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Breaking out the Bunks

Airstream Flying Cloud Bunk Option

Expanding bunk options to the 25FB and 27FB Flying Cloud and International Floor Plans

For some people, the best part of traveling is enjoying the company who go along for the ride. The crackle of the campfire isn’t complete without smiling faces, tall tales, burnt s’mores, and laughter. We get to know our families better when we camp, and we get to know others who share our passion for the outdoors as they camp nearby. With an Airstream, you move at your own pace, making the travel trailer life perfect for families and folks who enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

With that in mind, Airstream introduces new bunk bed options that are versatile, family friendly, and tailored to a lifestyle where flexibility and comfort is key. We’ve expanded the options for bunks from two floor plans to ten different configurations, each with their own benefits – and all with the flexibility and space for any adventure.


But first, a little background:

For years, we’ve heard from enthusiastic owners about how much they love the Airstream bunk option, and how they didn’t anticipate how much the bunk would adapt to their on-the-go lifestyle. Previously only available on the Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk and the (now retired) Flying Cloud 23CB Bunk, the Airstream bunk bed option is consistently one of the favorite interior features on any model (For more info about decoding Airstream model names: Click Here). Campers love the extra storage, the extra bed, and the fact that neither use case takes space away from the rest of the travel trailer. The Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk features a queen or twin beds up front, plus a full-size bed in the back rear corner on the trailer's curbside with a half-sized bunk above it.

There are no compromises here: The Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk sleeps the most people of any Airstream (8) and maximizes the amount of space and storage in one single unit. It’s the perfect vehicle for families who travel extensively (or full-time).

Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk

Now, Airstream introduces eight new bunk options, making it easier than ever for families to choose the Airstream travel trailer that’s perfect for their needs. 25FB and 27FB models of Flying Cloud and International are now available in bunk models, each with queen or twin bed options. Instead of the bunk hanging over the bed in the corner, these new options locate the bunk in the rear end cap where there is usually an overhead storage compartment. The bed takes up the same dimensions, and is the perfect size for a child. It’s important to note that – because the unique design incorporates the bunk where the overhead storage space would otherwise be – an adult is unlikely to fit in the space.

AIRMKT 2022 Flying Cloud 25 Twin Interior B2F 103691 WEB

The nice thing about this new design is that people sleeping below don’t have to worry about the bunk encroaching on their headspace, precisely because it doesn’t take up any more space than an overhead locker. The bunk is accessible via a ladder that stands between the twin beds. On the queen bed floor plan, children will need to climb onto the bed first and then hop into the bunk.

Customer feedback is important to us and these eight new bunk options give customers more options than ever when it comes to family-friendly travel.

Explore the model lines, lengths, floor plans, and optional features with our Travel Trailer Configurator.

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