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Rejuvenating the Design-Centric International Travel Trailer


First-look at the all-new Coastal Cove interior décor for the 2021 Airstream International

The Airstream International travel trailer has taken on several shapes and has earned its place in RV history as the first ever self-contained travel trailer. Since that pivotal moment in 1958, the International has done more than free itself from the constraints of campground hookups – it has also continuously evolved as the needs and desires of travelers have changed. In 2001, Airstream collaborated with architect Christopher C. Deam to create a model with an interior that fulfilled the everlasting promise of the shimmering exterior. A few years later in 2008, the International CCD was redesigned and labeled the International Signature CCD alongside the colorful Ocean Breeze interior décor. More recently in 2011, the International Serenity joined the Signature and the two design-centric models represented Airstream’s focus towards a combination of high-end features and beautiful design.


When taking a look at the exteriors of the International Serenity and International Signature, it’s impossible to tell them apart. The exterior features are the same but the stark contrast in design and colors will hit you as soon as you step inside the main entry door (or glance through the rear hatch). The iconic silver bullet shape of the Airstream travel trailer is a pillar of who we are and how our products are identified throughout the world. As the interior innovations of all Airstream models continue to unfold, we’re excited to announce the next generation of interior décor for the Airstream International: Coastal Cove.


All-New Decor for 2021

By sunsetting the International Signature and International Serenity, we’ve opened the door for the refreshed Coastal Cove interior decor which has two different color seating options in a single, consolidated model that will simply be known as “International”. Choose between Coastal Cove with Aqua Ultraleather or Coastal Cove with Seashell Ultraleather. No matter which upholstery color option you decide on, the doors, drawers, countertops, tabletop, pillows, flooring, and fixtures will be the same. Additionally, all of the previous floor plans are carrying over, meaning the Coastal Cove decor is available in the 23CB, 23FB, 25RB, 25FB, 27FB, 28RB, and 30RB floor plans.

The Differences Are in the Details

Each component of the International has been completely refreshed to give it a new breath of life. Explore all of the new updates with Airstream's General Manager of Travel Trailers, Bryan Melton, as he walks through the 2021 International and calls out the special features throughout the Coastal Cove décor.



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