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Airstream Basecamp Comparison: A Model for Every Adventure


With 16- and 20-foot floor plans, a variety of optional upgrades, and a Special Edition that takes your adventures to the next level, the Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer is the perfect recreational vehicle for just about any travel style. The only question is: Which one is right for you?

Airstream products are purpose-built with great intentionality. The Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer's purpose is right there in its name.

This shiny wonder is designed to take you in full pursuit of your outdoor dreams, to get you as close to the action as possible, and then to serve as your base of adventure operations. Basecamp is tough enough to go deep into the woods yet nimble and stylish enough to host a tailgate party at the Big Game or serve as home base at a youth sports tournament.

And because adventure is in the eye of the explorer, the Basecamp family of travel trailers offers a range of options to accommodate your vision of outdoor fun. 

So, how do you choose your Basecamp? Here’s everything you need to know.

Download our Basecamp Comparison Guide and discover even more about what makes Basecamp our most adventurous travel trailer, including side-by-side floor plan comparisons and design details.

Download Our Basecamp Comparison Guide

A man carrying a piece of firewood to a fire ring while he camps in a forest in his Airstream Basecamp travel trailer.

Which Basecamp is Right for Your Travel Style?

Before evaluating Basecamp models, take some time to think about how you spend your time outdoors. Among the things to consider:

  • How do you relax outdoors? Will your Basecamp be a spot to chill or a place to recharge between hiking, biking, kayaking, or snowboarding? 
  • How many people are typically in your party? Are you a solo explorer? Is it a family affair? Now that the kids are gone, is this your time? 
  • What type of gear do you require? Skis? Mountain bikes? Surfboards?
  • How long will you be gone? Weekend getaways or longer excursions?
  • How much time do you spend off-grid? Is boondocking your thing?

The answers to these questions and your reflections on how you want to play outside will go a long way toward deciding which Basecamp is right for you.


The Amazing Basics of Basecamp

Basecamp comes in two floor plans at 16 and 20 feet, both of which are available in two optional configurations – the X-Package and REI Co-op Special Edition. That gives you six model configurations  to consider as you pursue the perfect fit.

Every Basecamp model comes standard with Airstream’s enduring quality and legendary design. Basecamps are hand-crafted using quality materials—an aluminum shell, composite flooring, and rivets—to ensure that your Basecamp is rugged enough to take you down endless country roads, gravel roads, and non-roads in search of your bliss.

Basecamp’s aerodynamic shape, also part of its Airstream DNA, makes towing more efficient for both combustion and EV tow vehicles.

Walk around any Basecamp and you’ll discover a set of standard features designed to facilitate outdoor exploration and fun, including:

  • Rear Cargo Door: Allows for easy gear loading and unloading and lets you enjoy the breeze on a warm evening.
  • Panoramic Front Window: Brings the outside into your Basecamp
  • Outdoor Shower: Let’s you rinse off gear, pets, or yourself before relaxing inside.
  • LP Gas Grill Connection: Easy access for outdoor cooking on a portable grill.
  • Easy Entry Doorstep: Offsets the Basecamp’s high clearance.
  • Storage over the Propane Tanks: Add aerodynamics and storage for frequently used gear.
  • Wiring for Optional Added Solar Panels: Extends your time off-grid


Step back and notice how the Basecamp’s chassis angles upward behind the wheels. This departure angle is unique among Airstream travel trailers, allowing Basecamp to cross rough terrain and steep grades with less likelihood of touching the ground.

Inside every model, you’ll find a cozy, flexible space with a design sensibility that reflects the natural world. The ducted furnace and optional AC ensure comfort as you relax, cook, sleep, or prepare for a new day of adventure. Transformable fixtures create multifunctional areas that can go from gear room to dining room to office to bedroom over the course of the day. Basecamp’s wetbath – with a three-in-one design that incorporates a shower, toilet, and sink – makes returning from outdoor fun all the more enjoyable.

Meal prep is a joy in the Basecamp’s efficiently designed galley, centered around a two-burner LP gas stove, stainless steel sink, and dedicated storage space to keep kitchen essentials close at hand.

And because you want to stay connected even when you unplug, there are USB ports and 110V outlets throughout the Basecamp.

Choose from two interior color schemes for your Basecamp: Alpine Lake, with the cool blues and grays of a clear mountain view, or Scarlet Peak, which uses dark gray surfaces accented with bright red stitching to evoke the mystery and majesty of a volcano. Basecamp seating is covered in Spradling Marine Fabric, a durable, antibacterial, mildew-resistant, stain-resistant, and flame-retardant material. The interior walls are made of aluminum, which is durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t retain odors.

2024 Basecamp Alpine Lake
Basecamp 20 in Alpine Lake Decor

basecamp scarlet peak
Basecamp 16 in Scarlet Peak

Basecamp 16: Perfect for Solo or Duet Adventure

The Basecamp 16 sleeps two people, which makes it ideal for solo travelers or couples.

Basecamp 16 Features

Comfortable Sleeping Space: Two benches in the rear of the Basecamp 16 convert into a bed for two (76” x 76”)  that spans the whole back of the trailer. Or, convert just one bench into a bed (76” x 38”) and use the other for seating or storage.  

