure with confidence, comfort, and style in the 2024 Basecamp. It's not just a travel trailer – it's a companion designed to enhance every aspect of your journey. Get ready to explore the world with the 2024 Basecamp, where innovation meets wanderlust. 

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