Easy Loading: The Basecamp’s large rear cargo door (26” x 46”) allows you to load quickly and easily. Leave it open at the campsite to enjoy more views and breezes.

Floor Plan Basecamp 16 Alpine Lake

Tons of Gear Storage: The sleeping and sitting area can be cleared to create 146” of uninterrupted space to stow human-powered gear such as skis, snowboards or bikes. The rear benches open to provide space for smaller items. 

A Kitchen With a View: The galley wraps around the travel trailer’s spacious front window to provide a panoramic view for the cook. The two-burner gas stove has a tempered glass cover so it can double as extra counter space when not in use. Under the counter, you’ll find the refrigerator, optional microwave, and storage for kitchen gear.

The Perfect Convenience: The space-efficient wet bath, with its shower, sink and toilet, is another feature that allows you to roam beyond traditional campgrounds in comfort. The 16 has a 24-gallon combined waste water tank with a 12v heating system that protects the tanks from freezing even when the furnace is off.

Basecamp 20: More Room, More Fun

The Basecamp 20’s larger interior space and greater capacities make it perfect for those who enjoy small group adventures, need additional room for gear, or plan to spend more time on the road and off the grid.

Basecamp 20 Features

Extra Sleeping Area: The dinette table in the 20’s front area can drop to create a bed big enough for two kids, supplementing the rear bench bed options.

Gear Loading Hatch: Like Basecamp16, the 20 allows for easy loading and more connection to the outside through the large cargo door. 

More Space for Big Gear:  The Basecamp 20’s added length allows even more room for human-powered gear. Go ahead, slide that kayak, surfboard, or mountain bike through the rear hatch.

Interior Hotspot MY24 Basecamp 20

Added Stowage: In addition to the bench storage available in the 16, the Basecamp 20 has three deep cabinets across from the galley to keep gear organized. Plexiglass doors with secure latches allow you to find what you need quickly. A floor-draining storage bin in the rear is perfect for stowing wet gear (and doubles as a cooler). 

All the Kitchen You Need: The Basecamp 20’s kitchen, located in the travel trailer’s midsection, has all the features of the 16 with a slightly larger refrigerator.

More Headroom in the Head: Because of the 20’s higher ceiling, the wet bath shower provides 3.5 inches more headroom than the 16.

Added Waste Capacity: The 20 has both gray water and waste tanks with a total capacity of 49 gallons compared to the 16’s single 24-gallon combined waste water tank.

Basecamp's Optional Upgrades

The Basecamp X-Package: The Wild is Calling

If your vision of outdoor adventure includes many bumpy roads, fewer people, and no power poles, consider taking your Basecamp 16 or 20 to the X level. The Basecamp X-Package helps adventurers access remote off-road locations with these features:

  • Lift kit that provides 3” more chassis clearance
  • All-terrain tires to handle rough ground and heavy weather.
  • Stone guard to shield your Basecamp’s aluminum shell 
  • Solar window rock guards to protect your front windows from road debris

The Black Shadow wheel design included in the X package compliments the Basecamp’s sleek, contemporary look.


The REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp: Rugged Functionality Meets Beauty and Sustainability

Airstream’s REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp is the product of a collaboration between two outfits that really know outdoor recreation. Available in both the 16’ and 20’ floor plans, this Basecamp allows you to spend more time adventuring off-grid. When the day’s exploration is over, the interior beckons with REI-inspired design, fabrics, and laminates made from post-consumer recycled materials, and cabinets crafted from lightweight and sustainably grown wood.



The REI Co-op Special Edition builds on the  Basecamp X package with a suite of available resource-extending features, including:

Airstream REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp Features

  • Optional Solar Capability: A 360-watt solar array and 200 Ah battery bank provide electricity when you are away from the grid.
  • Recirculating Water Heater: Delivers on-demand hot water to reduce water consumption and waste tank usage.
  • Optional Composting Toilet: Another way to reduce water use and allow you to boondock longer.
  • UV LED Water Filtration: Ensures safe drinking water from the galley faucet wherever you roam. 

Towing a Basecamp: Lots of Options

The Basecamp’s relatively light weight gives you numerous tow vehicle choices. You might even be able to tow it with the vehicle you already own. The Basecamp could be the perfect travel trailer if you’re in the market for an EV.

The Basecamp 16 has a GVWR of 3,500lbs while the Basecamp 20 tips in at 4,300 GVWR.



Most standard duty pick-up trucks or full-sized SUV can handle that weight. And some properly-equipped smaller SUVs (such as the Jeep Cherokee and Audi Q5) can also tow either model. With the right options, even some minivans can tow a Basecamp 16!

And when it comes to EV towing, Basecamp makes for the perfect camping companion, with its perfect combo of light weight and aerodynamic design. 

Download our Basecamp Comparison Guide and discover even more about what makes Basecamp our most adventurous travel trailer, including side-by-side floor plan comparisons and design details.

Download Our Basecamp Comparison Guide